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"Why does everyone keep biting me?! I'm not edible! I swear, if that happens one more time-


"Not agaaaaiiin!"


Growing Pains

The Indoraptor was a creature of instinct.

She knew what she could hunt, and what she could not. Likewise, she knew what was edible and what...wasn't. She had been bred for her intelligence, and so much more. No base creature, she! She was smart. She was fearsome! She was the bane of fleshy creatures everywhere! She was...

"Rise and shine!"




Which was precisely why she took one look at the being before her now and decided she wanted nothing to do with it.

Afraid? Check.

Frightened? Check?

Absolutely terrified? Check!

Petrified, too! Other words encompassing fear.

The last "creature" had knocked it out and brought it here, to this strange place of grassy plains and strange

At a glance it looked to be little more than meat, a smiling human with blond hair, blue eyes, and whiskered cheeks. His clothes were strange things of black-orange-and-gold. Too bright. It made her eyes hurt. The horns atop his head were a bloody red, however, and those gave her pause.. The horns suggested otherwise. Humans didn't have horns. Did they? She didn't know. What she did know was that he smelled faintly of fire and ash and blood, and such smells were to avoided.

"Easy, there." he raised both hands as she struggled upright and shook off her stupor. "I'm not going to hurt you."


Her sixth sense shrilled a warning, demanding that she run -that she flee!- from this monster masquerading as a man. He must've sensed her fear too; because his hand clamped down on her dark scale, holding her from fleeing.

"Don't worry." his smile was sunshine, but his eyes burned like the bright sky-light that came with a storm. "We'll have Indy and Rexy get you sorted after this."

What were those words? Names? What meaning did they hold? She didn't know. It scared her.

"Well," he shrugged, "No point in beating about the bush. Hold still."

The Indoraptor tried to run. She really did. Credit where it was due, she almost got free.

But almost, as they say, only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades.

Caught in a blind panic, she whirled and bit at him, to no avail. It was a good bite; instantly lethal. Teeth sheared through the flesh of his arm and shoulder. And yet rather than die, he merely rolled his eyes. All that she received was an angry growl. When she tried to twist her neck, he didn't let her. Powerful muscles seized up as his hand came down, gripping her collarbone with frightful strength. Instead of ripping him limb from limb, all of her body betrayed her, locked rigidly in place.

"Its going to be alright. Trust me."

His free hand stabbed up and into her chest then twisted, warping her world and all that she thought it was. Her body convulsed and fell to the ground. Scaled flesh rippled; a tough leathery hide becoming pliable pink skin. Numbness set in, and then there was pain. Pain, pain, pain! Everything...shifted. Agony rattled her body from head to toe as her form collapsed in on itself. Just as quickly, it abated, leaving her twitching on the ground.

...why did everything look bigger?

A strange of something touched her face and she snorted, batting at it with a claw.


Not a claw.

Wide eyes balked at her hand, the very human hand, and the five fingers within. Bright golden eyes rose, and she looked down, alarmed to find herself much changed. Hair? Dark hair. Long hair. Her hair. How did she know what hair was? Knowledge-and the burden of it-crashed down on her all at once in a tidal wave, drowning out any semblance of sanity. She poked at the strange fleshy globes protruding from her chest. A confused chirp fled from her mouth-no longer filled with sharp teeth!-but much to her horror it became a long, drawling word instead.


Her limbs were all wrong. Her tail was gone. Everything was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

She tried to stand but her legs failed her, and there was no tail to balance her. Her new knees buckled, sending her spilling

"Its a bit of a shock, I know." with only those words for a warning the stranger stood over her, looking faintly bemused. "The whole hybrid bit is confusing at first, but really, you'll get used to it in no time. Rexy had a harder time of it than you." she flinched back in a snarling wreck and he hesitated. "Right, we're gonna need a name for ya." his brow furrowed. "Can't call ya Indy, m'wife would take exception to that. How does "Ra" sound for now? Its short for raptor, and all...

When he reached for her, she reacted as any wild animal would. She bit him. Of course she did.

It...did not have the effect she desired. Human teeth were not much meant for biting.

Naruto looked down. Frowned at his bloodied hand. A muscle jumped in his jaw.

"Not again! Why does everyone and everything insist on biting me?!"

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