After about thirty minutes of walking around the huge sand dune, the gang and their friends finally came upon a startling sight. A few meters in front of them lay the most beautiful desert setting that anyone could ever imagine. There were green palm trees outlining the oasis which was a dark blue color that clearly reflected the clear sky above them. There were also a couple of date palms surrounding the area. A slight breeze was blowing through the palms and everyone felt the wind touch their skin making their hairs stand on the ends. Suddenly the blistering heat seemed to cool down. The gang walked towards the oasis and collapsed in one heap.

"Phew." Laney sighed "I'm never gonna complain about sweating in the garage again."

"I'm never going to skip showers again." Kon announced.

"So that's why the garage always smells so funky!" says a disgusted Trina.

"We love the smell." Kate and Allie say defensively.


After almost an hour of resting, the sun was climbing higher and higher, so the gang used one of Kin's inventions called "Survival in 1". It contained three tents, some blankets, a first aid kit, a knife, some rope, a match box, a water filter and a handful of mysterious, unidentified, grey pills that Kin included. All of the supplies were packed into a little cube that Kin created after several failed attempts to squeeze all the large stuff in. All you had to do was throw the cube down hard and the force will make the cube burst open.

"How'd you create that survival cube, Kin?" Laney asks.

"It's kinda difficult to explain." Kin replies. "You wouldn't understand a word I'm saying."

"You got that right."

They continued to set up camp until the sun was almost down. The night was slowly darkening the sky and temperatures were starting to drop. Trina huddled close to Nick Mallory completely unaware of how uncomfortable he was. Mina was secretly mad but that evening she had a couple of tricks up her sleeve for Trina. She quietly left the rest of the group and went behind a couple of bushes. Corey and Laney noticed this and quickly followed her to her hiding spot.

"What are you doing, Mina?" Corey asked suspiciously.

They caught her by surprise. She jumped at the sound of Corey's voice and dropped a handful of baby scorpions at her feet.

"Ahhh, scorpions!" Laney let out a silent scream so as to not alert Trina and Nick. "What are you doing with baby scorpions, Mina?"

Mina sighed "They're not real they're just little robots my lab partners and I built, but they really look and act like the real desert scorpions, don't they?"


"Were you planning to scare Trina with them?"

"Yes, I know she's your sister but. . ."

"That's great!"


"I know you and Nick have a little chemistry going on right?"

"Well yes, but. . ."

"But the only thing standing in your way is my sis, right?"

"Uh huh"

"Well if you scare her, she will scream and run into the tents away from Nick, which will leave him all alone for you lovebird."

"Hah . . . Ok."

"We should really tell Kin and Kon just so they're aware of the whole situation." Laney butts in.

"Good idea."