Hana: Good morning!

Gouenji: It's evening you airhead

Hana: It's morning somewhere! So where were we?

Gouenji: Just read the plot will ya?

Hana: ignoring gouenji Oh yeah, what I wanted to say, seeing as authoress-sama can't get the hang of the first season since she wasn't really a fan of it in the first place there will be no more first season stuff after this chapter. Please don't hate authoress-sama for it!

Authoress: Sorry people for not updating anyways I had like the worst writers block. Anyway I'll be off writing. See ya. Gouenji, if you could.

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Nobodys POV

2 weeks after receiving the letter, the Kazemarus had to go to the orphanage to make some more things clear, sign stuff and whatnot and Hana and Kazemaru had to come as well. Hana for her part was super hyper at the thought of meeting her friends again but Kazemaru wasn't as hyped. Around 4 hours after the letter came he had found the second sheet with Hirotos message on it and was in a really foul mood since. Nevertheless he tried his hardest to be extra nice and caring for hana hoping she wouldn't fall for Hiroto and hook up with him.

Hanas POV

This is awesome! I haven' seen Sun Garden in a month and being back feels wonderful though I only saw the garden yet. I wonder who is in my room now? Anyways, taking Onii-chan by the hand I guide him towards the door to reveal a large corridor.

''Onii-chan, look over there! I drew that when I was 8. It won first place in Sun Gardens arts contest. Back there is the huge living room, over here's the kitchen and back there is th- OMG RYUUJI!''

Spotting my favourite greenette outside on the lawn I ran towards the glass door and opened it only enough for me to pass through it. Tackling Ryuuji to the ground I laughed my heart out content that he didn't seem to change the least bit. Only his hair got darker.

''Hana, you're killing me''

''Sorry, sorry. How are you? How's Sun garden? Fuusuke and Haruya still fighting?''

''Don't you know it's rude to talk about people behind their backs? Sprcially when you can just ask them yourself''

''Fuusuke! Haruya!''

(AN: H=Haruya, F=Fuusuke, R=Ryuuji, Ha= Hana, Hi=Hiroto, K= Kazemaru)

H: Stop the hugging, I'm dying back here!

Ha: Sorry.

Hi: Why do you keep apologizing?

Ha: Hiroto! Oh, wait before I forget let me introduce my new brother Kazemaru Ichirouta to you guys. Onii-chan!

K: What's wrong?

Ha: I wanted to introduce my friends. This is Ryuuji on the left, next to him is Fuusuke, then Haruya and on the right is Hiroto.

Kazemaru POV

So that's Hiroto. Great, he seems nicer than I thought.

Hi: Since you already interupted our game how about be play soccer together?

K: Thanks, but no I have to find my parents. Hana, would you mind showing me to the office?

Ha: Sure. See you guys later and thanks for the letter!

Hi: Hana, can we just talk for a minute or two? Before your brother kidnapps you. Excuse us.

Oh hell no that suckers gonna go anywhere with her alone. I quickly follewed the two as they headed further back into the lawn together with that greenhead called Ryuuji. Though I couldn't see I can hear what their saying.

Hi: Since you said you got the letter, you also read my part?

Ha: Y-yes, I did. Thanks for it.

Hi: No big deal I figuered I had to say it eventually so did y-

Ha: I'm sorry! 2 weeks ago I would've totally accepted and I might as well now but I can't. Reason is that I asked Mrs Kazemaru what I should do and she told me that whenever I have to answer a yes or no question and I can only think of yes regardless of anything else, consequenses or anything of the sort the answer is yes but... I had.. doubts about it. It wasn't only 'yes' that was in my head but 'yes, but..' so I'm verry sorry to tell you that I'll overthink your confession and

my feelings.

That greenette looked really happy at Hanas response and so was I but I hope he didn't have eyes for my sister as well.

Hi: ...Hm. I understand. You must respect her very much to follow her very wise saying, but I hope you know that I won't give up. Now go before your brother get's worried.

Ha: You're an angel Hiroto! I'll come visit again soon!

Deeming the discussion would end soon I hurriedly returned to the glas door and waited for Hana like nothing had happened at all and hope she didn't notice.


Hana: We're done!

Gouenji: For today

Kazemaru: Didn't you change my character too much?

Hana: Ask Authoress-sama and I found you absolutely adorable!

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