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Tony Stark was frustrated. He couldn't understand just how she'd done it but she did. He couldn't find a single shred of a clue towards who that woman was besides the name she'd given him amongst the S.H.I.E.L.D. databases. Either they didn't know about her at all or she was just that good at keeping information about herself hidden from even them. He sat back in his chair with a many questions were running through his head and he was no closer to the answers. Who was she really? Where did she come from? How did she know they needed help? Now that he thought about it, she had appeared not long after Natasha had mentioned that they needed help….


Some strange alien creature had appeared in the heart of the city and with the other Avengers all away on missions, that left it up to Tony and Natasha to defeat the creature. The problem was, that no matter what they did, they couldn't seem to hit it, but it definitely had no problem hitting them and took advantage of that fact.

"Got any more bright ideas?" Tony glanced at Natasha from within his suit.

"All we can do is try to stall until the help we need arrives." Natasha replied matter of factly.

Within minutes of Natasha's words, help arrived. In a flash of white light, SHE appeared. Dressed in a mostly white uniform of sorts, long silvery locks in a hairstyle that was clearly foreign in some way, and emotional blue eyes, the woman appeared angelic. "You asked for help and you shall have it." The woman stated before turning to take her crack at the creature with an experienced ease.

The two Avengers watched in awe as the woman not only dodged the creature's attacks, but managed to hit it with attacks of her own. Though Tony was also admiring the woman's looks.

It wasn't long before the woman called a staff from seemingly nowhere and unleashed a final attack on the creature that not just killed it, but destroyed it so completely that only a pile of dust was left behind. With a proud smile on her face, she turned to walk back towards the two Avengers.

"Legs for miles and powerful. Don't worry, Nat. I'll greet our new friend." Tony said as he moved towards their new ally.

The woman's expression changed to one of slight concern as Tony approached her. "Are the two of you alright?" She asked as she flitted her gaze between Tony and Natasha.

"Oh, yeah, completely. You? I mean, I'd hate to think something happened to such a beautiful woman." Tony said letting his visor pop up to reveal his face.

She smiled in relief though she blushed at his compliment. "I'm fine. That thing was actually one of the easier ones I've fought."

"I see. We should get together and compare notes. You could tell me more about them over dinner perhaps." Tony said giving her his most winning smile.

She chuckled. "Tell you what. I'll give you a day to search me out, dig up some things on me if you can. And to find me out of my current form. If you can do that, I'll go to dinner with you. If you can't, well then you'll just have to work harder to get me to. Deal?"

"Oooo…...A challenge. I like it. Ok. I'll take your bet. See you soon, Legs." he said with a wink.

She chuckled. "It's Sailor Cosmos. I'll give you my civilian name if you find me. I'll expect you to sweep me off my feet. Until we meet again." She winked. She then politely waved to Natasha before disappearing in another flash of light.

*End Flashback*

And it was that challenge given to him by Sailor Cosmos that had eventually led to his current frustration. He wanted so badly to meet the challenge and beat it. But since the S.H.I.E.L.D. databases had nothing even related to Sailor Cosmos, he knew he'd have to do some major digging elsewhere.

And so he dug. But using a different route going through newspaper articles across the world and going back years. He was figuring she had to be known somewhere else, have been seen in action somewhere else. He still had the majority of hours left in the challenge and he intended to make good use of them. So setting a search with the keywords 'sailor heroine' in motion, he got back to work.