A/N: I return my subjects! For any wondering, YES I have seen Jurassic WOrld, and I bloody loved it! Indominus Rex was indeed a bloody clever girl, downright remarkable, really. I found that her death was rather sudden, however, amusing as it was.

And when I saw that there were so few Naruto crossovers with it and all the INSANITY that takes places throughout, well, the gears in my mind got to turning. As another note, this is a sort of prequel to the "Not Going Home" series as a whole, chronicling the adventures of our dimension hopping blond.

Therefore, before reading this, I SERIOUSLY suggest you stop and read that, first.

So, I've been going over reviews, and an anonymous reviewer said something that really resonated with me. I love to write. But sometimes, I feel that this gift owns me, rather than I, owning it. Its like a beast inside me, this urge to create, but I can't control it very well, which results in a LOT of new stories. So as of last night, and continuing throughout the week, I'm purging stories that won't be continued, or works that no one enjoys anymore.

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"Clever girl."



"Hello, clever girl."

Those were the first words she heard.

At the very moment Indy-Indominus Rex-became aware, the instant when her tiny claws broke through the eggshell. In those frantic first seconds of existence when there was no thought, only instinct, all she knew was that she had to get out of this egg right away, right now, now, NOW! Her small hands scrabbled rapidly at the hardened shell encasing her body within, tearing it away with feeble strength until finally, finally...


A tiny, orange eye peeked up out of the egg, staring up into the big, wide world. Indy blinked once, gazing into the great, encompassing whiteness. Bright! So bright! Her nictitating membrane fluttered shut, then open again, adjusting to the harsh light. The glass ceiling rose, and her small body shivered at the abrupt lack of warmth.


The baby Indominus began to squirm as a large hand came down near her head, vocalizing loudly in distress. But instead of harming her, they began to poke at her egg, freeing her from her prison. Wriggling loose from the broken shell, she stumbled out, squawking. A lone eye tracked the hand, still hovering near, and hunger demanded a response. Stumbling on weak legs yet incapable of walking, she only succeeded in flopping to the ground in a squalling heap in the incubation chamber.

Still, that put her mouth right within biting distance...!

Growling, she nipped him.


"Ow!" a soft laugh greeted her as a piece of flesh came away in her mouth, and the strange, five-fingered hand withdrew with a sudden abruptness. Meat! She gobbled it happily-almost unaware of the attention she had drawn to herself. "Feisty, aren't we?" Something stroked her scales soothingly, and she tried to bite that, too. This time, she wasn't quite as successful. More laughter now, a gentle, almost fatherly chuckle reverberating all around her.

Indy squinted in confusion, staring up at the strange sound...

...and something stared back.

A pair of bright blue eyes met hers, whiskered cheeks pinched in a slight, awed smile. A pair of horns-she simply knew that they were-jutted from flaxen blond hair. All bright, dangerous colors, orange and red and blue these were him, his coat, his hide, and he was them. Indy didn't understand, but in that moment, something clicked in the back of her young mind.

Imprinting, on the first face she saw.


This was her first real thought.

"Here." He offered her a piece of meat, larger this time, and her eyes went slitted. "I bet you're hungry." Hungry? She was starving! Famished! Her nostrils flared, inhaling the scent of the token he'd offered her. Food! Indy snapped at it greedily, gobbling up the morsel with a rapacious speed that would've put a raptor to shame. Squeaking happily, she turned her eyes back on him and, sure enough, another piece of food was there to greet her; all but snatched from his hand.

It never even occurred to her to bite him, after that.

"Good girl." he soothed, stroking her scales gently. "Say, you wanna go on an adventure with me? I promise it'll be loads of fun. Waaaaay better than being cooped up like some lab experiment." To her ears, it sounded like her own vocalizations but deeper, rougher. Indy cocked her head and chirped back at him:

"Meat. Father. Friend."

"Yeah, sounds about right." his hand descended again, bringing with it another bit of meat. Part of her, clever girl that she was, wondered where he was getting all this good. The rest of the young rex simply didn't care to think about it, so long as she was fed. "Thank the almighty me for universal languages-

"What, who are you?!" A sharp, angry voice out of sight made her cringe. "You can't be in here!"

Her "father" didn't even look away.

"I can be wherever I want to be, little man. Now, move."

Apparently, the angry voice didn't agree with that.

Not one bit.


"Oh, you just had to make it complicated." the blond sighed, raising a hand. "Say, how's your health plan?" The sound of many booted footfalls reached Indy's ears, eliciting an angry hiss. She saw many warm bodies, a great many people, each exuding anger and hostility. And still, her "parent" didn't move.

"Shoot him!"

"Apparently its great!"

A terrible grinding, screeching sound reached her ears, and when next she looked, the lab was a sea of flames and bloody bodies. Of the squad that had come to kill him, there was nothing but bone and meat. No, wait. One of them was still moving. Moving. Meat. Food.


Indy couldn't help herself; with a cry that would've been terrifying if not for her small size, she gave an almighty squeak and pounced on his back. Sharp fangs sank into his neck. Soft body. Easy meat. Hungry. Still so hungry. Need to feed...

And feed she did.

Naruto laughed and picked her up once she'd had her fill, her tiny body curling in his arms. He was holding a one of a kind creature; a being beyond comprehension. There would never be any other truly like her, so long as she lived.

Indominus Rex.

"You and me, we're going to have so much fun together!"

Indy snorted and licked his face. Naruto laughed.

Clever girl, indeed...

A/N: Aye, this is a one-two?-shot primarily to show how Naruto both met and "tamed" if you will, Indominus Rex, who will appear later on during his travels. Of course we all know she's a savage beast, but I like to think that she's misunderstood...just a little...

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