I could remember clearly what my first year had been like. Now my sister, Anna, got to experience hers. We approached platform 9 3/4 and quickly ran through to the other side of Kings Cross Station. The most exciting part had just passed. Running through made the Hogwarts experience so much better.

I began searching for my friend Jane from last year. We were in the same year but considering my history, I was a much more powerful wizard. I was born with ice powers and sent to Hogwarts to learn to control them. They are quite interesting but it can be a bit frightening when I get angry. My emotions control my powers so you can imagine how much ice can hurt when I'm angry.

No one other than Anna and Jane know about my power. Some have stories of why they received the Hogwarts letter. I prefer to keep my story a secret.

I finally spotted Jane and ran over to her.

"Jane!" I yelled, "I'm so excited to see you!" My fingertips grew cold and I immediately dialed down my emotion.

"Oh! Hey Elsa. Glad to see you to." Jane replied, looking over my shoulder. I turned around and instantly turned to face her again.

"No." I said. "Not him. You CAN'T like him."

"Oh, no worries." She reassured me. "I'm just interested. Be right back." Before I could stop her, she was talking to the boy. They walked onto the Hogwarts Express together and I started walking as well. I stopped instantly and turned around. My sister, a first year, was nowhere to be found.

"Anna!" I yelled. It was too loud for me to shout over. I only hoped I would find her on the bus as I boarded it.