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She stood in the back of the church wringing her hands nervously as friends and family filed in. She kept thinking.

"What are you doing here?" Only to follow up with.

"You are here to support Booth. But you weren't invited... Does he even want you here? And if he doesn't want you here, what are you really here for?"

The last question always bugged her because it's one that she couldn't answer logically. It just felt right for her to be there.

She saw Angela walk in arm and arm with Hodgins soon followed by Cam. She slipped into what seemed to be a deserted hallway before anyone of them could see her lurking in the shadows. She continued down the hallway rubbing her bare arms. It wasn't cold but the continued movement helped her focus. As she was walking she heard a voice that stopped her dead in her tracks.


"Congratulations Hannah. I'm very happy for you and Booth." Brennan said trying to sound as if she was truly happy.

"Thank you Temperance. RSVP soon otherwise there won't be any room."

"Actually that's something I was going to bring up. I haven't gotten an invitation." Hannah looked straight into her eyes and smirk.

"I'm sorry Temperance I was sure that I invited all of Seeley and my friends." She shrugged keeping the smirk on her face.

"I guess yours must have gotten lost over time. Or maybe I didn't order enough because not everyone can fit in our lives- I mean the church."

"Wait I'm not sure I understand you. Hannah are you saying that I'm not invited?" Hannah was about to reply when Booth walked up behind her wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"Hey." he said kissing her on the cheek.

"Hey. You ready for lunch?" Hannah replied.

"Yeah lets go. Bones do you want to come?" He asked as Hannah started pulling him away. She was almost shocked that Booth had noticed she was there.

"Seeley I don't think that's a good idea." Hannah said glaring at Brennan out of the corner of her eyes.

"Why? Bones when is the last time you have eaten? I know that if you get wrapped up in your work then you forget to eat." Booth said directing his words to both Hannah and Bones. Desperately trying to convey he wanted Bones to come.

"I ate not too long ago Booth, and I have a lot of work to do still. I'll see you around though."

"Okay." Booth said still slightly worried about his partner who he could see had not eaten or slept recently.

"I'll see you Bones." He called out as Hannah pulled him away.

"I'll meet you in the car Seeley. I just need to finish talking with Temperance." He nodded and ran to car. She slowly walked back to the still frozen Brennan, and said with a triumphant smile.

"To be perfectly clear you are not invited to the wedding. Or anywhere with us anymore." She turned around and waved over her shoulder saying.

"Goodbye Temperance."

~*End Flashback*~

"What are you doing here?" She heard the angry voice of Hannah say. She whirled around to see her half dressed with hands on her hips glaring at her.

"I came to support Booth on his wedding day." Brennan said matter-o-factly.

"Well I thought I made it perfectly clear you aren't invited to Seeley and my wedding."

"You did."

"Well I suggest you leave then."

"Just answer me this is it you or Booth that doesn't want me here?"

"Does it matter?" Hannah answered back. Brennan nodded her understanding, and started walking back holding back tears as they threatened to spill onto her cheeks.

As she continued down the hallway she felt a hand on her shoulder. Once again she whirled around ready to give Hannah a piece of her mind. But instead of Hannah she was met with the concerned face of Seeley Booth.

"Bones, wow." He said looking at her in her knee length spaghetti strap white dress and matching heels. She wiped her eyes quickly hoping her make up wouldn't smear, and looked at him. He was dressed handsomely in a black suit and matching bow tie topped with a smile that could make her knees go weak and her stomach do back flips.

"That is completely illogical. Stomach's can't do back flips." Her rational mind told her, but when she was with him and he smiled at her like that she didn't care.

"Booth I'm hardly the one you should be admiring. I mean look at you." She said with a small smile. He smiled at her again and engulfed her in a hug. She hugged him back uncharacteristically burying her face in his shoulder, and marveled at how well their bodies fit together.

"I'm so glad you came Bones."

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