So, an explanation is in order. Around January, this story was cruising along with updates coming frequently (or as frequently as you could expect from me). But late that month, my relationship fell apart and - well - so did I.

I couldn't get out of my bed sometimes, let alone continue and write this story. I couldn't focus on anything but my anxiety and my broken heart. I truly felt like I was letting myself and the fans of this story down.

I forced myself to finish this story - not because it has so many fans but because these books are my babies. But I want to take this time to thank everyone of you for your support and love during that difficult time and for your continued support now.

There's no words to describe how much I appreciate it all.

And now here's my announcement:

I will be continuing this series. I have two books I still want to write and I have no current plans to discontinue them. These books are 1.) Calling All Angels, which is the direct sequel of No Angels; and 2.) When I Think About Angels, which is sequel of Not About Angels.

However, having just moved to a new city and (first) apartment for college, I've decided that my grades and mental health are super important - so I'll be taking a hiatus. I may release a few deleted scenes/concepts during this time, but I won't be publishing the first chapters of When I Think About Angels for a few months.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or on my tumblr, torsterstrudel.

Thank you all. xxx