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Where do I start? How do I summon my flame? One would think it would be so simple. I'm too tired to concentrate though. I've been spacing out so easily. What time is it? What day is it? What was I thinking about? It mustn't be important if I… can't… remember…-

Ugh! Turn that off! It's so loud! Please, let me sleep. Oh, God, I'm so exhausted. Please, just for a minute. A minute is all I ask. Oh, please… Please! I need to sleep! Turn that buzzing off. It hurts my ears. It makes my head hurt. I'm so freakin' tired! I'm so tired that my joints ache. I can barely move without feeling the effects of my exhaustion. Please make it stop! I'm going to be driven crazy with the infernal buzzing.

I need to stay distracted. Don't focus on the noise. I curled tightly in my little corner as I slowly started to pull my own hair. I tried to focus on the pain I was causing myself rather than the noise but it wasn't working. The noise, the buzzing wasn't being blocked out one bit. Next I started to bang my head on the wall, gently at first then harder and harder that eventually I could feel warm liquid run down my forehead.

I don't know why but I found it funny that I actually started to giggle. Why was it funny though? It isn't funny at all. There's nothing funny about this. Soon my laughter was replaced with tears. I'm so stupid. Who laughs at this situation? I'm so messed up. Why can't I do anything right? I brought this upon myself. I shouldn't have been born. If I wasn't born that would have solved everything. I never asked to be this way. I never asked to be a demon.

I felt along the walls until I came across the door. I began pounding on the door with the strength I could muster up. "Let me out! Let me out of here! Please, let me out…" I began to sob, "Someone, anyone, please, help me! Somebody!" I let the sobs take over but it didn't take long for them to turn to anger. "You bastard!" I punched the wall when a flash of blue quickly lit the room from my fist. I was stunned to say the least at my power suddenly showing but gone just as quick. How did I do that?

"Is that all you can do?" I turned slowly towards the voice that was directly behind me with wide eyes to see my demonic self from my nightmares engulfed in blue flames. I could see her-er, me as clear as day. Was I dreaming? Had I finally fallen asleep? I can't remember. "How pathetic."

"What a-are you doing here? You're n-not real." I moved away.

She, the other me, smirked devilishly, "Of course I'm real. I am you after all. The only difference between you and I is that I'm not confined here like you. I'm confined in here." She points to my head. "I also don't need a silly fan to use my powers. I can use them at will any time I want. You could have been that way if you only listened to me."

I shook my head as I crawled to the opposite side of the room to get away from her-me. "I will not be consumed by my flames. I won't let that happen. I will control them the way I want them to be used not how they want to use me."

"But that's no fun. Then there wouldn't be any chaos and chaos is so exhilarating. There is beauty in it. You can make so many humans fear you. It's so funny how easily they break. Imagine it for a moment." She started to laugh maniacally.

"No! I don't care! I was human once, or so I thought. I can't and I won't! I can't do anything. I haven't even practice using my powers before."

"A human put you here. You are in this torment because of him!" The flames from her, they were growing more wild.

I cringed into my corner, fearing her-er, me. My tail was suddenly yanked making me cry out. Who was pulling my tail? I looked around to find the other me had disappeared which mean it must have been my captor. He then put something around my neck like a choker or collar, however it burned. I whined as I tried to pull on it as it was choking me or so I had thought until I was being dragged by it. He had something acting as a leash that he was pulling.

I was being dragged along the filthy floor holding onto the collar so I wouldn't die of strangulation. It didn't help much. I was struggling. I wanted to tear the thing off. It was burning badly. It didn't help that the lights around me seemed to be so bright. Was that due to being in the dark so long or were they really that much brighter? Tears welled up in my eyes from the loss of oxygen.

I didn't know how far he dragged me but it felt like we stopped so abruptly. Thank God I could finally breathe. I was gasping for air and coughing from time to time. That is until I felt my captor sit on my back, right on top of my tail I might add. I struggled to crawl away but since being here, I grew weaker than I already was. I couldn't even get the strength to roll to fling my captor off.

I felt my captor lean down to hold one of my arms down by the wrist as he stabbed the other through with a butcher knife that must have been made with holy silver. I screamed as I struggled to pull my head free but the knife went through the ground's surface. I tried to pull my other hand free from his grasp but he was too strong. I balled my hand into a fist as I struggled. The skin around the knife was steaming as it burned.

My captor began breaking my fingers as he pried my fist opened one finger at a time. A shriek made its way past my lips followed by a wail as I watched my fingers being torn from my hand by pliers. My eyes widened as my breath hitched. It was one thing feeling it but another actually seeing it happen. My stomach churned as I felt like vomiting. The bones, muscles, blood, flesh… I wanted to look away but I couldn't. It was almost mesmerizing. It was like watching a horror movie or gruesome scene where you would cover your eyes but end up peeking through your fingers anyways except I had nothing to shield my eyes with.

I wanted to yell at my captor, to scream at him to stop but I couldn't find my voice. Everything seemed to be playing out in slow motion even all the sickening sounds along with it: the crunching, breaking, tearing, my screaming and crying, his breath in my ear, so many different sounds. After he finish with my first hand, he moved onto the second. The same scene, the same sounds repeating themselves over again. One thing as different though: laugher. Who was laughing? It wasn't my captor was it? No. It sounded like the person had gone mad. The laughter even caused my captor to stop his torments and I could feel his eyes on me. Why me though? Why not who was laughing? Oh… Oh, God. I was the one laughing. Why was I laughing?

I was going more than laughing, I even found myself smiling. I looked at my missing digits and laughed harder than I already was. I don't know why but it was super funny. No, it was hilarious. Why would he, my captor, go through all this effort of hurting me if I would heal up anyways? Why does he do it over and over again? He hurts me, then I heal up, he hurts mean, then I heal up, hurts me, heal up. It's an endless cycle that always ends up with me healing. I suppose that's why it's so funny. He is a stupid human dealing with a demon.

"Have you finally gone mad," my captor asks.

I giggled, "You only with I had."

"Then why do you laugh so much."

"You're so brainless, I find your stupidity hilarious," I laughed.

"Why you," he slammed my face into the floor causing my nose to bleed.

I giggled, "Ow! I think you broke my nose. Haha! No need to worry, no matter what you do, I'll heal from it. Cut my fingers and toes off, they'll regrow. Break my bones, they'll piece themselves back together. Cut my flesh, it'll stitch itself back up. Blood loss, my heart will replenish it. No matter what you choose to do to me, I'll recover. Like you told me when you brought me here, I am a demon after all and not just any demon, I'm the daughter of Satan."

"So you think you can heal from anything and everything. We'll see about that," he yanked my tail which made me yelp.

He began to bound my wrist together with holy silver and same for my ankles. He was still sitting on me to hold me down. Then in one fell swoop, with the knife that had pierce my hand, he slices off all my toes. It didn't nearly hurt as bad as having them torn off. The blood loss however still made me very dizzy and light headed.

What was he going to do next? How else could he torture me? That was about to be answered as he pulled on the leash to drag me across the floor once more. The collar choked me as I tried to hold it off my neck but I didn't have any fingers. It also didn't help that my hands were bound. My airway was being blocked off completely.

My captor threw me into a wall causing me to hit my head putting me in a daze. I felt him grab my arms that were bound. I couldn't exactly tell what he was doing as I felt tugs here and there. He ended up walking off shortly after and then I heard pulleys and ropes. My arms were being pulled above me then followed by me being lifted into the air with my feet dangling. I must be a couple of meters off the ground.

I hung my head hoping he would leave me like this so I could finally get some rest. However, that would never happen. Instead, whatever was holding me up had dropped me into a pool. I tried to hold my breath so I wouldn't drown but I found myself screaming bloody murder in place of it. Every single inch of my body was burning. My nubs of my missing fingers and toes were bleeding more furiously and my vision began to grow darker and darker. I tried to reach the surface as I felt my throat and lungs begin to burn.

Finally, after so many struggles, I broke through the surface. "Help me! Get me out of here!"

Slowly, I was pulled up into the air once again by my arms. I hung there as I coughed and spit up the water mixed with my own blood. My body as well as my insides were still burning as I cried. I was then being laid on the cool floor. I curled up into a ball, aching. I wanted the pain, the burning to go away. The holy water, holy silver, my healing, and everything else kept reminding me how much of a monster I really am.

I let out a scream of frustration, of pain and torment, of stress except nothing came out be silence and more burning in my throat. I put my hand to my throat as I tried to scream again to only get the same results. I curled up tighter into my little ball as the last of my vision was finally gone and not knowing what else to expect. I didn't care that my wrists and ankles were bound and that my wrists were also bound to some type of crane system. I was hoping for death to claim me. I didn't want to live in this Hell anymore.

What have I been through so far? I was shot, then tied to a chair while my fingers and toes were being cut off, I was in confinement for who know how long, more fingers and toes being cut off after being dragged around, I was just dunked into a pool of holy water, the holy silver, sleep deprivation, being blind couple of times, now mute, having my regenerative abilities toyed with, and more. What else am I missing? What else can be done to me?

Why hasn't anyone come to save me? Has anyone even tried? Am I going to die here? I wonder what I'm missing out on. What had da-Mephisto been up to? Has he been worried? Has he been looking for me-No! I need to face it. No one cares. I'm on my own. No one is coming to save me. No one is even trying.

I sat in my office being rather bored. It has been almost two weeks since Raven stormed off. I thought for sure that she would have come back to at least the mansion by now for whatever reason. Her roommates haven't even seen her since that morning. Where could she have gone to? There is no way a demon could have gotten her without myself knowing so and there hasn't been any reports of suspicious activities.

I opened one of the drawers to my desk to pull out Raven's destroyed cell phone. Why did she need to smash this for? Tracking her is going to be such a pain now.

I thought perhaps she would attempt to communicate with her twins she finally found out about however I've been watching the Okumuras rather closely and got nowhere. Yukio however is becoming rather interesting. I'm going to need to keep a further eye on him. Other than that, my snooping around didn't accomplish anything.

The academy festival is going to be starting verily soon. I had picked bands that I presumed were Raven's favorite artists to perform in the music festival. I thought that would grab her attention. Did she not see the posters around the academy? Where is it she has been staying this whole time? Surely the Vatican isn't up to something without me knowing. Who am I kidding, that's impossible. They can't hide anything from me. Besides, they don't even know anything about her. She doesn't even exist according to their records. They haven't even realized that I've been raising a child. Only a select few know of her and I have complete control over those pawns. No one knows that she's a demon or a child of Satan except for myself and the house servants. They know better than to betray me. They know I'll kill them first if they do.

Why is it so troublesome to raise a child? Dear little sister, where did you run off too? I wonder. With a snap of my fingers and in a poof of pink smoke, I was in Raven's dorm room. Luckily class was going on so I shouldn't be expecting to run into her roommates or any other student. I began looking through Raven's things such as her clothes, bedding, and everything else. I could sense it was here by the way the power was radiating off it. It didn't take me long to find it, the tessen that contained Raven's powers. Any human would have had problems finding it but demons, that may be another story. Why leave something so important behand though? It's basically a part of her.

I smirked to myself at a thought of how there must be a spy. Raven must have exposed herself somehow. How interesting. How did they get around without me knowing, I wonder. Clearly my resources are not informing me of everything they know or perhaps they are not trusted by their employers fully. I can't send anyone in the order after he, if she was taken, without causing any suspicions or paperwork and Amaimon would try to kill her. It is up to me. First, I need to get an annoying pest off my back, luckily I know exactly what she's up too.

I put the tessen in my pocket before poofing off outside Yukio's office as a bettle. I made it shortly after Miss Moriyama left. I could hear the young exorcist instructor being teased by the pest, Shura Kirigakure. It was obvious that Rin has some sort of thing for Miss Moriyama but after hearing this teasing, perhaps Mr. Okumura does as well. I always suspected as much. A little love triangle. This would most certainly be fun to toy with sometime in the near future.

Yukio walked out a bit tensely, "I can't. And you shouldn't be teasing me like this."

Shura leaned against the door after closing it behind her, watching Yukio leave. "Sure, whatever. And just what exactly are you snooping around for?!" She threw a kunai at me.

She does know that can't hurt me, right? The thing clanged as it bounced off me. I poofed into my humanoid form short after with a smirk. "Heh heh heh! You saw right through me! I enjoy observing the students' tumultuous emotions regarding the dance party!" I had stars in my eyes.

"That's totally creepy…," the flamed color hair exorcist pointed out.

"The academy festival is a major event for the city! As president, I give it my full attention! I milk it for all it's worth!" I made doves appear as I pretended I was in the spot light.

"He isn't listening…"

"But you've been snooping around too! Nemu Takara. I admitted him as a student, and therefore you think I'm an Illuminati spy?" I let the hall grow dark as I became rather serious. I needed to set the tone for it so I could set my point across. My eyes were sure to be glowing as I stared at the barely clothes exorcist in the eyes. "I'll warn you once more, I will not let you interfere. And if you do, I will crush you personally."

She could only stare, "What do you mean?!"

I let the room light back up. "Exactly what I said! Well, I can't hang around here! The school festival keeps me busy!" That should keep the pest off me for a little while at least. Time to get to work.