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They both needed this.

"Please, make love to me."

There was no use fighting it.

Without a thought, Natsu tossed Lucy against the couch, taking in the way the tendrils that softly floated around her head resembled a golden halo against the sun. Her tender lips sat caged between her teeth so he brushed his thumb against her chin as a silent command for her to release them.

At the sight of her budding succulent mouth, the flesh reddened as it was lazily revealed in assent to his command, Natsu was hit with the memory of her taste. Sweet yet spicy, tinged with the leftover remains of his fiery whiskey on her tongue.

Leaning down, Natsu held the petal soft flesh prisoner within his own mouth, hungrily devouring the stuttered whimper that she gave him in response. Her arms held him tight not willing to let him go, lest he suddenly decides against his newly formed actions.

Natsu wrapped his hands around her delicate shoulders, groaning against the tremble she gave him as they continued to work their insatiable lips greedily against one another. Slowly, his hands formed against her curves, not stopping even as her chest heaved up against his palms. Instead, he applied more pressure on her sensitive spots, red lines forming against her skin until he reached the deep curve of her hips.

Breathing deep for much-needed air, the couple pulled back.

"Are you sure?" Natsu asked, voice ragged and eyes searching. The question was redundant at this point since the answer was obvious, but he needed to know, he couldn't take advantage of her…not again.

Lucy panted, gliding her own hands up under his shirt before getting his help in pulling it off fully. Her eyes melted down his form before gradually meeting his once more and swallowing deeply. "Yes."

Natsu until this point had been rubbing his thumbs rousingly against the dips of her hips into her pelvic bone, once he heard her approval he let out a breath he didn't need and darted his mouth this time against her pliant neck.

That was it, he was no longer going to hold back. With sick realization, he acknowledged that he needed this just as much as she did.

Lucy gasped. Until this point, her body had felt cold, but as soon as the fire that lit against his tongue flicked against the sensitive skin on the underside of her neck, she once again felt the familiar heat Natsu always supplied her with. Over and over he worked the erotically textured muscle against her tender flesh until her skin was reddened, slick, and sloppy. Her breath panted wetly against the suckling sensation at her throat, his hums of pleasure rattling deep beneath her skin and sending shocking tingles like electrical zaps up to her brain and down to her center. She knew without a doubt she was in for a bright new hickey. Due to the contrasting temperatures of her cold flesh and his hot heat, talented tongue, it embarrassingly wasn't long until she was a quivering mess and her womanhood was dripping against the couch.

"Mmmh," Biting softly, Natsu worked down her neck, blowing gently at the wet marks while he rounded his hands down her legs and grabbed her soft thighs. "You taste so fucking good, you know that?"

"Naa," Lucy keened, needing more of him as quickly as possible and not wanting to wait. She needed this feeling. She needed him. Grabbing and feeling along shoulders, arms, chest, and abs, Lucy pulled dutifully on his pants. She was desperate, going so far as to use her feet as well trying to pull them down. She needed him inside of her as soon as possible.

Natsu gave her no chance, or maybe he was completely absorbed in marking the swell and heavy flesh of her breasts, teasing lightly with his tongue over the nipple before pulling back and watching it deepen in color and then pearl. "Fuck." Doing so again before lifting roughly against her thighs and placing her soaked and butterfly-spread entrance firmly against the halfway pulled-down crotch of his pants.

Lucy whined at the loss of grip on his pants only to gasp when the texture of the clothing rubbed deliciously against her bare weeping center.

"Yesss," she moaned as he circled his hips against her, allowing the rough material and the flash of his warm skin to rub against her hardened clit.

No matter how great the new friction felt she wasn't deterred from her goal, Lucy wiggled her fingers against the outside band of his jeans and pulled down, right at the same moment Natsu's hot mouth latched once more onto her more than eager nipple.

Lucy squealed, forgetting her intentions with his clothes, and got her hands lost in his soft hair as he firmly stroked his wicked tongue against her pearled skin. Each wiggle and deft swipe of his pointed tongue made her insides clench, hard, the phantom feeling from the sensation echoed from her nipple to the depths of her sodden center. It felt so startlingly equal to cunnilingus that the aroused motions inside of her sufficiently made more than enough of the lubricating essence that would allow his body passage into her own with one smooth motion.

As his dexterous hips moved, hard lines slated properly against Lucy's jeweled nub while pinning her against the couch, Natsu's strong hands rose steadily against her curves until he was holding firm against the underside of her heaving breasts.

The round globes were left sloppily wet from the man's saliva allowing the slick point of his tongue to sweep across her valleys undeterred. Natsu welcomed the mess, dripping more of his drool against her nipples in an erotic display. Lucy's teary eyes searched his out as she cried wantonly in the air, but his gaze stayed hungrily focused on the chest presented to him like a wolf eyeing a lamb.

Swirling his tongue against her pebbled tips before biting down gently until she wailed and pulled his hair, switching from one breast to the next, Natsu then fisted her chest tight until they pressed high in the air before he used the blunt of his teeth again to tease her to no end, licking up any moisture that was left behind.

Brown eyes rolled back, Lucy thought she was going to cum then and there, feeling her clit thrum hard and heavy against the dip in his pelvis. Just as he put his whole mouth once more on her bright red nipple sucking in as much as he could, his hips cracked down upon hers rubbing the base of his cock against her sopping center before the rough texture of his jeans cut down on her clit and Lucy saw stars.

"Mmmaaaahh!" She released every bead of tension in her body as her back arched to spine-breaking proportions and her toes curled as the tingles of pleasure zipped from the dopamine spasms in her brain all the way down her form.

With long soft legs twitching at his sides, Natsu let go of the grip he had on his lover's breasts with his hands before catching the bouncing fall her globes made with his mouth. He kissed down the parted skin above her sternum, nipping down the path of sweet flesh until he reached her belly button.

Along the way, Lucy had been calling his name. Crying out and calling it, moaning it over and over as she got over the hills and crescendos of her orgasm. However, Natsu barely heard any of it. He was single-mindedly focused on tasting Lucy; on letting his instincts lead him, and letting his mind go. He needed this, he needed release, he needed Lucy. He wanted all of her and nothing else.

The realization of that should have been startling since he had been the one pushing her away, but any emotion not tied to feeling and enjoying her was lost on his brain.

"Mmm, Natsu pleeease." Lucy groaned, tossing her head side to side as he kissed down her trembling form. Her nipples still tingled taut and hard in the air with tiny zips of pain racing up the tips due to his rough treatment but she didn't mind. It created an addicting concoction of agony that had her feeling like she was in a constant state of pleasure.

She wanted more. More of his erotic assault.

Breathing harshly against her hip, Natsu pressed his fingers deep into the expanse of her inner thighs. The delectable scent of her desire for him was taking him under and lulling him into his baser needs. Feed, fuck, and claim. Offered up to him with legs butterflied into the air, Lucy was his and no one else's, he'd make sure of it. If that's what she wanted, he'd give her so much pleasure she wouldn't want anyone else. To the point that she wouldn't be able to fathom being with anyone else, he'd ruin her and she'd want nothing less.

"Please, just fuck me." Lucy cried deliriously, pulling the fists she'd formed into his hair until he paid heed.

Natsu breathed out a short laugh, finally sliding his body up her small frame. "Heh, I thought you wanted me to make love to you Luce," he stated, standing up fully to finally pull off his pants, underwear, and socks.

Sitting up on her elbow, Lucy knew her gaze was completely salacious as she took him in, his form completely nude. Her sepia-toned hues took in his handsome rugged looks from the top of his head down to his feet, zeroing in on the package that hung at the epicenter of his waist. A thick and heavy scrotum hung tight below his proud phallus. It stuck out long and hard with veins that seems to pulse under his skin.

It was funny now, thinking about how she used to be scared of his dick. Now, all she could think about was touching it, licking it, teasing it–better yet, feeling it as deep as it could go inside of her until he bottomed out and made her choke knowing she had never been so full before.

Lucy's center bunched and her mouth became dry, wanting nothing more than to put him in her mouth again, but wanting just as badly to feel him stretch her tight walls apart.

Smirking at her wanton expression, Natsu put one knee back onto the couch before easily pulling her thigh until she slid back under him then tossed said thigh over his leg. Lucy gasped at his strength, wetter than ever, and struck with the evidence of that fact as he rubbed the bulbous head of his cock against her cleft and she heard the utterly filthy slick sounds of her nectar.

She was beyond ready due to his earlier work but even more so because she needed him. She needed him to make her feel whole again. She needed him to claim her and promise he would never leave, and in her messed-up mind, this was the only way he could do it.

"You didn't answer my question princess," Natsu growled, teasing her and himself as he swirled his tip around her clit and then down to her moist heat.

Lucy moaned, pulling her knees up higher until they reached as far as they could go, presenting herself further and egging him on. Natsu taught her well, she was no longer that shy little virgin anymore. So, with a dark sensuous tone, she finally answered him, "I want you to fuck me Natsu. I want you to stick your big meaty dick into my little pussy and I want you to saw into me until I open up and take it." Natsu's green eyes flashed, his body growing stonily still as he took in her dirty words, "Even when I beg you to slow down or to let me breathe, I want you to keep going and to fuck into me harder…faster. I want you to hit the deepest part of me into my womb until I'm screaming with pleasure that I've accepted through the pain. Then, as I'm clawing down your back begging for more, as you hit my spot over and over, I want you to choke me and call me a slut. Make me listen to the sound of my pussy eating your dick, wet and smacking, as you degrade me, then tell me I'm yours." Lucy's eyes sparkled with tears, her body shaking as desire overcame her. Never before had she had the ability to express what she really wanted. In life, let alone sex. But at this moment she no longer cared. She wanted this and she was no longer ashamed to admit it.

"Fuck, Lucy." Natsu snarled, his expression wasn't something she'd ever seen before. He looked ready to do all that to her and then some as his features became dark.

What would have frightened some, just turned her on more.

Expecting him to finally sink into her, Lucy became surprised by his next words. "You need to tell me to stop. You don't actually want that."

A cold chill went down Lucy's spine, "What do you mean?"

"Just like I said. That's not you, you don't want that." Natsu answered frostily, green eyes piercing deep into her own.

Hot embarrassment took over Lucy's senses as tears resurfaced in her eyes. How dare he? She knew exactly want she wanted! "What?"

"Dainty Princess Heartfilia wouldn't say such vulgar words, you want Prince Charming to come and swoop you up, right? Make love to you tenderly. You couldn't handle me fucking you the way you're asking."

"Fuck you, Natsu," Lucy growled, eyes red with anger. Thinking to leave in order to no longer hear him talk to her like that, as soon as she tried to move her leg she felt his grip tighten and the previous motions of his dick start up again. "I-I hate you."

Natsu snickered at that, licking his lips at the delicious expression she was giving him. "No you don't, not yet."

"Wha–ooooh, fuck!"

Pushing down on her leg, Natsu pressed in deep with his full length into her hot passage. "What did you say? You wanted me to 'saw into your little pussy until you opened up' to me?" Natsu snorted before baring his teeth, pulling his hips back before lifting hers up and then sliding back into her at the same depth. His strong hips and thighs pushed past any resistance her tight walls gave to him until he was doing just that, sawing deep and hard into her until her body stopped resisting and allowed him in. Feeling every torturous inch of him, Lucy muffled her screams between bitten lips, her eyes crinkling at the corners as her hands held tightly down onto the backs of her knees. She was going to tell him to let her adjust but was stopped as he said his next words. "Look at you, already getting teary-eyed. You can't handle it, Lucy."

"Y-Yes I can!" She rebuffed, relaxing her hips and opening herself wider. She then gave up one of her hands along her thighs to rub quick and tight around her clit to dilute the delicious hurt.

"Fuck," Natsu whispered, damn near drooling at the sight of her stubbornly taking him and touching herself. His cock was hitting her fully, with each rough snap of his hips the tops of his thighs smacked against the erogenous crease of her ass sending shock waves of immense pleasure to her brain. A pleasure that teetered to an uncomfortable high when not properly prepped and adjusted for. With each pull, the tip of his cock drug hard along the top of her walls scraping against her g-spot over and over.

It felt great, better than great, but with no build-up like usual and just the avalanche of pleasure, Lucy's body was overwhelmed and it bordered on pain making her quickly take her fingers away from her hardened nub. With each undulation of his hips, her pleasure mounted. Having already cum before, her body was tingly and sensitive. It only took five or so good strokes before she started to feel the numb feeling at the base of her spine and the blood at her erogenous zones engorge. She was already close to cumming and he just got started.


"Look at you," Natsu sneered, bracing his knees against the couch and slamming into her harder, "you're already about to cum. Is it too much for you baby?"

"N-no," Lucy let go of her hold under her knees but it was no use, Natsu replaced the hold with his hands instead, deterring her from any hopes of stopping the feeling or slowing it down as he pinned her to the couch, not letting her move an inch. "P-Pleaase!" Lucy tried as hard as she could, pushing against his arms and then against his hips but it was no use. As she mounted more, her body created more lubricant until it became almost easy for him to go in and out; but the full feeling after he sat all the way in her still prevailed. Now, each striking smack of his pelvis against the slope of her ass reverberated throughout her whole form, up her spine, and to her head, until her ears we tingling and her eyes rolled. "I'm…" Lucy breathed her mind blacking out into a trance.

Just as she started to cum, Natsu leaned forward, allowing her legs to slide up his forearms as he placed his body in a half plank with his knees dug into the cushions. All without stopping the motion of his hips, Natsu placed one hand down to steady himself, and the other wrapped firmly around Lucy's neck.

"Just as I thought, you can't handle this," Natsu growled, verdant eyes hot with passion. He watched with bared teeth as Lucy lost herself in the motion of his hips. Her neck pointed to the ceiling along with her jiggling chest–still moving with each thrust of his hips and her toes curled. No words or sounds came from her throat even though Natsu's grip wasn't very strong, she was completely overcome.

Trying to keep his composure, Natsu wavered as her pussy worked him over and over. The slick heat damn near crushed his length after melting him down. A feeling only akin to hundreds of hot wet mouths covering, sucking, and massaging his cock. It was indescribable. "Fuck, Luce…" he panted, "You've never been this hot inside before," he damn near whimpered. And it was true, she felt like molten lava, the hottest sauna only for him.

Only for him.

"Whose pussy is this, baby?" Natsu growled at her neck where his face had to move to overcome his own rapture.

Lucy yelled, finally making a sound. Her voice called into a long drawn-out moan. Her head was thrown back and her arms and legs held tight to his form as he moved within her.

Natsu finally squeezed onto her delicate neck, moving his hips harder until the wet noise of their love-making was heard loud into the room. "Who's. Is. It. Luce?"

"Y-Yours! Natsuuuuu!" Rivulet after rivulet, like geyser she drenched his thighs and the couch, screaming his name until it all become indistinguishable and she was just screaming. Natsu couldn't move within her even if he wanted to. So instead he lifted her hips from under her until he was grabbing heartily onto both of her ass cheeks and snapped his hips down as far as he could go. Her nails scraped down his back in deep jagged lines and that's all she wrote.

Natsu was coming so hard, that he damn near blacked out. He roared her name before bitting down roughly into her neck too far gone to pray that he didn't actually break the skin. Regardless, the blonde didn't seem to mind as he felt her insides working against him like new and her legs tighten around him further.

Seconds or minutes, maybe hours later passed as Natsu panted wetly into Lucy's skin his mind went topsy turvy, he could taste colors and smell sound. He realized then that this was the genuine meaning of ecstasy.

Lucy whimpered and moaned under him, he was absolutely buried to the hilt inside of her, where he ended she began. He could still feel her inner muscles clenching and sucking around him as if she was being afflicted with endless orgasms one after the other. The thought made his seed spurt once more within her taking aim at the back of her womb with the sureness of human progeny.

And that was when the disturbing thought of him impregnating her reared its head. He knew he nor she was ready so that thought only meant one thing, her pussy was magic.

With some quick maneuvering, Natsu flipped them over so that he was the one on the bottom and she laid on top. Once they were settled, Lucy sighed happily into his arms, enjoying the feel of his fingers gliding down her curves, the skin now satisfyingly warm beneath his touch.

"Hey," he said, brushing his fingers through her tangled blonde hair until he reached her nape and massaging her there. Once he was blessed with those large beautiful brown orbs of hers he finally spoke, "I didn't hurt you did I?"

"Hmm?" Lucy looked at him with sleepy satisfaction. She couldn't remember a day in her life where she felt this pliant and weightless in her bones. If Lucy learned one thing from being with Natsu it was that their bodies were more perfectly matched than the sun and moon, so when they weren't together it almost physically hurt, or at the least it felt like there was something missing. Lucy didn't realize how much she needed to be physical with Natsu until that moment. It was a little scary to think about. However, now in her post-coital bliss, it wasn't of her greatest concern. "I feel amaaazing," her words slurred so much she was sure she sounded like a drug addict.

Finding her response cute but also completely understanding where she was coming from, Natsu grinned widely down at her massaging her with his other hand at her hip as well. He didn't realize how badly he needed to bust that nut until then. More than that, being with Lucy was addictive before, but he didn't realize the severity until he was without her, and not just sexually but mentally for a few days. While she was grieving she was checked out, it was alarming, but he knew he needed to be there for her–wanted to be there for her because she meant too much to him to leave her alone.

"I mean, we were supposed to 'make love,' instead I think that was the most depraved sex we've ever had with each other…"

Lucy put a finger to the corner of her lip as her eyes canted up in thought, "Hmm, nah that time I hit you and you got aroused might have topped this."

Natsu's brows rose up on his head remembering that time.

"Sorry…about that…by the way…" Lucy looked down ashamed, breathing harshly on the skin of his pecs before looking back up to his green eyes.

Pink brows furrowed, "Hey, it wasn't you that was wrong there. I was a world-class asshole. Am still…," Suddenly uncomfortable Natsu cleared his throat. With an ease that gave credence to his strength, Natsu lifted Lucy's hips until his half mast member slid out of her snug walls. Lucy moaned tight against her lips in a way that threatened to make him forget why he was trying to leave her sweet abyss. Once more clearing his throat and his thoughts, Natsu smoothed his hands up her back softly to gather her attention, ignoring the red haze that took over her soft cheeks and smoldering gaze knowing her mind was just as distracted by his body as he was hers.

"I want to apologize Lucy…for everything."

Lengthy lashes fluttered at the man under her. His gaze was strong, his jaw rigged; he was dead serious.

"What I did to you, from the very beginning…despite what I thought may have happened between our fathers, was wrong. And it made me see that I was no better than the men I got put in prison or…Acnologia," Natsu clenched his jaw, his eyelids fluttering as he admitted the guilt that had been percolating through him for a while now. "You have every right to leave, even more, to go to the police station and file a report. I am so sorry I did that to you. Seeing you in pain these last few days made me realize how much I hate you like this and knowing the fact that I made you feel that way before as well makes me feel worse than I ever have. If you somehow find it in your heart to forgive me, I want you to know I will never hurt you like that again, I…I…"

Lucy with new tears in her eyes shook her head side to side before bringing her body closer to his and holding his face between her palms. "I hated you, for a very long time. And it was never okay. Even now it's not." Natsu tried to look away but she held tighter. "However, sometimes I want you so much I can't even breathe. When you touch me I tingle all over and I feel warmth glow from where I felt your skin. I've never felt this way before, Natsu. It's intoxicating," She said demurely, eyes looking around shyly before landing back onto him with renewed determination. "On top of that, I don't think I'll ever meet someone who understands what I'm going through more than you. You've been good to me these past few days and helped me through some horrible moments. I feel a strong connection with you that equally scares and envigorates me… I don't like the way we started, but we can change the way we end. And I don't want us to end yet." She smiled.

We'll never end. He wanted to growl as his automatic response but understood that wouldn't help his current standing here. Instead, he held her tighter.

"As for not making love, I can't blame that on you. I'm not in a good place right now and I don't know when I will be. I just needed you to do what I asked and you did. It was exactly what I needed. I needed to get fucked, no biggie." She realized then why she changed her mind from being romanced and loved to getting fucked into the couch. Shen knew how she felt–especially now that he apologized and showed repentance for his past actions, however, at this moment she wasn't ready to accept Natsu in that way. She was scared to let another person into her heart that deep. She didn't want to lose him, too.

Natsu saw darkness fall into her eyes at the same moment his ears tingled from hearing her say something so uncharacteristic and crude in such a nonchalant way. Something in his brain told him what she was saying and what he was seeing was not quite right, but in the next moment, what he saw was gone. He didn't know what to think of that. As if what he saw was a mirage, her eyes instead were over-filled with pure affection. Deciding not to speak on it, Natsu leaned down and kissed her soft lips.

"I love you."

Lucy gasped so sharply that she almost choked. Pulling back to look into his verdant eyes all she saw was pure and brutal honesty. It shook her. His voice was strong and clear, he didn't hesitate or stutter. Lucy was dumbfounded. The tingling in her chest broadened and took over her form until she felt like she could be incorporeal, aerial.

Looking deeply into his eyes Lucy could almost see the physical form of his words. Biting her lip, the blonde slowly sat up, adjusting herself and smoothing her hand down his firm chest until she was able to grab his erect member into her hands. "Show me," she breathed huskily, taking him in one smooth motion until she was filled with him and his love.


Breaking News, Jude Heartfilia CEO of Heartfilia Corp has been found dead.

The scuffing sound of file against nails was the only other sound heard above the blare coming from the television of which the volume was almost maxed out on the speakers.

Authorities still have little to no information on how the business magnate's demise came to be after his body was found. Heartifilia's last known whereabouts were out of the country to celebrate his retirement, the airport for departure was the last time he was seen. Currently, the investigation is not ruling out foul play.

Slowly, the emery board working against already perfectly manicured nails slowed to a stop as a giggle as dulcet as wind chimes grew over all other sounds. It grew in sound until it crescendoed into cacophonic laughter. The woman the harsh sound was coming from visually contrasted the noise. Someone as perfect and put together as her would never let an unbecoming sight take hold of her.

Or so her manicurist thought.

Golden feline eyes flashed straight to uneasy and slightly frightened dull blue orbs at the same time the woman stopped her laughter. "What are you doing? Why did you stop? I don't pay you to sit and stare Arana." The woman smiled sweetly but the effect didn't take away the sting of her reprimand as her eyes glared hotly down at the woman.

"S-Sorry Vermilion-sama."

FMB News has reached out to friends and family including his daughter and lone heir, Lucy Heartfilia, but we have yet to get a statement back.

The woman's eyes narrowed at her charge as her smile grew, turning vicious once the other woman's head meekly bowed down.

This is a sad day for Fiore, losing one of the founding families of this proud state. Authorities are working overtime to make sure that Heartfilia receives vindication. If you or someone you know, knows anything regarding the case please contact the Fiore Police Department at the number below.

This is Ginger Mattan signing off…

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