I tried to remain quiet for the rest of the lesson and hopefully not be pointed out. I kept my head down because I was blushing, and I didn't want anyone to see me. I was also angry, I snapped my pencil in half, I broke my pen, I destroyed my ruler and I ripped my eraser apart. Chris kept blabbering on and on about his recent trip to Tanzania, but my hands just gripped the desk, wanting to get out of there as soon as possible. The newbies to the class – the people that weren't used to Chris McLean teaching Spanish, kept distracting him for me so he could never talk to me. Usually he would try and find a moment or two when he could directly speak to me, maybe ask me about my mum, his sister. I reminded myself to thank the newbies for distracting him.

"So this big mountain Kiliminhareo thing is in Tanzania, and it's pretty cool. I went there on a tour and it was, like, big. I didn't really know what to do there though. The food in Tanzania is pretty good. That was fun. I liked that part," he started as he continued on about him eating at different restaurants and drinking champagne under the stars and just telling the class about how life is so easy.

If anyone knows anything, they will simply recognize in an instant that life is not easy. Most people in this world cannot go out to Tanzania and drink champagne every night for a week without working, and working isn't easy, because depending on the job you want, you have to get an education and with getting an education you mostly have to get good grades, and good grades don't just magically appear if you wish upon a star. You have to work. Life is not as easy as some people like McLame think it is.

As soon as the bell rings, I jump off my seat and walk out, trying to avoid anyone. I walk to Lunch as I slip in and out through the crowds, but before I know it someone taps me on the shoulder.

"Hey, Gwen. What was the rush to get out of class so soon?" Courtney asks me as I turn around. I manage a smile at her as she starts to walk beside me.

"Oh, I-I was just tired of Chris. My grades are failing because of it, and I can't stand him anymore. He's nearly always there and it's starting to creep me out if I'm honest with you," I tell her. It isn't exactly a lie – I am tired of Chris – but it isn't the reason I was so eager to get out of class.

"Really? I didn't notice you cared so much about your grades. Maybe we can have a study session together? I've been getting straight A's in Spanish so far, so we should be fine," Courtney says chirpily, but then her voice turns to an exasperated sigh. "Ugh. Duncan's so annoying these days. I've got things to do and places to me if I want to have a successful lifestyle but he insists on asking me to go out and steal items at cheap stores. I can't stand him these days."

I nod in agreement, "I know. Especially since the Student Council elections are coming up, along with swim meets, debate club, canoeing, kayaking and tennis." Courtney had told us all over a million times the different clubs she has to go to everyday and nearly any of the people in the school could list them off the back of their head.

"Exactly!" she replies to me, smiling. "I just don't have time for Duncan these days. There's way too much going on right now to focus on him. I have to get straight A's for my end of year report. How about you? What grades are you hoping for?"

"I'm getting Cs and Ds currently," I tell her honestly, "I know that's pretty poor scores, but I'm not really panicked about my end of year report, because Total Drama Island will be starting up anyway and I'll probably miss most of school after that."

"Gwen! What happens after Total Drama? Don't you want to go to university to become an artist? I thought that was one of your dreams!" Courtney objected as she grabbed her tray for lunch.

"It is one of my dreams, but I don't think it's that important anymore. I just want this summer to zoom by so I can just go back to living normally."

Courtney looked at Gwen for a moment and looked away. "Do…do you sometimes wish that Chris hadn't come into our lives? Like, just stayed out of it? Never found out about you?"

"Yeah. I wish he'd just leave and go and live somewhere else. I can't stand him anymore and he's constantly at my house with my mom."

Chris had come into my life about two years ago. He walked into school claiming he was my uncle, and I later found out this was true. I was pretty reluctant to accept it – I still don't really want him around that much, but my dad divorced my mom less than a year ago, and except from me, Chris is nearly her only companion. I can't tell him to leave at all, because that would just upset my mom even more.

"Have you seen your dad lately?" Courtney asked as a large pile of slop is thrown on her plate by the dinner lady.

"I saw him last week. He brought his girlfriend and their children along and they were pretty much Harold look-a-likes. I didn't get on with them that much, and the girlfriend kept glaring at me and my dad kept staring impatiently at me as if I should say a conversation starter or something, or talk about my grades."

"Are they getting married?" she inquired, raising her eyebrows.

"I don't think so. I hope not, anyway. I couldn't stand that woman being my step-mother."

We lifted our trays full of thick, brown slop over to a small table hidden away from the buzz of the school.

"Hey, Gwen," Courtney started, glancing over at me. "You're my friend, right? You'd help me make the right decision, wouldn't you?" I nodded at her as if to tell her to go on. "I think I want to break up with Duncan."

My mouth suddenly went dry.

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