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I watched the hot water pouring into the instant noodles by itself with my eyes so wide that they must have been popping out of my head. Then I studied my hands in my lap to discover them shaking. I was actually shaking. I only shake when I get so pissed off that I nearly black out before, during, or after a fight.

"Calm yourself," spoke my father who seemed so composed and easy going. "I do not want you flaming up on me now."

How is he so relaxed? What's going on? My heart was racing and I found myself having shortness of breath. I felt almost like I was suffocating with a horrible discomfort in my chest. Everything seemed to be so unreal. What's happening to me? Why am I freaking out so badly? Why can't I think straight? Then it hit me; I've seen these symptoms before with some of my classmates when they would have a panic attack but this time I was the one having the attack. I never had a panic attack before in my life so why now? I wrapped my arms around myself finding tears in my eyes.

Before long, I found my father kneeling next to me, calmly putting his hands in mine with a squeeze. I turned away with my hair in my face to avoid eye contact. "Raven," he gently grasped my chin to make me look at him. "I need you to do as I say. Concentrate on your breathing. Follow my lead. Breathe in for eight counts, hold for four, and breathe out for eight, okay? I'll do it with you. We are going to do a couple cycles of that. Do you understand?"

I looked at him as tears gradually poured down my face with a nod. What am I; a kid? Does he seriously need to hold my hands? Then the breathing exercises started as he counted while doing the breathing with me. At first I struggled but by the third or fourth cycle, I had it as I found myself starting to relax. My heart slowed down with the tears finally coming to a stop along with the shaking. Please say I don't have to experience that again. When I finally calmed down, I slowly dried away the tears with my hands.

"Oh no, ladies shouldn't be cleaning themselves up with their hands. Where are your manners," he pulled out a handkerchief from his inside suit pocket and helped wipe my face.

I looked at him, "Oh, shut up!" I'm not a child! I whacked his hand away embarrassed even though I tried to cover that up with my rebelliousness, "Who says I'm a lady? Anyways, aren't we here to talk about what in the hell is going on?"

With a sigh, he grinned that ridiculous devilish smile of his as he went back to his seat, "Of course. I was hoping to talk the five minutes we had until the ramen was ready but now we are down to about two. What am I ever going to do now? I didn't want to talk while enjoying the special super-spicy pork miso ramen and if I just wait to eat then it will spoil." He put an elbow on the table resting his chin on his hand.

I looked at him puzzled, "You really thought this conversation was going to last only five minutes?!"

He chuckled, "I know! Eins… Zwei… Drei!" He snapped his fingers and everything around us changed.

The room grew dim and the table with everything on it seemed to be made of roots. What type of trick is this now? I looked around and there was nothingness but yet there seemed to be various voices laughing. Where was it coming from? "W-What… Where are we?! What did you do," I yelled as I jumped up. This place is really giving me the creeps.

He snickered, "I have shifted our consciousness to Gehenna via dimensional travel."

"Gehenna? H-How are you capable of-? What's Gehenna," I was full of questions as I was beginning to tense up.

"Oh right," he laughed. "Imagine reflections in a mirror, our world exists in two dimensions. One is Assiah, the world we live in while the other is the realm of what you may call demons known as Gehenna. Usually travel and contact between the realms are impossible but there are ways demons can cross."

I went wide eyed, "D-Demons? I thought your exorcist work on the side of being a principal was a joke!"

"Raven, as I have told you many times, I assure you it is very real. Don't keep thinking life is a joke. Isn't that one of the many reasons as to why you get into fights or skip class? Don't think I haven't noticed for I know more than you think; besides who do you think those things are reported too? I may be your guardian but I am also the director of True Cross Academy. Of course, I should inform you that those are nothing but personas. In Gehenna, I am the second most powerful being part of the demon royalty known as the Baal. My true name is Samael, king of time," he spoke proudly.

"Y-You're a d-demon," I slowly began backing away.

He grinned, "During my time in Assiah, humans have given me many names: 'Loki,' 'Trickster,' and 'Watari Garasu,' the Raven. I have gone by 'Mephisto Pheles' for 200 years now. 'Johann Faust' is nothing more than a name as the official title for the academy."

"You… You lied to me." I need to get out of here. I need to run.

He shrugged, "It was an open secret. The exorcists I work with are aware of who I really am but as for everyone else, the academy cannot have a director who is a demon that's been around for well over two centuries. If they knew, that will just cause unnecessary concerns, riots, and who knows what else. They may even shut down my precious academy if they found out and I can't have that. Otherwise, you're the only one who didn't know. My little girl didn't need to know until she was ready. I hope you will continue to think of me as your father. Why must you grow up so fast?"

'Little?' I'm not little! "If you're a demon then you're-"

"I love humans," he interrupted. "And the things they create. I am not your enemy. I wouldn't do you wrong."

"I… How can I believe you? You lied to me my whole life," I needed to find a way out that I ran.

"Oh dear," my dad sighed with a smirk.

All the sudden, out of nowhere, I smacked right into the supposed king of time, "What the…?" But he was…

"I can control space and time," he snapped his fingers and in a poof we were back home and everything seemed to be normal again. The both of us were back in our seats at the table as if nothing changed.

I looked around, "Huh?! What?!" How much more shock am I going to get today? What else don't I know?

"I've returned us to Assiah." He looked at the time, "Oopsie! Time's up! Time to dig in!" He smiled innocently as he unraveled his napkin, "Mm-mm, smells wonderful."

I blinked to myself. What just happened? I sighed and lifted a fist, "We aren't done talking!" I felt anger arise within me as I slammed a hand down to the table causing the dishes to rattle and jump with the blue flames abruptly emerging around me. Oh shit! Not again!

My father, no, Mephisto or whoever he really is looks at me with his mouth already stuffed with noodles that was dangling out of his mouth. He seemed perfectly relaxed, not bothered at all by the flames. "Calm down before you burn your supper," he slurped. "We are far from being done talking, I know. Sit down and eat something. We'll talk after."

"No, we'll talk now! Besides I'm not hungry," the flames slowly dissipated.

He whined, "The noodles will go soggy. We won't talk unless you eat. Now please sit down."

I rolled my eyes with a sigh, taking my seat. Looks like I'm not going to get any answers until after supper. Might as well just go along with his little game. Lazily I began eating the ramen after giving it a little stir.

"That's my little girl," he spoke gleefully.

I glared at him, "Who are you calling 'little'?"

He laughed.

Once supper was over with, my father patted around his mouth with the napkin, "Now wasn't that delicious," he smiled with satisfaction.

I folded my arms, "Yeah, whatever. Are we going to finish talking now?"

He chuckled, "Always in such a hurry. Fine, a promise is a promise." He crossed his legs with his hands clasped in his lap, "Now, where did I leave off? Oh yes! I told you who I really am."

I glared, "Yeah, a lair."

"I lied to protect you. I didn't want to risk you finding out who you really are or anyone else for that matter. But now that you've finally awakened, it is time you knew the truth," he stated.


My dad smirked, "If you haven't guessed it already, you are not human but a demon. You were born of a human women, fathered by a demon. You are the child of he who stands eve higher than all eight kings, ruling over all, Satan himself."

I glimpsed at my father, no, the stranger with shock, "Huh?!" No! That's impossible! This has to be another lie.

"You've inherited his power of the blue flames and who may know what else. No one knows about you or that you even exist except for myself, not even your true father knows. It has been all kept a secret."

"Secret? Why?"

"If I hadn't, then once others knew of your awakening, all kinds of demons would be after you and the Vatican would want to kill you. This way you are protected. I also have a barrier around the academy to protect from high ranking demons."

"Protect me? Why?"

He smirks at me, "Ah, now wouldn't you like to know. I'm afraid you're going to have to figure that out on your own."

I glared, "What?"

"Eins… Zwei… Drei," with a snap, we were now in my father's – the director – office as he started to go through his desk.

I looked around surprised. Am I ever going to get used to this? "What are we doing here," I asked.

"I sealed your powers and demon heart away the day I took you in but your power is too great to be sealed forever. That is part of the reason why you finally has your awakening and as to why you aren't blazing all the time," he pulled out what looked to be a closed folding fan. "This is what I sealed your powers in, a tessen. If ever opened, even once, you can never go back to being human."

What? A silly folding fan? Why? I stared at the fan as memories flooded into my mind of never being able to fit into society and how alone I really was. Why is this happening now? Why all the sudden?

"Know that here on out, your life will never be normal again," a grin grew upon his face. What is he thinking? "It's going to be a pleasure to meet you as your true self, Raven Amaya," he bowed slightly.

"What," I raised a brow slowly backing away as I began to have an uneasy feeling. What does he mean? 'True self?'

With that said, he snapped the fan open. Blue flames engulfed it, then erupted and illuminated the room in blinding light. While the flames coated my body I began to scream. It hurts but not like I was being burnt to death. My insides felt as if they were twisting and turning with my bones shifting. The screams caught in my throat while my teeth grew very sore. I was sure this is how a baby must have felt while teething for the first time. My tongue probed over my teeth and was almost cut by my longer canines. It was not just my jaw that was sore but my eyes and ears as well. Every inch of my body was burning. Why wouldn't it go away already? I felt like I was being tortured. My spine was the worst of it all. It was just above my hips were the pain became real intense. Was my spine actually moving? No, it was growing! At first I was sure it would break the skin but when the burning continued, I realized what was really happening: the skin was growing and stretching out to cover my longer and longer spine. There was a prickling feeling that gradually became more and more intense. It was bothersome at first but it quickly subsided as I felt the spine that grew become soft and silky. Finally, the flames began to flicker as they settled down. The burning sensation faded as I felt mutated. My body no longer felt the same as it used too.

I could feel myself shaking. What just happened to me? I immediately ran towards a mirror or anything with a reflective surface. I noticed my split lip, cuts, and other scraps were now completely healed. What this? I found two horn-like blue flames floating above my head. How isn't my hair on fire? Oh no, my eyes. They now had slit-like red pupils while my irises remained a deep blue. I suddenly put my hands on the glass as I took notice to my long elf-like ears. "Is that really me," I whispered. Wait, my teeth! I opened my mouth to see that I had fangs on both my upper and lower teeth more like a werewolf instead of a vampire. Then I noticed something behind me moving. Is that… A tail?! I slowly grabbed it being carefully gentle. It indeed was a long black, fur-tufted tail. "What the hell?! What did you do to me?!"