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I wish I had just died a hero, and then walked far, far away from Duncan and Courtney, let them continue their relationship, and just be able to know that I helped Courtney and Duncan out that one time.

But I screwed up. I didn't walk away, I just kept getting deeper and deeper into the mess, until I realised even if Duncan did like me, I was so deep in the mess that I wouldn't be able to get out, and Courtney would just be there, screaming and kicking at Duncan when it was all my fault.

But I kept going on and on, kept pushing forward, not seeing what was coming. I wasn't a hero after a while, I was just a villain.

A screwed up hero that kept going on and on until I realised what I'd done.

Why did I save Courtney? There wasn't any point to it – I'd liked Duncan for as long as I'd been in this school. I saved her, but just for her to become another barrier in getting Duncan.

This is the story of what happened to the C.I.T. and the criminal that were once in the papers, the couple that once had so much fame and love for each other it was nearly unbelievable.

This is how I became the villain instead of a hero.

A/N – I honestly didn't expect to do another story of FAF, because I didn't really want to. But then I realised that I never really explained Gwen and Duncan's relationship in the trilogy, so I have to…explain it.

The events in these books are told one and a half years later after He's Never Gone, all the characters are about fifteen (including Gwen), and this was an extract from Gwen's diary at sixteen. The book will be set in Gwen's POV.