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Kazemaru POV

Today is the day. After agreeing with my Family they decided to adopt a child. She is going to be my sister so I guess I got the better end of the deal. they are currently at ´sun garden´ an orphanage to pick her up. I haven´t seen her yet but Dad told me she´s a year younger than me and will be a first year at raimon once she moved here. I can hear the car returning meaning she´s here! My hair and clothes are in place and I have to say I don´t look to bad in this. I wear a white t-shirt and brown pants. Nothing fancy but quite fitting I think. The door opens so it´s now or never. Right behind my parents, a girl enters the house. I can´t say anything. She´s just plain adorable! She has silverish white hair with ice blue highlight reaching to her knees and deep purple eyes. How can anyone look that cute?! After a few seconds I snap out of my thoughts and take a few steps to my new sister. ´´Hi, I´m Kazemaru Ichirouta, your new brother. Feel free to call me what ever you want. Nice to meet you´´I flash a smile at her at the end of my short introduction. She seems a bit scared but soon opens her mouth. ´´I I I´m Hana, n nice to meet you.´´ Her voice is soft but a bit shaky. She´s probably a bit afraid but who wouldn´t? ´´Ichirouta, can you help her with her stuff and show her the room? I´ll be making dinner with Dad.´´ I do as she tells me and guide Hana to her room on the second floor across from mine.

Hana POV

My new parents just picked me up and introduced me to my sibling Kazemaru Ichirouta. Now I have to be carefull what I do. I don´t want that to happen again. He brings me to a room on the second floor. Seems like I have a room to myself from now on. The walls are painted white with a few blue accents near the bed on the left of the room. On the wall across from the door are 2 windows and on my right a closet. ´´My room´s just across the hall so just come over if you need help. it will take Mom 30 minutes to make dinner so relax a bit and make yourself comfortable. You will spend a long time here anyway. The bathroom is at the end of the hall. I´ll be in the kitchen downstaits so come down when you´re done.´´ I can´t help but feel secure with him. he is nice, a bit taller than me and obviously the real child of my new parents. His teal coloured hair resembles the mother as well as the light brown eyes. His tan comes from his father. After he leaves I put the clothes in the closet and some of the books I brought with me on the desk underneath the window in the corner of the room. How should I call the family now? Sure, officially they´re my parents but what if they grow to hate me like mine did? And what about their son? I can´t just call him brother all of a sudden. I made that mistake once and I´m not going to do it again. I´ll just stick to Ichirouta-san for a while and about the parents... Oka-sama and Otou-sama should be fine for now. It´s already been 10 minutes so I should hurry down. Maybe I can hep her with cooking.

Kazemaru POV

She´s fast with stuff, I´ll leave her that. In 10 minutes she got her stuff ready and is now asking Mom if she could help with stuff. She´s such a cute sister. At the table, we start talking about her going to school and how she feel here till now. ´´How was life in the orphanage Hana-chan? Did you have a lot of friends?´´ I couldn´t help but ask. She seems surprised at first but then she gradually starts talking like no tomorrow. ´´It was lot of fun with them. We always played soccer which was like a representative sport for our orphanage. We started making ´teams´ around last year. I was captain of a team called ´lunatic storm´. My teammates mostly had their own teams. I had 5 best friends and we would always laugh at the fighting of two of them. Well at least when I was home. I was transferred to families 5 times with this being the sixth one.´´ Her eyes looked hurt, sad and most of all scared when she mentioned the last part. There was this silence and I hate it. An awefull lot at that. ´´Ah, look at the time! We should get ready because tomorrow is school and all. Come hana.´´ I just can´t take silence. I quickly take her hand and walk towards our rooms. ´´We´ll have to get up around 7 because we still have to get your uniform and all. school´s about 10 minutes from here so be ready by 7:30. Good night Hana.´´ I head to my room and just when I´m about to close the door, I hear a faint voice. ´´Good night Ichirouta-san´´. It was the first time I heard her say my name. *doki* the fuck? My heart just skipped a beat. She´s just to adorable. Calm down, she´s your sister so it´s not allowed to have weird feelings for her!

Time skip

Nobodys POV

At 7, Hana got up dressing in a skirt and a t-shirt. she gets her uniform at school a little later so she doesn´t really care about her outfit now. She eats breakfast with her new family and heads out at 7:30 sharp. Of course, her brother Ichirouta is near her talking away the little amount of time they have left until they reach Raimon Middle School, her new school. ´´So Hana, I suppose you´re joining the soccer club? Since you like it and so on. I´m in there to so I´ll get you after school and introduce the team. We could meet during lunch if you want. I´m in class 2-B.´´ The purple eyed girl just nods. She doesn´t feel like talking. She´s just thinking about her new school. She worries about her class and if she´ll find friends, if the teachers are okay and hopes that all goes well. Just as they reach the school gate, a chocolate eyed boy with brown hair and an orange hairband calls out to them. ´´Oi, Kazemaru! how are you?´´ they start enjoing the conversation when the brunette notices the girl behind his friend. ´´who is that? your girlfriend?´´ Both of them blush at the comment ´´Nonono, you got it all wrong! This is...´´ He stops midsentence. How should he introduce her? She is family but what if she doesn´t want to be? ´´My name is Kazemaru Hana, Ichirouta-sans sister. I just transfered here.´´The boys open their mouths in shock. The bluenette is surprised that she introduced herself with his surname while the other just didn´t know his friend had a sister. After meeting the chairman and changing into her uniform, she followed her teacher to her new class. ´What should I do? What if I mess up? Stay calm Hana, you can do it! They are only people, they can´t eat you or the sort´ were the only thoughts of the silver haired girl. ´´Class, this is our new student. Please step inside.´´She bravely steps up next to the teachers desk before turning to the class. ´´Hello. my name is Kazemaru Hana. Nice to meet you.´´ She bowed and the class aplauded. She was seated next to a girl named Otonashi Haruna and the classes started. After what felt like an eternity to the poor girl, it was finally break time. She was invited for lunch by her darkblue haired neighbor but wanted to eat with her brother to deepen their bond as siblings. As she searched for class 2-B she came across the tealnette and joined him and his friends for lunch. After school, she walked to the soccer club together with said tealnette and was surprised when the door opened before they knocked. ´´Kazemaru, you´re late!´´´´Relax Someoka, he probably has a reason for it´´´´Hey, who is the girl?´´ The attention was suddenly placed on the confused girl as the boy from before took hold of the situation. ´´Hey Hana-chan. You wanted to join the soccer club right? And sorry for not introducing myself earlier. I´m the captain and keeper of this team, Endou Mamoru!´´ He flashed said girl a smile while she just blushed. Only her new family called her by her first name but it was only logical Endou would since she and her brother share the same last name. ´´Yes, that´s what I´m here for. My name is Kazemaru Hana, Ichirouta-sans sister. I would like to join the soccer club.´´´´What position?´´ asked a pink haired pretty tall boy who seems to be called Someoka.´´Midfielder and stiker´´. After introductions, Endou explained that they have a game against Teikoku Academy in a few minutes and she was their lifesaver. What did she get herself into here?


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