Chapter 1: Peace Smile!

The evolution of mankind is always something to be desired, in order to better ourselves. After all, improvement is the goal of life, right?

Now, the latest 'evolution' of mankind has shaped itself into the form of 'Quirks', special abilities that can be classed as 'superpowers' that 80% of mankind can use.

With the rise in Quirks came a rise in crime, I mean c'mon, some jerks are gonna use powers to try and get rich quick the wrong way, right?

I-I mean-...ahem, to combat this, those with Quirks and a sense of moral justice, turned to comics for inspiration, and thus, the occupation of Hero was born, to counter that of Villain.

Hero's and Villain's are now seen as common, along with Quirks, and Hero's are paid by the council for their services, and so life continues with these adjustments.

And with each new generation comes new Quirks, new Hero's and Villain's just waiting to be born! And you can definitely bet that I'm gonna become an amazing Hero!

Er! That is, um, er...aaaahhhhh! Fudge! I messed it all up! Gomen, I wanted to give you a formal explanation but...I got carried away.

So, I guess I should just introduce myself! My name is Ryota Ueno, and this is my journey!


"See you later, dad!"

"Have a good day, Ryota!"

I practically sprung out the door down the road with a smile on my face, ready for another day at school. I was wearing my regular school uniform neatly done up with the tie, and a black backpack on my back. My pale skin was unbothered by the warm sunlight, which made me have to shield my sky blue eyes from it at one point, my bright orange hair was in its usual style, swept back neatly with a large sweep across my forehead around the left side of my head, ending at the back. The fact that my hair was as smooth as caramel helped this.

I jogged down to school as everyone was piling in, a lot of people were arriving using their Quirks such as wings or wheels. I used to travel to places using my Quirk, but I made a mess on the way so I stopped.

Looking forward I noticed someone walking into the school with their head held low, trying to draw as little attention as possible to themselves, and I immediately knew who it was.

"Oiiiiii! Izukuuuuuu!" I waved to him before running over.

The boy looked at me with a small smile. "Oh, hey Ryota."

"How are you today?" I asked cheerfully as I walked beside him.

"Actually, pretty good!" He beamed. "I saw some Heroes fighting a Villain on the way here."

"Woah! Really? Man, your lucky." I sighed. "Do you know who it was?"

"I didn't know the Villain." He admitted. "But a new Hero called Mount Lady appeared to defeat him."

"Mount Lady?" I echoed. "I haven't heard of her before, what's her Quirk?"

"Giganticism, though I don't think she could control her height specifically."

"Cool! I'd like to see that!"

Izuku Midoriya and I had been friends since we were little, he actually tried to save me from being bullied, but we both got beaten up in the end. After our recovery we bonded over our love of Heroes, and our dream to become one eventually.

He had a determination to be a Hero that far exceeded anyone else at our school, and I truly respect him for that. But there was one problem; he didn't have a Quirk. Nowadays its very rare for someone to be born without a Quirk, and Izuku is one of the unlucky ones. Those without Quirks are always picked on and made fun of, including Izuku, and...well...its not fair.

We sat in class as our sensei talked about our next move: "C'mon class! You're middle school seniors! It's time you started thinkimg seriously about your futures! I'll be handing out printouts on your desired life course! You all want to be Heroes don't you!?" All of us ecstatically raised our hands, and I noticed Izuku did too, though significantly less then the others, I felt really bad for him at times like this.

"Yes, yes, your Quirks are all wonderful, but its against the rules to use them in school!" Sensei reminded us.

"Sensei! Don't lump me in with everybody else!" Oh no... "You can't compare me to these losers' weak-ass Quirks! Mine's a whole other ball game!"

This...was Bakugou Katsuki, nicknamed Kacchan. If anyone had anti-hero material, it would be him. He was loud, arrogant, hot-headed and reckless, but I had to admit, he had a goal that he was determined to get to, even if the way he said it was a bit antagonistic.

"You've got a big mouth, Katsuki!" "Quiet ya goddamn rabble!" The rest of the students raged.

"Oh yeah, I'd forgotten that Bakugou's shooting for Yuuei High isn't he?" Another student remembered.

Yuuei is the #1 ranked school for training Heroes, the creme de la crop for all aspirers. Of course, the entrance exams difficulty rating was as high as 79, and the competition was hyper competitive. Still, it had always been mine and Izuku's dream to go to Yuuei.

"You done running your mouths, peons!?" Katsuki continued as he jumped on top of his desk. "I got an A on the Mock Test! And I'm the only one at this school that's got a chance! I'm gonna surpass even that All Might bastard as Top Hero! And I'm gonna carve my name into the ranks of the higher bracket taxpayers!" See what I mean?

"Now that you mention it, didn't Midoriya want want to go to Yuuei as well?" Sugar, he was dragging Izuku into this again! Everybody immediately turned to look at him as he curled into himself as much as possible, before they all started laughing at him.

"Haaaaah! Midoriya!? There's no way!"

"If the only thing you can do is study, then heroics is a pipe dream!"

"Th-There's no rule against it or anything!" Izuku said as he stood up, though was obviously trembling. "Sure, there's no precedent but-"

"Eat shit, 'Deku'!" Katsuki yelled as he punched the desk, using his Explosion Quirk to blow Izuku back. "Forget having a weak-ass Quirk, you don't even have a fucking Quirk!"

"Izuku!" I yelled as I ran over to him.

"Hey, speaking of piss-poor Quirks, here's Ueno!" He continued. "Isn't this just precious, you two shitty weaklings think you can just put yourself on the same level as me!?"

"H-Hold on...that's not it, hold on Kacchan..." Izuku trembled. "It's not as though I'm trying to compete with you, I wouldn't dream of it! I mean it!" He looked down sadly. "It's just...I've wanted to be a Hero since I was super young never know 'til you try."

"'You never know 'til you try'!" Katsuki repeated in a mocking turn, making the rest of the class roar with laughter. "The exam's hoepless for you! What can a dweeb like you accomplish!?" Izuku looked down sadly.

"Urusai!" I yelled. "If you wish to call yourselves Heroes, then the first thing you better do if you become one is beat yourself up after what you've done! A Hero should NEVER laugh at a persons dream, no matter how impossible it is! Izuku...Izuku deserves to be a Hero more then any of you!"

"What was that!?" Katsuki hissed as he got up in my face, making me recoil in fear. "Ya think you know what a Hero is? Please! Neither of you deserve to lick a Heroes boots let alone be one! What!? You think you can take me with that Quirk of yours!? Or are you just gonna make a snack for yourself?"

I gulped in fear. And the hard thing was, that he was right, my Quirk really isn't very strong...

My Quirk is Candy Create as Izuku dubbed it, it allows me to use up my calories in order to secrete and create different types of candy, from chocolate to gummis and everything in between. My dad runs a sweet shop, so my Quirk helps out a lot...but for a's no really the most 'useful' Quirk.

Katsuki seemed to have grown bored of ridiculing us. "Tch, thought so. You two just sit down and shut up." And so we did.

The rest of the day passed until it was ending, and we were heading out. "We're not done yet, Deku." I saw Katsuki snatch Izuku's Hero notes out of his hand. "'For my Future'? For real!? Goddamn it Midoriya!"

"Give that back! It's mine!" Izuku panicked.

"Quit it, Katsuki! You've don enough today!" I shouted.

"Really? I don't think so." He then squashed the book between his hands and exploded it.

"Aaaaaaaaahhhh!" Izuku yelled in horror as his hard work was instantly destroyed. "You..."

"What did you do that for!?" I asked in anger.

He just sniffed before tossing the charred book out the window. "You know what they say about all the Top Heroes? What they had in common? They could all say this about their school years: 'I came from an average municipal middle school, and I was the first! The only!'. And I wanna make sure the term 'Yuuei Graduate' maintains the same level of gravitas. I'm a perfectionist by nature you see."

He gripped Izuku's shoulder, he was obviously building up heat in his hand as it was smoking. "What I'm saying is...forget about Yuuei , little nerd, and your friend too."

"Katsuki!" I growled in anger.

"Ryota..." I looked at my friend. "It...It's okay...let's just go..."


"You heard him, get lost." Katsuki said.

I grit my teeth hard beneath my sealed lips, but nonetheless we hung our heads and walked away.

"Oh man, as usual they can't fight back." One of Katsuki's cronies chuckled.

"Just leave 'em. Izuku's such a sad sack that even now he's a senior, he can't face reality." He looked over his shoulder. "If you wanna be a Hero so bad, there's actually a really good way. If you believe they're holding your Quirk over in the next world, you should just dive off a rooftop."

I told myself that that was the last straw as we both turned to face him, only to find him cracking his knuckles and creating small explosions in between them.

"Got something to say?" He threatened, effectively silencing us as we just stood there.

I'm so useless.


I split up from Izuku and walked home in depressed silence, opening the door and walking in.

"Hey champ!" A voice called from the kitchen. "How was school today?"

I swallowed several lumps in my throat in order to answer.

"It was great!" I replied with a big smile on my face. "Izuku and I managed to get a lot done today!"

"That's great!" The voice said, walking into the room to reveal itself as my dad. "Hey, those marshmallows you made sold really well! Think you can make some more?"

"Of course!" I nodded as I set my bag down and looked in the kitchen to see a tray of double chocolate cookies. "Hey, you baked a lot today!"

"Well, I can't have my son doing my job, can I?" He chuckled as he sat down, with me next to him. "...It's can tell me."

As soon as he said that I immediately dropped the smile and started crying. " was terrible today, Izuku got picked on practically all day! Katsuki burnt his notes and I couldn't do anything! I'm so pathetic I can't even help the one person I can call a friend!" I was full on blubbing now.

"Katsuki? That kid? Ryota, you and Izuku know not to listen to a sibgle thing that boy says, right?"

"But it's true, dad!" I sobbed. "Izuku...he's worked so hard to become a Hero, more then anyone else! And the fact that he doesn't have a's not fair! It's not fair on Izuku! Quirk...I'll never be a Hero with my Quirk!"

"Ryota..." My dad sighed. "...Did you already forget your own words?"

I sniffed back the tears, knowing what he was talking about. " can I? I want to aim for Yuuei"

Dad smiled. "You know, several kids brought those marshmallows you made, and they said they were the best they ever had. You should've seen the smiles on their faces."

I gave a mix between a laugh and a sob. "I'm...really glad..."

"As long as you can make at least one person smile, ypur a Hero in my books." Dad assured me.

I wiped away my tears. " and Izuku...we both have dreams. And dreams don't make sense to anyone but youself! So fudge what other people say! I'm going to make my dream come true with Izuku!"

"That's my boy." Dad laughed.

I gained a big grin as I did a peace sign with both my hands. "Peace Smile!"

My dad laughed and did the same motion. "Peace Smile!"


The next day I once again skipped to school, though today Katsuki seemed to be deliberately avoiding us, and in class I had to keep waking Izuku up because he kept falling asleep.

"Hey Izuku." I asked as we were walking home. "Are you okay? You don't seem awake at all."

"Well, I didn't get much sleep last night." He admitted. "...Ryota, can you keep a secret?"

"Sure." I nodded.

Izuku beckoned me closer to whisper in my ear; "I met All Might yesterday."

I physically jumped back in shock. "All Might!? THE #1 Hero All Might!? THAT All Might!?"

"Yes!" He nodded so frantically I thought his head would fall off, why would Izuku lie about something like this? Plus, he's not the lying type. "Ryota, I'm training to be a Hero!"

"R-Really?" This was so much to take in, but it was incredible! I didn't know whether to feel overjoyed for Izuku or jealous of him!

He once again nodded frantically. "I'm going to do it, Ryota! I'm gonna become a Hero and go to Yuuei! And..." He smiled at me with his tired eyes. "I want you to be there too!"

"M-Me?" I echoed dumbly.

"We promised, didn't we?" I'd never seen Izuku this happy or ecstatic was incredible. "And...I couldn't go without my best friend!"

I just stood there for a second, before I smiled as widely as possible and tried to hold back my tears of joy. "Heck yeah! Izuku! Let's become real Heroes, and go to Yuuei together!"

"There's 10 months until the entrance exam." He informed me. "Let's become Heroes by then!"

"10 months!? You got it!" I replied as we shook hands.

Ten months to become a Hero...better get started!


As soon as me and Izuku split up, I ran straight to a dojo on the edge of town and thrust open the door. "Excuse me! Is anyone in here!?"

A figure was sitting cross-legged at the front, with his eyes closed. "It is rude to enter without invitation." He stated.

"Gomenesai." I said as I walked in, still with a big grin on my face. "But I'm looking for a sensei!"

The man snorted. "You believe you can just barge in and ask for a sensei? You have some nerve, boy."

"I need to be trained to become a Hero!" I stated. "I need to improve my strentth, reflexes and reaction time! Truth is, I'd heard about you before, training great Heroes, but I never came to you because of your...reputation."

"Hmph, I have sent countless wannabe Heroes fleeing from my strict training, you think you can handle that?"

"Previously, no. But I have a goal now! And my tension is too high to care right about now! Please!"

"Impudent brat." He grunted as he stood up. "Very well, you shall be my pupil, but only so that I may beat some manners into you! Henceforth, you shall refer to me as Sensei, and Sensei Nukiro when permitted!"

"Yes, Sensei!" I nodded.

"Good! Training begins-" He suddenly jumped forward and punched my head into the ground. "Immediately!"

I clutched my broken and heavily bleeding nose from the impact, yet still retained my smile. "Arigatou, Sensei!"


"Are you sure you'll be okay with this, Ryota?" Dad asked as he stuck up another strip of plastic to protect the walls of the guest bedroom.

"The room is big enough." I grunted as I shoved the bed out. "I'll practice using my Quirk in here! Right now, creating just a small amount of candy takes around 1000 calories! I need to decrease that amount if I am to use my Quirk well!"

"If you say so." My dad chuckled as he stuck up another sheet.


Me and Izuku slumped on our desks in class with giant bags under our eyes from training, except I was also covered in bandages.

"Where did you get those wounds?" Izuku asked me.

"Sensei's training." I replied. "How's yours going?"

"It's difficult." He admitted. "Balancing that and my studying isn't easy either."

"I know how you feel." I nodded. "I have to squeeze in training with my body, training with my Quirk and studying. Seems like midnights become my regular sleeping time..."

"Hey, Ryota, I'm currently working on a schedule to fit myself into." Izuku said. "Maybe I could help you with one too."

"Really? Arigatou, Izuku!" I smiled.

"Okay, so since you do a third amount of training, let's see how we can split this uuuup..."

"Oi, oi, Izuku, you feel asleep again."

For the next ten months this cycle continued between training my Quirk, training with my Sensei, and revising with Izuku.

"Gaaaah!" I cried as I was flattened by Sensei's punch.

"Your reaction time was too slow to perform a cross counter!" Sensei declared. "You need to sharpen those reflexes to a perfect point, boy!"

I struggled to my feet, yet still smiling. "Got it, let's go again, Sensei!"

He grinned. "That's the spirit! Hooooaaaah!"


Due to my Quirk training, the guest room was splattered with various sweet goo and chunks.

"Okay..." I huffed out of breath as I clenched my fist. "I now use up 800 calories when I use that amount...but that's still not enough! Right! Let's go again!"

I'd often take sleepovers at Izuku's house so we could revise together.

"Okay, you need to square route that, then multiply this." He informed me.

"Oooh! That's where I went wrong!" I realised as I corrected it and looked at Izuku's work. "You need to justify that point you just made with a quote from the text."

"Ah, right!" He nodded as we both worked again.

And so, ten months passed...

"Hyah!" I blocked a right hook from Sensei and did a left hook which he dodged, he swung a leg at me but I jumped away just in time and did a straight punch, stopping mere centimetres from his face.

We both stepped away from each other and bowed, as I had a big grin on my face.

"Fine improvement you've done, boy." Sensei smiled. "Your ready."

Later, I looked around at the completely sugar painted walls. '500 calories...I'm ready.'

On results day, me and Izuku showed each other our top grade answer papers. "We're ready!"


I packed my things to go to the bus station and wait for the bus to take us to Yuuei for the entrance exam, I had to take deep breaths several times to calm myself.

"Hey, champ." Dad said as he walked in. "How you feeling?"

"Excited, nervous, and a little bit sick all at the same time." I admitted.

Dad placed a hand on my shoulder. "Ryota, the amount of work you've done over these 10 months is staggering, I'd be surprised if you didn't get in."

I smiled as I looked at him. "Dad...I'll make you proud."

"You already have, Ryota." He smiled as we hugged.

I waved goodbye to him as I walked down to the bus station, noticing Izuku was there. "Hey, Izuku!"

"Ryota!" He smiled as I stood next to him.

"So, how you feeling?" I asked.

"Nervous, really nervous." He said. "But at the same time...I can't wait! And that makes me a little scared too!"

"Hahaha, same." I said. "I can't believe this is actually happening...the thing we've dreamed of since we were kids..."

"I know..." Izuku said. "We'll do this, right Ryota?"

"Of course we will!" I grinned.

Soon the bus rolled up in front of us and the doors opened, we both smiled as we lifted our feet together and took the first step to our new life.


A five year old me and Izuku were sitting at a table after Katsuki beat us both up. "Th-Thank you for helping me." I mumbled.

"I-I didn't really do anything..." He sobbed.

"No way!" I argued. "You saved me, your my Hero!"

"R-Really?" He sniffed. "I-I do wanna be a Hero..."

"Me too!" I smiled despite the pain. "What type of Hero do you wanna be, Izuku?"

"H-Huh?" He stammered. "I-I don't know...any k-kind really..."

"Can I tell you what kind of Hero I wanna be?"


I smiled. "I wanna be a happy Hero!"


"I wanna be a Hero who always smiles, like All Might!" I grinned. "But not just that, I wanna make everyone else smile! Even if everything seems lost, I wanna make people laugh...because making others happy makes me happy. A Hero who makes others happy...that's the kind of Hero I wanna be!"

Izuku just stared at me for a minute before standing up. "R-Ryota!"


"Let's both become Heroes!" He said. "Let's both become Heroes together, and help each other!"

I looked at him blankly for a bit before smiling. "Okay! You got it, Izuku!" I made a peace sign with both my fingers. "Peace Smile!"

"H-Huh?" Izuku looked at me.

"Oh, it's this thing I made up." I laughed. "Because peace signs mean peace and happiness right? So you gotta do both of them like this and have a biiiig smile! Peace Smile!"

Izuku stared for a bit before gaining a wobbly smile and copied me. "P-Peace Smile!"

"Yaaaaaay! I made you happy, Izuku!" I cheered.

"Hey, yeah! You did! Thanks Ryota!" He said as we both laughed together.

Hello everybody! I'm making a new story on My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia, however you want to pronounce it. I've recently been reading the manga and I love the story so far, so I decided to make a story on it. LOGIC!

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