Chapter 16: The Hero Killer's Disciple!

It was now day three of the work placement, and I had still mostly been practicing with my processing time and Quirk. I felt like I could do a little better now, maybe after just sitting down and fully comprehending how much I could do in so many different ways. It was pretty cool and a bit overwhelming if I'm perfectly honest.

"We should do something else today." Sensei suddenly spoke.

"Huh?" I said dumbly.

"Well, this work placement is supposed to show you the true life of a Hero, right? Heroes definitely don't stay inside all day." He explained. "So, logically, let's go out!"


"Yes. Think of it like a mock Hero patrol. It will also give you a chance to experiment with manoeuvrability in a city." He nodded. "Come along then, and keep your Hero suit on."

"But, Mr. Aizawa said I shouldn't wear it publicly." I said.

"We're on patrol, practising for Hero work! If I say you should wear it, wear it! Didn't I teach you to always trust your Sensei?" He asked.

"Yes, Sensei!" I hurriedly agreed as I followed him.

We went to the train station and took a train to Hosu. Apparently it was expansive enough to give a good idea of moving around 'heroically' as Sensei put it. I remembered that Hosu was where Tenya was. I was wondering if I would run into him as we stepped off of the train.

"So, why Hosu specifically, Sensei?" I asked.

"Well, a place like Shinjuku is too crowded and busy for training." He said. "Hosu has wider streets, as well as some alleyways for potential Villains to hide in. Plus the buildings aren't too tall."

"...What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"In order to get a good vantage point, most Heroes leap to the top of buildings." He explained.

I stared up at a building in front of us. "Up there...?"

"Calm down, I said 'most Heroes', not everyone can do it, and that's fine." He assured me. "But you need to travel quickly and efficiently through packed cities like this to stop Villains. That's what we'll be practising."

"Ah, right..." I remembered back to when I used my Quirk to travel by shooting ice cream out of the soles of my feet to skate everywhere. It made a mess of the streets though and I was told to stop.

"Now then, let us start with a run through the streets." Sensei said, before he suddenly took off!

"H-Hey! Wait up, Sensei!" I called as I ran after him, trying to think of a way to use my Quirk without making a mess.


In another part of Hosu, a panic had broken out as multiple artificial humans had stormed the place and were now attacking everything.

One monster that was dark pink in colour, having its brain exposed like all the others, was ramming into buildings without rhyme or reason, only roaring in response to any pain it might have been feeling.

"Spring Kick!" Suddenly, Hisa Matsushita launched out of practically nowhere and kicked the Artificial Human in its face with her spring legs and kicked it into an already destroyed building.

"Hisa." Kurai Naito walked up next to her rather casually with a blank look. "What are you doing?"

"Oh! Um...Kurai Naito, right?" Hisa asked. "Why are you here?"

"I'm on work placement in the Hero Department here." She said. "My question now."

"Oh, well, I live her." Hisa replied. "And when I heard these things were attacking, I just had to do something! I may just be a member of the General Department, but I have to help out too!"

"But you do realise interfering in an issue as dangerous as this could be more of a hindrance then help, correct?" Kurai said.

Hisa paused, before tears welled up in her eyes. "Oh god, I didn't think of that...did I really screw up?"

Then the AH pulled itself out of the rubble and growled as it suddenly grew an extra pair of arms and legs.

"I'll take the blame. No point in you running now." Kurai said.

"Really? Thanks, Naito!" Hisa blubbed a bit as the AH charged at the two of them.


"Come on, Ueno!"

"Sensei...please don't make me do this...!"

I was currently stuck to the side of a building by my feet. I had an originally brilliant idea to make gum from my feet so that I could run up walls. However I realise that this plan was terrible as my entire sense of balance was thrown off, my stomach was happy, and I felt the moment that I tried to step forward up the wall I would fall onto my back.

"You're the one who came up with it!" Sensei argued, having already made it to the top of the house using two moustaches like ice climbing picks. "Besides, this is hardly a challenge compared to fighting Villains!"

"But this is a different type of challenge! The type where my body is practically screaming 'don't take a step or you'll fall and die'!" I argued.

"Ha! You can die every day as a Hero! You can die every day in life!" He argued back. "So quit whining and come up here!"

"Mmmmm!" I couldn't argue back but I could pout. "Haaaaaaah!" Throwing caution to the wind I sprinted up the side of the wall using my gum, only at the end did the boosters in my heels kicked in and I jumped like Mario on top of the wall, falling ever so ungracefully onto my face.

"Well done." Sensei clapped. "have a look! It's not a tall building but you can see a lot!"

"Huh?" I stood up and looked around. I could definitely see a lot of Hosu from up here. "Hey, you're right!"

"Hm?" Sensei mumbled.

"What is it?" I followed his line of sight to see smoke billowing out from a street some blocks down. "Is that-?"

"Ueno! You stay here! I shall investigate!" Sensei said.

"Ah, Sensei-!" I couldn't stop him as he went jumping across the rooftops towards the commotion. "There he goes...I wonder if it really is something the rest of the city okay?"

I began looking around when I spotted something, or rather, someone, crouching down on top of a building, looking down into an alleyway. Curious, I carefully made my way over to him.

'What's this guy doing up here?' I thought. As I got closer, he looked to be wearing some kind of armour reminiscent of a knight, only with exposed limbs and shoudlers which I presumed was for easier movement, and underneath the armour I could see he wore some kind of black body suit filled with air holes, most likely for A Quirk involving skin exposure, like mine or Midnight's.

"This is it..." I actually heard him whispering to himself as I got up behind him. "The moment the Hero lets his guard down against Sir Stain, I drop down and kill him instantly."

'Wh-What the hell did he just say?' I gasped in my head. 'This guys a Villain? And did he just say Stain? Like, Hero Killer Stain? He's here!? Wait...Tenya! This is bad...!'

I saw him beginning to bend his legs, getting ready to jump, I couldn't let him!

"Taffypult!" I shot some taffy forward and stuck it to a roof before using it to launch myself forward.

"Huh?" The figure stopped at my voice nd spun around as I covered my fist in hard candy.

"Jaw Breaker!" I decked him in the face as hard as I could, launching both of us onto the roof of the next building.

"Black Knight?" Stain looked up in confusion, distracting him long enough for Izuku to punch him in the face.

"Gah...!" He hissed, standing up. "You are...!?"

"My Helper Hero, Hally!" I declared. "I'm not going to let you kill any Heroes!"

"To think someone would turn up like this...!" He muttered. "Sorry, but I'm not looking for a fight." Suddenly he spun around and ran, trying to jump down into the alleyway!

"No you don't!" I shot taffy from my hand and stuck it to his back, pulling him back.

"I don't have time for this!" He growled as he ripped the taffy off of his back and went to jump again, but I had anticipated it.

"You're fighting me now!" I yelled as I ran beside him and raised my leg as it became coated in hard red rock candy. "Rockick!" I slammed my leg into his midsection, making him gasp in shock as he was thrown onto his back, and I stood between him and the alleyway.

"Damnit...!" He hissed as he stood up. "I should have figured someone like you'd try to stop me...however, I didn't expect you to be this capable, especially with that Quirk."

"You shouldn't underestimate me!" I yelled.

"I won't." Suddenly, his left gauntlet split in half, falling to the ground, before it suddenly closed again and...floated? Up next to him? Before it shot at me!?

"Woah!" I dodged out of the way of the now flying gauntlet, as it suddenly circled around and tried to punch me in the back, only for me to dodge again as it punched the ground with such force it created a small crater!

"How the heck is it doing that...huh!?" I then noticed some lines seemed to be coming out of the back of the gauntlet. They were very thin, but only just visible, and it connected back to the Villains arm...

"My Quick is Dark String." He explained as the gauntlet hovered beside him, being puppeteered by the string from his body. "I can produce this string from my body, which I can control like my own limbs, allowing me to move my detachable armour like a puppet."

"...And you just told me all that willingly?" I asked, confused.

"Not like you'll be able to use that info effectively." he then shot the fist at me multiple times, which I managed to dodge by ducking, weaving and rolling.

"Since you're in a talking mood, who are you?" I demanded.

"You can call me Black Knight." He said. "I am Sir Stain's disciple in purging all unworthy Heroes from this world."

"Unworthy? What are you talking about!?" I yelled.

"Hmmm...I wonder if you could understand..." He mumbled to himself. "...Then again, most likely not." He shot the gauntlet at me again, and I jumped to the side.

"If you're controlling this with string, then I'll just break it!" I grabbed hold of the string and pulled with all my might, attempting to break it, but to no avail.

"You think it's that easy?" Black Knight suddenly pulled the gauntlet back to himself, giving me friction burn as I recoiled. "My string is as hard as steel wire. You can't snap it."

"Gah..." I ignored the burning feeling in my hands.

"I strongly advise stay out of our way!" He launched the fist again.

'This time, I'll try cutting it!' I pooled candy into two of my fingers and formed a pink pair of scissors that I tried to cut the string with, but again, it failed to snip the strings.

"I thought I told you that was useless!" Black Knight yelled as he pulled his gauntlet back again.

'This isn't working...I'll just have to go on the offensive, and use my training to pressure him!' I figured as I charged forward, holding the scissors out like a spear of sorts now.

Suddenly strings emerged from the gap in the right shoulder of his armour and twisted together, before they whipped me! A searing, stinging sensation burned across my chest as I cried out and jumped back, but thankfully, my suit hadn't been torn.

"Don't think my strings are so simplistic in usage." Black Knight berated. "They're deadly enough on their own!" The black whip lashed at me again, and I dodged as it whipped the ground, but the armoured fist then flew at me from the other side and punched me square in the jaw, making me stagger.

'Long range!' I thought as I jumped back and held out my left arm, I pooled candy into the boosters and formed points on the ends of them. "Candy Corn Ammo!" Using the jet boosters, I shot the candy corn at him with the force of bullets, but he held up his still armoured arm and blocked them, the ammo only managing to make dents.

"And things like that won't work either." he said. "Sir Stain trained me in all manners of both hand-to-hand and long-range combat." The whip retreated back into his shoulder. "This is in my favour!"

As he shot his stringed armour fist at me again, I jumped back onto the building behind me, only for the fist to stop prematurely, the strings behind it stretched taut.

'So he has a range limit!' I thought as he retreated the armour back to him. 'In that case!' I jumped back even further.

"Candy Corn Ammo!" I shot more candy at him, which he blocked again.

"Doing the same thing?" He questioned. "That's disappointi-GAH!" As he made to run towards me, he suddenly tripped and landed on his back.

"Oops, I meant Gumball Ammo." I apologised, as he had slipped on one of the gumballs I had shot at him, which fell to his feet. I jumped towards him as he stood back up. "Jaw Breaker!" I punched him across the face with my hardened fist again, making him stagger back from the shock of the blow.

"Again! Jaw Breaker!" I threw my other fist forward, but he blocked it with his arm, making me jump back.

"I'm not that simple." He said as the puppet armour piece clattered to the ground. "I have alternative strategies too." Suddenly, strings appeared out of the black jumpsuit covered skin like multiple needles, before leaping at me!

"Black Punk!" He threw his arm and I leapt out of the way, but I felt one of the needles scratch my right cheek and draw blood as the needles stabbed into the stone floor!

'That's no joke!' I thought as I jumped back and wiped away the blood beneath my eye.

His other armour piece then detached as the first hovered by his side whilst he kept needle arm ready. "Can you handle this? Hero!?" He charged at me again. "Black Punk!" I dodged his needle arm, only for his floating fist to punch me in the stomach, knocking the wind out of my lungs as I tumbled back, but didn't stop to think as I rolled back and onto my feet.

'Close range won't work like this, I need a new strategy!' I thought quickly, as I realised I still had my unused Jaw Breaker, which was actually kind of loose. 'I can use this!'

"If you keep running, you won't stop me from killing those Heroes!" Black Knight threatened as he shot the string fist at me again, however, I attached my Jaw Breaker to a long string of pink gum, and used it like a lasso to beat away the fist.

"I'm not running! This is my strategy!" I declared. "And I'm not going to let you harm Heroes!"

"Unfortunately, you're too simple." He said as he slashed at me with his needle arm again, but I jumped back once more, and spun the Jaw Breaker above my head.

"Jaw Breaker Flail!" I threw the Jaw Breaker forward, and though I missed his head I hit him right in the gut, making him stagger back as the Jaw Breaker shattered.

"Gahack!" He coughed as spittle dribbled out of his mask.

"I don't know...what you or Stain are trying to do with all these killings, if you even have a reason..." I dribbled syrup down my arms which hardened around them, giving my arms extra durability. "But you can't justify murder on this scale!"

"You'd be surprised." Black Knight coughed.

"So I hit the nail on the head." I figured.

"...Ah, I shouldn't have responded." He mumbled.

"And now you've just confirmed it." I figured.

"Even if I told you what our aims were, you'd just deny them. Because that is the type of position you're in!" Suddenly both his gauntlets fell off as both of his arms were covered with needles.

"Black Punk!" He made for a straight jab, which was admittedly predictable as I served to the side and hit him in the rib. He tried to backhand me but I dodged and uppercutted him, he slammed his fist down and I backed up just as he swung his other first at me. Doing the last thing He would expect I rushed forwards and punched him straight in the jaw.

"Gaaaahhhhh!" I then cried out in pain as his other fist hit me in the shoulder, puncturing my skin and drawing blood. I fell to my knees and clutched my bleeding wound.

"This has been...pointless." Black Knight stated, the needle strings stretching out and retrieving the gauntlets as they clamped back onto his body. "If you don't move, and wait for someone to find you, you will be alright. Not even scars." He then turned and began walking away.

'He's...telling me something like that?' I thought. 'Is that out of pity? Respect? Something else? I can't tell...but...'

I hardened both my fists with candy. "I won't let it end like this!" I then used all my strength to throw myself forward, and he whipped around.

"Jaw Breaker...Boxing!" I threw my fists forward as fast as I could, delivering a barrage of punches to his body as I used all my remaining strength to continuously pummel him. My bleeding wound was now bleeding war from the exertion I was putting on it, but I still used everything I had to keep punching, until I exhausted myself and fell to my hands and knees panting, as he stumbled back and fell to his knees.

"...Well...I didn't expect that..." He coughed. "...You continue to surpass expectations..."

"Hah...hah..." I panted. "I...hah..."

"Are you trying to say something...?" He asked.

"Hah..." I gulped in a load of air. "Quit...Quit saying...that I won't understand!"

"...What?" He breathed out after a moment of silence.

"Even if...I don't understand...your motivation behind why you and Stain do could at least tell me!" I yelled. "I may hate you right now...for what you've done...I probably won't forgive you for what you've done...but you could still tell me why! Because..."

I coughed, then shouted: "Because I want to be a Hero...who helps others! In whatever way I can! Even if I have to carry...the burdens of others!"

There was silence between us.

"...There should be more you." He stated, before standing up. "Consider that a clue. Farewell." He then turned and began walking away.

'I can't stop him now...I can barely move...!' I thought. 'But I said what I wanted to...and I stalled him this long...thank God, that this is the best I can do right now...!'

Black Knight reached the edge of the building, and began peering down into the alleyway.

"Spring Kick!" Suddenly, Hisa shot across the sky and kicked Black Knight right in the face with her spring legs.

"...Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuh!?" I screamed in shock as Black Knight was launched into the side of another building, creating a huge hole.

"Ueno!" She bounced over to me. "Holy crap! You're bleeding! But your suit isn't damaged? Ohhhhh, this must be one of those special Body-Quirk suits, like with Midnight's..."

I could only just gape at her, staring at the KO'ed Black Knight launched into the side of the building. "Hisa...what are you doing here?"

"Huh?" She blinked in confusion. "That's right! I bounced up super high, then I saw this shady guy on the roof over this way, so I launched myself off a building and hit him! That was becau-aaaahhhh!" She screamed all of a sudden! "I forgot! I was fighting some really weird things in town!"

"That's where Sensei went...I have to...ugh!" I grunted in pain as I collapsed to the ground.

"Ahhhhh, you're bleeding a lot!" She panicked. "Okay, okay, don't worry, Ueno! I'll take you to the hospital!" She then picked me up and threw me over her shoulders.

"Heeeey! Is anybody up there!?"

"That voice...?" I moaned in confusion as Hisa leaned over the side. "Izuku? Tenya? Todoroki?"

"Ahhh! Ryota! Are you okay!?" Izuku cried upwards.

"I should be asking you tha-what the hell is that!?" I screamed at Hero Killer Stain, stuck in ice along the wall.

Hisa jumped down, using her spring legs as cushioning. Izuku rushed over and panicked. "Ryota! You're bleeding really badly!"

"I can tell." I assured him as my vision wavered.

"We heard noise overhead whilst we were fighting. Was that you, Ueno?" Todoroki asked.

"Yeah." I nodded. "This guy was there...Black Knight."

"Black Knight?" Tenya asked, god he was bleeding too! "That's Stain's follower...where is he now?"

"Buried in a building. I kicked him." Hisa stated almost proudly.

"He was going to ambush you guys." I elaborated. "It wasn't going to end up well..."

"So that's why...damnit!" Tenya cursed. "Ryota too...!"

"Iida went looking for Stain." Todoroki told me. "That's what's lead to this current situation."

"Really...?" I couldn't help but smile weakly. "So I saved you guys? I'm glad...I'm really...glad..." Oh no, my vision was blurring.

"That's right!" Hisa suddenly yelled. "There's a bunch of freaky-looking human-like monsters attacking downtown!"

"What!?" Tenya and Todoroki gasped.

"Can we focus on Ryota dying, please!?" Izuku begged as his tears gushed out like he was the one bleeding out.

"Alright! We'll go downtown and help!" Todoroki declared. "Matsushita, right? Take Uneo to the hospital immediately!"

"Roger!" She nodded as she compressed her legs and launched us into the air. "Don't worry, Ueno! You're gonna be alright!"

"Right...right..." I nodded, before I lost consciousness.


Black Knight pulled himself out of the rubble and clutched his head in pain.

"What the hell was...?" His eyes then widened. "Sir Stain!" He ran to the edge of the building and jumped off, landing in the ice. His strings emerged out of his shoulder and formed sharp pickes that tapped away at the ice surrounding Stain until it shattered, making him collapse to the ground. "Sir Stain! Are you alright!?"

"Gah..." The Hero Killer struggled to pick himself up. "Not really..."

"We have to get out of here. Police could converge on us at any moment." Black Knight told him.

"No...YOU have to get out of here, Black Knight." Stain told him. "I'm heading downtown."

"Wh-What?" Black Knight gasped. "S-Sir! The amount of Heroes there right don't intend to...!"

"Of course not. That would be suicide even for me." He said. "I'm going protect those three...I finally found new Heroes...who I can respect!" He grinned, showing his weakened face. "And I'm not coming back."

"Sir...don't say that!" Black Knight begged. "I-I still need you! There's so much more that you need to teach me!"

"You know that's not true." Stain muttered, placing his hand on Black Knight's breast armour. "Our vision is already engraved in your heart...that's all you need!"

he then placed his hands on Black Knights Shoulders, and took his mask off. "Black still have to live! You still need to freely decide what you want to achieve, and how to do it in this world! You're the only one! Because you disciple!"

The face behind the mask began to cry. "S-Sir Stain...!"

"Go! Carry on my legacy!" Stain yelled at him, before suddenly spinning on his heel and sprinting off. Black Knight reached out for his retreating figure, but then clenched his fist and put his mask back on as strings forming spider legs extended out of his back, and he used them to launch himself from building to building.

"Sir Stain...!" Black Knight sobbed.

"There's not a Hero in help a crying child!?"

"To think that one of your age can understand the faults of this's a disgrace!"

"Come with me! Be my disciple!"

Black Knight continued crying after he launched himself out of the town and ran off further onward.


Next thing I knew, I was waking up in a hospital bed with a blood drip attached to my arm.

"This feels somewhat familiar..." I mumbled.

"Ueno!" Izuku, Tenya, Hisa and Sensei then burst into the room. "You're alright!"

"Hey, everyone." I waved rather weakly. "Thanks for helping me, are you alright?"

"We're fine! I'm just glad you're okay!" Izuku said.

"To think you got involved with something so dangerous whilst I was gone in such a short amount of time." Sensei mumbled, twizzling his moustache. "I'm at a loss whether to be impressed or worried."

"Oh yeah! Ryota! I didn't know you trained with Martial Hero Maustache!" Izuku said, almost giddily.

"Wha...?" I was confused for a moment.

"I figured everybody had forgotten about me." Sensei said. "Just call me Nukiro Omio from now on."

"So you were a Hero." I said.

"Was." He emphasised. "I gave it up. Devoted my time to training a new generation, including the weak-Quirked and the Quirkless. I figured that helping others defend themselves was better then having them beg for somebody else to do it."

I stared at him for a moment, then I smiled. "I'm glad your my Sensei."

Recounts from that day focused on the malicious, bloodthirsty intent that emanated from hero Killer Stain, before he was imprisoned, and the impact it had on the surge in Villains after that day.

So I felt privileged, that I was the only one who fought Black Knight, who would later go on to do much more.

And that is another chapter done!

Now then, I should explain that Black Knight is indeed a submitted OC, however, I changed his Quirk, because his previous one was basically just Spider-Man's Venom powers, the Symbiote. It was even called that. So I changed it into something I could use more creatively as well as try to make it a bit more unique. So, apologies to the original creator if you didn't like this change.

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