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Chapter 3: JARVIS, What the Hell?

"Sir, there's a blue box in the lobby."

"What do you mean there's a blue box in the lobby? I told you not to let weirdos in after last time." Tony Stark propped up his visor and turned his welder off. He sighed and wiped the sweat off his brow, "How did it get there?" he asked, tiredly. Stark had been working in his garage for three days straight now without sleeping at all. Needless to say, the floor was covered in empty cups of coffee. Pepper had been fed up with him always demanding it from her and had installed a coffee machine in the garage. "It sort of just, appeared, Sir."

"Well then JARVIS, make it sort of just, disappear," snapped Tony. He was not in the mood for anything that wasn't a straight answer. He was currently re-designing the flying car his father made years ago so that it actually flew. The blueprints were fairly old and there were obvious flaws in the engineering but with a bit of work, maybe he could pull it off. The only setback is that he was missing one page of the documents and hadn't figured out a way to complete the car without them. He would probably end up giving it to Coulson as a replacement for Lola and would make a nice upgrade. Maybe he could fit it with laser beams or something. He wasn't quite sure yet.

"Sir I really think you should look into this," came the voice of JARVIS. "Look." A large screen suddenly lit up showing a view of the lobby from a security camera. Just in front of the fountain sat a large deep blue box. It had the words, 'Police Public Call Box' printed on its sides. Tony looked at it in wonder, "Well, that's something you don't see every day," he said. Then he was running. He sprinted up two stairs at a time, swung around the corner and slid along the floor (actually pretty fun when one has socks on) straight up to the front door of the box. He walked all the way around it, all the while studying it thoroughly and taking in every little detail like he was running it through a filter. He ran his hand over it slowly feeling all the imperfections in the wood. JARVIS's voice came over the speakers again, "Sir, please stop that. She says she doesn't like it." Tony's hand recoiled in surprise. "JARVIS, that thing can talk?"

"She said she'd prefer if you didn't call her 'that thing,' Sir," JARVIS continued, "Besides, you can't see it but her wiring is gorgeous."

"JARVIS, what the hell?" Tony Stark was mortified. What have I even created? He thought anxiously, Can a computer program even feel love? Unfortunately, he never found out because his train of thoughts was cut off abruptly by a door suddenly acquainting itself with his face. Before he knew it, he was staring dazedly at the ceiling with his left hand clutched over his forehead. He lifted his hand gently and held in front of his eyes. It was covered in blood. He bit his lip, Shit! This is going to need some stitches quickly! I don't care if she's some hot robo-goddess to JARVIS, the box has got to go. Just as he was getting up to get his suit, he noticed there was now another man in the room. He was… actually sort of weird looking. Tony had now completely forgotten about his severely injured forehead and was just staring at this newcomer. The man who had just somehow broken into his house was wearing… a Stetson? Who breaks and enters wearing a Stetson? He thought incredulously.

Tony stood up shakily and then had to lean against the blue box because he was laughing so much. It had seemed that a combination of blood loss and barely any sleep over the last three days had made it extremely difficult for him to think straight. He collected himself enough to look at the stranger and then couldn't hold a straight face for longer than five seconds and once again collapsed into a fit of giggles. The man stared at him confusedly. Tony wiped the tears from his eyes and practically yelled, "STETSON? Oh man, this is too good."

The man looked deeply offended. "Sorry, I just find it hilarious that after I spend three days without sleep, I come out of my garage to find that not only is there a blue box in my lobby, but JARVIS is checking it out and there's a man who has broken into my house wearing a Stetson!" Stark explained.

"Well, if you put it like that…" The man grinned, "I'm the Doctor by the way." He held out a hand as a greeting. Tony shut him down, "No, that's not the point. The point is, how did you get in my house?"

"With this!" The Doctor gestured to the box, "It's my TARDIS. In it I can go anywhere in time and space but… I'm sure you've already heard about it."
"Yeah sure, and this," Tony waved his arms dramatically at a table in the corner, "Can transform into a trampoline. I thought you'd like it since you seem to like jumping to conclusions so much." The Doctor pouted and cross his arms. "I'm sure you wouldn't say that if you'd been inside."

Tony Stark shook his head and headed towards the TARDIS. As he passed the Doctor, he murmured, "Trampolines again pal," and smirked. He swung open the door and stepped inside. His jaw dropped. He ran outside again, blinked and ran back inside. Once again, he was met with the shocking reality that the box was bigger on the inside. The centre console pulsed a vibrant turquoise colour and felt alive somehow. Tony looked at all the buttons, levers, gadgets and switches in awe. He thought about all the machinery and all the time used in making this. His mind was buzzing with all the new ideas and concepts he could discover. He stuck his head out the door again, "Y'know what? Maybe you aren't completely nuts. What's this about time travel again?"

"Anywhere in time and space and, though somewhat begrudgingly, I have decided to let you come with me." The doctor held out the TARDIS key, "So, one trip, where do you want to go?"

"Oh, no I don't like being handed things," answered Tony, awkwardly pushing his hand away. His head swam with ideas. Maybe he could see his future or another planet, the possibilities were literally endless. His mind, however, kept drifting back to one particular thought that appealed to him. What better way to find the missing blueprints than to ask the person made them himself? "Maybe… I think that we should go to the past, 1942 exactly, Brooklyn I think. There's something I need there."

"Brooklyn I can do. If you'd have said London…" He shuddered. WWII London was not somewhere he wanted to revisit, "Never mind, let's go!"

And with that, the pair of them stepped into the TARDIS and soon the lobby was deserted once more.

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