Birds were twittling outside of my window, their melodious speech filling the air. I smiled into my pillow, clutching it closer to my chest. For the first time in a long while, I'd slept through the night without any dreams, and I woke up feeling refreshed. I thought that it was a little bit odd, since there wasn't any major change in my lifestyle. I'm not one to complain though.

I breathed a deep sigh into my pillow, and then rolled over to lie on my back. I opened my eyes slowly, staring at the blank ceiling. The goofy smile on my face wouldn't leave, and I was almost scared. Then I remembered that these kinds of smiles were the best kind, and I no longer cared.

Again, I rolled over, but this time I rolled onto my stomach. I stretched out my arms and legs, trying to touch the wall with my hands. I couldn't quite reach though; my fingers were a few centimeters short. I was determined, though. I inched myself a little bit closer, and breathed a happy sigh when I felt the cold, slightly bumpy surface. I looked at my alarm clock through slitted eyes. Twelve-oh-seven. What a nice time of the day. I buried my face in my pillow again, and my arms wrapped around it in a crushing embrace. I rolled over again, onto my back.

My eyes were suddenly wide open, and I was wide awake. I sat up quickly, hugging the pillow to my chest. It's 12:07. How could I have slept so long? I flopped back onto my bed, chortling. I can't really say that I care that much. Never the less, I start to get ready for the day. Once I'm standing, I stretch a little bit more, raising my hands over my head. I can feel my shirt rising up a little bit, and when it brushes up against my abdomen, it tickles ever-so-slightly. I snort quietly and walk over to my mirror, finding that stupid smile still on my face.

That, and the worst case of bed head to ever exist.


If it's even possible, I feel even more refreshed after I've showered and changed into a clean pair of clothes. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with me, but I think that I can learn to love this strange state of being. I walk downstairs and pour myself a glass of water. Usually I'd pour myself a glass of lemonade, but I don't think that would quite get along so well now that I've just brushed my teeth. Just thinking about how the two tastes would clash gets my stomach churning. Blegh!

My stomach growls loudly at me, demanding some sort of consolation. I roll my eyes at myself, and then scoff, realizing that I'm rolling me eyes at myself. I look around my kitchen and my car keys on the counter catch my attention. I know that if I'd ever tell my mom, she'd yell at me. But I'm really craving some ice cream.

Ice cream for breakfast.


Riku started working at the ice cream shop a few months ago, in May. He was looking for a job to earn a little bit of money on the side, and so he figured, "Why not?" Truth is, Riku and I always came to the ice cream shop when we were feeling hungry or if we just plainly felt bored. It was a homey place, and each and every one of the people that go there are friendly and generous. The shop had a strange way of working. Anyone who entered it could seemingly forget their troubles in an instant. It was almost as if every customer was a part of some ice cream family.

Pffft. An ice cream family.

Honestly, I was a bit jealous of Riku. I know that it's wrong of me for feeling so, since he's my best friend, but I can't help it.

I banish the thought from my head.

Riku is an amazing person. He's always been there for me, even since day one. To be completely honest, I think that I might, maybe feel something for him. Like, I don't know, some kind of feeling of like? I've thought about it a lot before, but have come to the conclusion that I'm just confused and am confusing my feelings of friendship with love.

Besides, even if I had felt something for Riku, I don't think that I'd ever manage to scrape up some courage to tell him.

It would ruin everything we have together. He'd find me weird, and just like that, our friendship would crash and burn. Even if he only thought it to be a little bit weird, it only takes a simple spark for a fire to ignite.

I clear my head. I don't have to worry about this, anyways. I'm not gay, Riku's not gay, no one is gay. Well, obviously some people were.

Like Axel and… and Roxas. I swallowed, clearing my head of all thoughts for the third time this morning.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not in the slightest bit any type of homophobic. Not at all. It's just… I don't know. I'm afraid of any type of relationship, to be completely genuine here. I'm afraid to get close to anyone at all. I even push Riku away some days. Don't even get me started on my family. I push them away every day. It hurts too much.

I just don't want to lose them, I'm so scared of losing them.

I hold back the onslaught of oncoming tears. Not today, I remind myself.

I wipe my head clean of all thoughts for a moment, and just sit in my car. I'm not sure when I got in it, but I did.

Birds continued to sing their cheery tunes, expressing themselves freely.

If only we could all do that.

I start the car engine, and the low roar scares away the birds, who fly away to find another sanctuary.


My thoughts had quickly turned from sour into sweet as I drove to the ice cream parlor.

When I arrived, things only seemed to get better.

I walked in to the crowded shop. It smelled as sweet as it always had. All the people that I passed smiled warmly at me, and I returned their affections happily. I made my way over to the counter and was engaged in pleasant conversation with one of the other employees there. Her name was Namine.

She had the palest skin that I've ever seen, even paler than Riku's, which was quite a feat to beat. Her hair, it was the lightest blonde that it could have been. Now, if her eyes had been a silver color, I would have classified her as a vanilla ice cream cone. Sadly, though, her eyes were not of that color.

They were an ominous type of blue. Swirling within that color were many mysteries.

Ah, but that's not exactly any of my business, is it? She recognizes me the instant she notices me.

"Oh, Sora, hi! Welcome back." She smiles at me from over the counter. "Do you want me to get Riku?" Her voice is light and full of emotion. I return the smile to her back, since she's already moving to the back room to get Riku. I chortle. They know me so well, everyone here does.

A few moments later, I see Riku emerge from the same room that Namine had entered.

I take in his appearance, as I always did when he was in uniform. And, as always, I snorted at it.

He looked at me, unamused.

"You know, Sora, I've been working here since May. You'd think that even little Sora would be used to this horrible dress code." He smiled at me, breaking his emotionless face. He continued, "I'll be just a second." He put on a new pair of plastic gloves and grabbed a medium sized waffle cone. I watched him, as I always did.

Three scoops of double chocolate chip cookie dough. Check. Both hot fudge and caramel. Check and check. Some sprinkles. Hmm, it could do with a few more. Riku paused for a split second, then reached for another pinch of sprinkles. I smiled. Check. Lastly, and most deliciously, a cherry on top. Check.

"Perfect." It was a whisper under my breath, but I hadn't thought I'd say anything at all. I only realized I'd spoken when Riku replied.

"I know."

We walked down to the register from either side of the counter. He typed a few things on the register as I took out my wallet from my red skinny jeans. All of a sudden, I found a perfectly created ice cream cone held out to me.

"Um? I have to-"

"It's taken care of." He smiled at me again, his eyebrows lifting in amusement.

"No, Riku, I'm not letting you-"

"Oops. Too late. I accidently bought it, sorry!" With that, he turned around to return to the back of the shop. After he withdrew, Namine emerged. She softly smiled at me and took care of the next customer. I decided to sit down at a table to eat my ice cream; it was already melting onto my hand.

I finished it at a casual pace, but I savored every taste of it. The ice cream tasted brilliant, as it always did.

One thing is for sure.

Everything is captured in time in this shop. I know that when I'm in doubt, I'll always be able to count on this place to be the same. Even if everything is crumbling apart.

It's nice to have a grounding point.


There y'all have it. I hope it was okay. xD I started writing it a while ago, but just finished it today. (And it's not even that long, my apologies.)

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