"Raven, Heather, stop!"

"I'm going to help them," Raven snapped, but Charles replied, "We don't have time for this. If anything comes in that entrance, you're taking care of it, yes?" Raven's shoulders sagged when she agreed, while the ringing intensified so much that Heather couldn't help but let out a sharp breath, nodding submissively.

She could barely remember what Charles had even said, as she leaned against the wall of the plane, pressing the palm of her hand against her forehead. God, her head felt like it was going to explode, making her face scrunch up in pain.

She didn't hear Raven ask if she was okay, only hearing muffled words, each spoken as if they were underwater. Raven was out of the plane before Heather even had the strength to choke out the word, "No."

Heather was surprised that Moira or Charles hadn't noticed Raven's absence or her current position because, hell, they were doing a terrible job at guarding the entrance.

She could hear Charles' voice, no doubt guiding Erik through the submarine, and heard as the sound of it became more and more frantic, until she heard, "He's gone." He who? Heather thought to herself, What had happened? Had Erik been unable to locate Shaw? Or had Erik disappeared?

Or had something happened to the other boys?

Her thoughts were halted when Charles shouted out in excitement, "He's back!" Followed by some quickly spoken words that Heather failed to concencrate on. Her head was beginning to feel better - and by better, she meant her head was a little more clear than before and she could stand up without wanting to fall down. She could hear Charles talking again, as she made her way towards where he and Moira were looking out of a window.

Charles' words became franatic again, before he cried out, slamming his head against the wall, "Don't do this, Erik!" Heather's stomach dropped and her heart sank. No, Erik would never betray them, he couldn't, he wouldn't, he just - Heather was so confused, her head hurt, she just wanted to throw up and pass out and go home, she just wanted this to be over, she just wanted everyone to be fine -

The pain and the ringing were gone within a wink, leaving her dizzy and light headed from the sheer shock of it, but she didn't care about because oh god, she knew. She just knew.

Someone had died.

Before she could help herself or control her grief in any way, she let out a wail - a wail that was matched by a scream from Charles. She didn't care who heard her, for god's sake, someone was dead. Someone - maybe one of her friends - was dead. Oh god, it had been the one thing she had never wanted to happen. There was the chance that it had been Shaw or one of his minions, but at that moment, Heather didn't care because no matter who it was, she could feel their loss, the emptiness that had occupied their place in the world.


Charles' voice was shaky, watery, like he was already close to tears. Heather opened her eyes, blinking a few times to clear away her own tears, before feeling two sets of hands pull her towards the entrance.

When they made it out, the other two paused and stiffened, their hands releasing her. Heather looked up to see what had stopped them before instantly regretting it. Shaw - or his lifeless body, for that matter - was floating with his arms outward and head bowed, in such a way that Heather almost knew her Christian grandmother - had she been there - would have done the sign of the cross and passed out.

But Heather felt sick when she looked further - Erik followed the body, his face almost unrecognizable, with Shaw's helmet sitting on top of his head.

"Today, our fighting stops!" Erik announced, his voice loud and clear, as Shaw's body fall to the ground with Erik gracefully landing, "Take off your blinders, brothers and sisters. The real enemy is out there." He pointed towards the ships out at sea, as he made his way through the groups, his voice sounding more and more like a preacher. "I feel their guns moving in the water, their metal targeting us. Americans, Soviets, humans. United in their fear of the unknown. The Neanderthal is running scared, my fellow mutants!"

Charles moved towards him, cautiously, and Heather wanted nothing more than to beg, beg for Erik to stop this, but she couldn't do anything but move towards the rest of the group, slowly, as if she was the walking dead. She had so many thoughts, so many things she needed to say, but she couldn't. She was - she was so confused, so hurt, and so speechless.

"Go ahead, Charles," Erik commented, "Tell me I'm wrong."

Charles put his fingers to his temple, eyes sweeping out to the waters. His hand fell almost a second later and he looked over the group, his eyes filled with helplessness. Moira sprung up and ran back towards the plane, no doubt to try and call off the attack, and Heather let herself believe she could - let herself believe that they'd all leave the beach, alive and well.

But there were several loud booms, each followed with its own puff of dark smoke, and Heather's head whipped from where she had been watching the plane to the sky, where thousands of missiles were traveling towards them.

This was it.

This was where it ended.

When Heather imagined her death, she had always imagined passing away in her sleep or on a death bed with a couple of her own kids beside her, comforting her. Being hit with a missile? Now, that one never really crossed her mind.

Luckily, to Heather's shock and relief, Erik's hand flew out, stopping the missiles and all of their early deaths in the process. But it was too good to be true - the missiles slowly began to turn themselves around, facing back at the humans.

The feeling of wanting to hurl returned quickly.

Erik was going to kill them.

Oh god, he was going to kill the soldiers.

"Erik, you said yourself," Charles quickly said, his voice cracking slightly with emotion, "We're the better men. This is the time to prove it. There are thousands of men on those ships. Good, honest, innocent men! They're just following orders."

There was a silence, before Erik responded, his hard voice sealing all of their fates. "I've been at the mercy of men just following orders," Erik looked at Charles, his voice turning harsh, "Never again."

And with a thrust of his hand, the missiles flew forward, back towards the ships.

"Erik, release them!"

Erik paid no attention to Charles, instead staying in control of missiles, concencrating on them making to and hitting their targets. "No!" Charles cried out, racing towards Erik and throwing himself at the older man, sending them both to the ground. The blow made Erik lose control of the missiles, sending both of them crashing downwards and exploding.

"I don't want to hurt you. Don't make me!" Erik claimed before elbowing Charles in the face. Heather, the group along side of her, rushed forward to help, but Erik's head whipped around, throwing his hand out and yelling "Stand back!"

The boys went flying while Raven and Heather, surprisingly, stayed where they were.

Erik regained control of the missiles that remained, as he continued to hold a struggling Charles down. The older man slapped Charles across the face, before standing in an attempt to get better control over the few remaining missiles.

Suddenly, there was the sound of a bullet hitting something metal.

Instinitively, Heather ducked, throwing her arms over her head - a habit she had learned after her brother returned from war. But she watched closely as Moira walked towards Erik, shooting rounds as Erik tried to deflect them.

In a split second, a carelessly deflected bullet was sent towards Charles, hitting him in the lower back. The world seemed to slow down, as Charles let out a blood curtingly scream and Heather watched the scene unfold in horror.

The man collapsed and Erik rushed to his side, moving him so that he was laying in his arms. Heather heard the remaining missiles explode mid air but she didn't pay them any attention because - because Charles had been shot, Charles was hurt, Charles was going to bleed out on some beach in Cuba.

Erik apologized, before yelling at the approaching group, "I said back off!" and turning his angry gaze at Moira, his face hardening almost instantly. "You," he nearly hissed, "You did this."

The dog tag around Moira's throat tightened and tightened, until Moira was gagging and choking, her brown eyes wide with horror as she tried desperately to pull it off. "Erik, please," Charles gasped out, "She didn't do this. You did." Erik's head whipped down to look at Charles in bewilderment, before letting Moira's metal chain go, allowing the woman to breathe.

"Us turning on each other," Erik explained in a gruff voice, "It's what they want. I tried to warn you, Charles. I want you by my side. We're brothers, you and I. All of us together, protecting each other. We want the same thing."

Charles let out a sad, sad laugh. "My friend. I'm sorry, but we do not." Something about Erik's body language changed then - he seemed less open, less soft or gentle, more harsh and more like - like what Heather could happen Shaw had been like. He looked up and motioned for Moira to come towards them, who then rushed to the man's side, apologizing frantically the whole time, while Erik rose from his spot.

"This society won't accept us," Erik claimed, motioning towards the crippled form of Charles in Moira's arms, "We form our own. The humans have played their hand. Now we get ready to play ours. Who's with me?" There was a collective silence throughout the group, as Sean looked down and Raven fidgeted nervously beside Heather. She didn't - Heather didn't know what to do. She didn't hate humans. Her parents, her brother, her family had been humans. Joey was a human. But - the humans had tried kill them. But they were scared. Millions of thoughts ran through her mind, weighing the options before her - staying with Charles and losing Erik or going with Erik and losing the only mutant friends she'd known.

Erik looked between her and Raven, his eyes finally settling on the blue girl beside her, raising his hand towards her. "No more hiding." To Heather's surprise, Raven stepped forward slowly at first before striding over towards him, carefully avoiding the fallen trees. Heather looked between the three boys beside them - each with their own look of confusion and sorrow. Raven was leaving them.

But Raven, of course, managed to surprise her again, by instead kneeling down beside her brother. Erik's face dropped then and looked back over at them, his eyes catching Heather's. Her palms were sweaty, her stomach was doing somersaults, she was already crying as it was and she just wanted Erik to stop this whole mess, for them all to take Charles to a damn hospital and forget this ever happened. She had never wanted to make this type of decision.

She could hear Raven speaking to Charles, but she didn't pay attention to that - only focusing on the stiffness of Hank beside her, as he waited for her answer, and how expecting Erik looked.

"Please," Heather finally managed to choke out, her voice cracking as she shook her head slowly, "Please, don't make me do this."

Heather could see from where she was how Erik's face softened at that, his mouth opening to say something, when Raven interrupted by saying, "Take care of him."


No. No. No -

Raven stood, taking Erik's hand, and Heather wanted to scream for fucking best friend to not leave her - leave her like everything in the damn world seemed to do - but she couldn't. Instead, she bit her lip, holding back any cries or wails, and watched the three other mutants walk towards Erik and Raven, grabbing a hold of each other's hands.

"And Beast!"

"Never forget. Mutant and proud."

Hank flinched at those words, his furry nose drawing up in disgust. Raven looked at Heather, giving her a small smile, almost as if to reassure her that everything was going to be alright. Erik turned to nod at the red mutant and before their eyes, in a puff of smoke, they were gone.

Heather wanted to fall her knees and never move again - she had been abandoned, she had been abandoned again - but instead, she found herself sprinting towards where Charles was laying, her entire form numb as she kneeled down beside him, listening as the others tried to calm a struggling Charles down. "Actually," Charles panted, "I - I can't feel my legs."

The world just kept crashing down around Heather. "What?" Heather whispered, her voice feeling like being too loud would shatter the moment. "I can't feel my legs," Charles repeated, louder and clearer this time. The group all looked at each other with helplessness because - because the humans knew about mutants and now saw them as threats, their leader was paralyzed and bleeding, they were on some beach in Cuba with no way of getting home, and they had just lost two of their members - two of their friends.

And the world was never going to be the same, ever again.

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