A man leaned on a large signpost outside a café on a dreary Monday morning. He tended to avoid Mondays for that was when people were at their worst. He didn't like to have to put up with the sleep deprived humans in their frustrated and almost drunken state, often infused with the strong scent of coffee. Usually, he would have avoided landing in this part of the week but the man, however, was not aware of the date or the time and frankly, he couldn't care less. The few stragglers that loitered in and out the little shop would have recalled seeing the odd looking stranger in a bowtie who could not stop grinning at the newspaper that he had been reading. If any of the people were to have read the same page that he had read (which wouldn't have been a hard thing to do as he was waving it around a fair bit) they would've seen that it was an article about the recent attack of the failed computer program, Ultron, or, more specifically, the Avengers.

The man had great reason to be happy as well. He had seen it all; the very beginning and end, all of history, the greatest moments and the darkest times that people tend to sweep under the rug and try to forget about. The man had always been very fond of Earth, despite its many faults. Its people never ceased to surprise him in the most extraordinary ways and finally, on this gloriously overcast day, it had surprised him more than ever before. For the first time in human history, they had created their own worst nightmare and dealt with it completely on their own without his help. He smiled, maybe Earth won't need a doctor for much longer…

The man, who was mostly referred to as the Doctor, glanced across the street to a dimly lit alleyway between shabby looking hotel and a shop whose purpose he couldn't quite work out. There, in the shadows, was his big blue box. His TARDIS. He put the newspaper down on an abandoned glass table with two nearly empty cups of coffee and sprinted over to the box. He snapped his fingers and the door swung open. "Well," he smirked, "This'll be fun."

Hi! Don't worry! This was only short because it was the prologue, there's more to come!