He was a skater, my brother was, but that was before it all happened.

I remember the day only vaguely. I was pretty young, but not so young that I couldn't have recalled a few details.

...By a few, I mean that I remember every little insignificant attribute. It's odd how much you can remember when you're in a time of danger or agony. For example, I shouldn't have remembered that I was in my batman pajamas, or that Roxas was wearing his favorite blue hoodie and a pair of black, ripped jeans. I shouldn't remember that I was at the kitchen table eating frosted flakes when Roxas asked our mother if he could go out skating with his friends.

"C'mon, mom, please? I'd be with Axel and Hayner! You can trust us, mom." Their mother gave a small laugh as she listened to her eldest son's begging.
"You know, Roxas, the last time you were with Axel and Hayner, you guys went off and put graffiti on nearly every wall of the city! That didn't go over well with the authorities."

Roxas's face heated up as it turned from pale into crimson. "But mom! That was almost a year ago! You were laughing after the police dropped us off and left!" The blonde woman laughed at the memory, smiling wide.

It was then when the doorbell sounded. Roxas scampered off to the door to answer it, exclaiming, "I'll get it!" Their mother continued writing on the papers that were scattered across the counter, smiling lightly.

There were hushed whispers drifting into the kitchen from the front door. "Well, what did she say," the voice got a bit louder, "can you go?" There was mumbling so quiet that it was indecipherable. Then suddenly, a loud outburst, "What?! She brought that up again?! But, that was like, ages ago!" There was soft mumbling again. A loud sigh was heard. "Let me try to talk to her. She loves me."

A boy with flamboyantly red hair that was messy and untended to walked into the kitchen proudly.
"Goodmorning, ! How are you today? I love your outfit today, you look very sharp." He smiled a charming smile at her, and without looking up, she smiled and said, "Get out of here, you two. Go have fun, but don't do anything that will get you in trouble!" She seemed to sign something on her papers, and then looked her son in the eyes. A hazy grey clashed with a icy blue.

"And be safe. You have your phone on you, right?" Roxas held up his phone in his right hand, and she continued, "It's fully charged?" Roxas rolled his eyes, starting to walk out of the house with his phone still in his hand.

"Yes, mom! And before you say anything more, I'll be home before dark! I love you!" His mother crossed her arms.

"Roxas, get back here. You know what you're forgetting." An angry sigh was heard, and Roxas stomped back into the kitchen, followed by Axel.

"Mom. Not in front of my friends." She gave him a disapproving look, and Axel coughed to cover up his laughter. Roxas glared at the taller boy, grabbed him by his shirt collar and pulled him along to his mother. He was not amused, but never the less, he turned his head slightly and allowed his mother to kiss him on the cheek and to pull him into a loving embrace.

"That's more like it." She hugged Axel, for good measure, and ruffled his hair.

"Whaaaat? I feel cheated. Where's my kiss?" He had humor in his eyes as he looked at Roxas, and said boy just rolled his eyes again.

Once again, the teenager tried to leave the house, but again he was stopped. This time, it was by his brother, who was patiently sitting at the table with an empty bowl in front of him.

"Roxas? Me too?" The little brunette had been watching the scene unfold in front of him, and he was slightly jealous at the lack of attention. He stood up and hugged his older brother around the waist. Roxas smiled and picked him up, putting his phone down on the table.

"Okay, Sora, I guess we can't leave you out, huh?" He ruffled his little brother's brown hair, successfully making it more wild than it had previously been. Sora giggled and kissed Roxas on the tip of his nose.

The blonde looked at his nose, making his eyes cross and causing Sora to laugh and giggle even more. The childish laughter was contagious and soon the entire room was twittering with laughter.

As Roxas put Sora back on the ground he spoke to him. "I love you Sora. See you later!"

With that, he and Axel rushed out the door before his father could come down from his parent's room and take more time from their day. The front door closed with a light thump, signaling their departure.

Sora walked over to his mother and pulled on the hem of her shirt.

"Can I go with Roxas?" He asked her, his big blue eyes pleading her. He smiled at him a little bit sadly.

"Aw, Sora, don't you love me? Why don't you want to stay here with mommy?" If Sora had been a little bit older, she would not have hesitated to allow him to go with Roxas and his friends, but she did not find it wise to allow a nine year old to be supervised by a fourteen year old and his friends. She searched for another excuse for Sora to stay home. "Did you finish your cereal?" She glanced over at the table and saw two things. An empty bowl and a cell phone. Roxas's cell phone. She shook her head and smiled. "Oh, that boy. Sora, listen, could you do me a favor? Could you give Roxas his phone quickly, and come back? I don't think that he ought to have left the garage yet."

Sora skipped away, happy to see his brother again. "Okay!" He reached for the Iphone on the table and grabbed it, running out the door.

"Be right back!" He called behind him. Again, their mother found herself smiling.

Roxas and Axel had just crossed the street when Roxas realized that he'd left his phone on the kitchen table.
"Shoot, Axel, I forgot my phone. I have to go get it quick! I'll catch up with you; you're going to Hayner's house, right?"

Axel nodded at the year-younger boy and replied, "Yeah, and if we're not there, we're already at the park. Catch you later, Rox." Roxas sped ahead of Axel and turned around, and as they passed, they high fived.

Roxas looked at his house, which was a bit further down the road yet. He saw his brother just exiting his house, holding his phone. He smiled fondly. Sora was such a well behaved brother, and he couldn't have asked for better.

Roxas looked both ways before crossing the street, then he crossed.

He didn't see the speeding truck that had just sharply turned the corner. He almost didn't know what hit him. The last thing he saw was bright headlights. The last thing he heard was a scream of agony from his brother.


My eyes opened immediately, and I flailed around, feeling as though I were drowning. It was hard for me to breathe and everything was blurry. I suppose that the last part was due to the tears that had been forming in my eyes throughout the wretched memory. I'm having a panic attack, and that's easy to see.

I try to calm myself down, but my breathing remains heavy and I can't stop crying. I rub at my eyes constantly.

As I'm looking frantically around my room, I spot my phone on the table next to my bed. I grab it and swipe it open, typing in "Key" for the password. I quickly tap open the phone app and call the one person that matters.

It rings twice before someone answers.

"Hey Sora, wha-"

"I can't… can't breathe… Riku please…"

Suddenly, my vision starts to haze up and I can't tell what is what anymore.

"Sora? Sora! I'll be there as soon as I ca-"

Everything fades to black.

Okay. Hi guys. It's been awhile, hmm? Well, I'm back with a new story even though I should be finishing old ones! Oot Oot. Much impress. Great skill. Such happy. Anyways, I needed to get this idea out of my head. Here is some clarity for you:

***I do not own any of these characters. They belong to Square Enix***



Roxas: 14

Axel: 15

Hayner: 14

Sora: 9

Mother/Father: 37

(Basically, 8 years pass)

(Present Day)

Sora: 17

Riku: 17

Mother/Father: 45

Anyways, for the plot, Roxas loved to skateboard, and one day he gets hit by a car, and sadly, does not make it. Sora, as a child, had seen it all.

Even as a near adult, Sora, and sometimes his family, has to deal with the grief of a loss of such a close family member. He has to find a way to let go of the past.

Also, there will be a pairing in this. Sora/Riku. It shouldn't get too intense, idk.

Bye for now guys, tell me what you think~

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