Less than a week later saw the couple in Asgard with Loki and Thor as they made their way to visit Odin and Freya. Serenity was in her princess form, acting of the belief that her surrogate parents would have an easier time believing her if they saw her in something they recognized.

However, her hair maintained the silvery shade it had become rather than even temporarily reverting back to the bright yellow it had once been. Tony had dressed up in a suit to at least somewhat match Serenity's attire. It wasn't long before the group of four were standing before Odin and Freya and Thor was introducing Serenity and Tony.

"What treachery is this?" Freya questioned sternly, "Princess Serenity has long been dead."

Serenity stepped forward with a curtsy, "No treachery, I did die long ago. It is through the will, power and final wish of my mother, Queen Serenity, that I now stand before you."

"And what of your guardians?" Odin questioned, "As protective as Queen Serenity was, surely she wouldn't have sent you to rebirth without them?"

"She didn't," Serenity spoke as she looked down, "We found each other in our new lives and fought evil in protection of Midgard. They protected me to the end. A senshi war took them from me. All I have left of them are memories and their powers. The result of them giving me their powers is the reason my hair is not the same shade of blonde that you remember," She looked up at them once more, "I do not know if Thor told you or not, but the lone sailor senshi among the Avengers, Sailor Cosmos, is me." She held her hand out and called her staff to her.

"And what of the Prince from Midgard?" Freya asked, "As your betrothed, shouldn't he be standing with you instead of Stark?"

Tony winced at the mention of Mamoru and started to step forward to address them, only to find himself blocked by Serenity's staff held out in front of him. He looked over to her to see her standing tall and her gaze still on the Asgardian rulers.

"The Midgardian Prince broke things off within days after I lost my guardians, claiming that there was no point in us staying together for the supposed future we would have as the senshi would've been needed. We went our separate ways after that. I began dating Tony a few months before I joined the Avengers. Not content to leave me be in my own happiness, the Midgardian Prince attempted to ruin that in search for the power I currently wield with the ginshizou. The same power that he initially courted me for on the moon. Endymion was even going as far as attempting to ruin Tony's name. When I refused to bend to his will and desires, he attempted to murder Tony. I couldn't stand for that, so I ended Endymion. I have no regrets in doing so. My only regret is that I hadn't seen him for what he truly was much earlier. Thor and Loki both knew the truth and I told them they had been right," Serenity explained.

Both Freya and Odin were shocked to hear what Serenity had done. Everyone in the room was shocked minus the three men at her side of course. Serenity took an opportunity to glance around the room for reactions and was surprised to see Valkyrie smiling at her and nodding in approval. Tony stepped closer to her, wrapping an arm around her waist. Both Thor and Loki stepped behind the couple and stared down their parents.

"Father, Mother." Thor started, "We already failed her once when her kingdom needed us. Let us not fail her again by turning our backs on her."

Freya stepped from her place and walked closer to the foursome, not stopping until she was right in front of Serenity. She looked at her carefully for a moment. "It truly is you," She smiled softly, "You've grown so much. It's so easy to see the young teenager you once were, innocent and unaware of all the dangers. But you haven't been that innocent in a long time," She opened her arms to her, "We'll be here for you as we should've been. Looking at you, I see your mother. Know that she would be so proud of you."

Serenity half-chuckled as she smiled back, "Thank you," A single tear falling down her cheek as she pulled from Tony and embraced the older woman.

Freya hugged her tightly before stepping back with a smile. By the time she'd let go, Odin and Valkyrie had both walked over.

Odin smiled warmly at Serenity, "The little moon isn't so little anymore. You know you'll always have a home here should you ever need it."

Serenity nodded with a smile. "Thank you," She wiped her eyes that were now watering in earnest.

Valkyrie eyed Tony for a moment, "Don't you dare hurt her," She threatened as she put an arm around Serenity's shoulder.

Tony chuckled, "Didn't realize there would be a sister added into the list. But duly noted. But let's be real, if I ever screw up, Serenity will be the first to kick my ass and then will personally deliver me to everyone on the list. A list that's gotten to be very long as of late.'

Serenity giggled, "It's not that bad a list."

"Is it really not?" Tony asked, raising an eyebrow, "Let's see. There's all three of the Tsukinos, Loki, Thor, Luna, Artemis, Pepper, Happy, and as of right now, likely all of Asgard. Did I miss anyone?"

Serenity giggled, "Natasha and Bruce."

Tony looked at her in shock for a moment but then shrugged, "I honestly should not be surprised at those two. Whenever you're visiting…Kin..Kinmoku, was it? Whenever you're there, Bruce and Natasha both immediately ask about you as the first things they say to me."

"Speaking of Kinmoku, there's also the Sailor Starlights and their princess as well," Serenity pointed out.

Tony groaned in response before pulling her close and kissing her forehead, "The things I do for you, Belle," He murmured softly with a smile.

"I love you too," Serenity smiled softly as the couple was pulled into a spectacular feast.