The gang stared in horror as the undead king slowly unwrapped himself. Dust drifted down onto the floor and desert beetles dropped down with loud clicks. A musty smell floated to Corey's nose making him gag uncontrollably. Everyone held their breath when the last bandage fell off from his face. Instead of a dead face crawling with maggots, there stood a young guy about Nick's age. His skin looked like it was made of polished bronze. His hair was black as charcoal and his muscles (Trina noted) looked like it had been carved by angels.

"Who brought me back?" He asked.

"You speak English?" exclaimed a surprised Corey.

"No, I'm speaking Egyptian but the magic of these pyramids make you hear me speak your language, and I hear you speak my tongue." He said simply.

"What brought you here?" Laney asked.

"I was awakened from my peaceful slumber by a chant of rising."

"Um. . . I brought you back." Allie stammered.

"Little girl brought me back?"

"Uh, huh." There was a very long pause.

"Um . . . your highness, what is your name?" Mina questioned.

"My name is Ptolemy, but you shall address me with great respect or I shall have you thrown in the river Nile where the crocodiles will feast on your flesh." He threatened. "Now before I take the throne I must meet my future wife."

"There's no queen here." Kate said.

"Nonsense." King Ptolemy replied. "She is standing right there looking radiant as ever." He pointed to Trina.

"Nick Mallory's afraid you're mistaking." Nick said. "That's not your queen that is Corey's sister Trina Riffin."

"Rubbish!" Trina screamed with fake tears.

"Trina! What are you doing?"

"You have upset her!" Ptolemy shouted angrily. "Guards seized these foreigners, and lock them up, they are to be thrown to the crocodiles tomorrow morning when I wed my beautiful bride."

They all watched helplessly as Ptolemy's guards (humans with eagle heads) escorted Trina away into the Queen's chambers while the rest dragged the gang to the dungeons.

(Locking up Transition)

"What's going on with Trina?" Corey asked after they'd all been thrown into their cells.

"Duh Core, she wants us executed." Laney answers irritated. How long will he be oblivious to everything around him?

"Maybe she's just confused." Kon adds.

"Confused Kon, I don't think so. You saw the way she acted when she saw all that gold and diamonds and of course the crown." Kin points out.

"Don't forget the pharaoh." Kate and Allie speak with dreamy looks on their faces.

"She's got it bad." Mina declares aloud it echoes throughout the room.

"Nick Mallory is afraid that Trina Riffin might not like the pharaoh for long." Nick says thoughtfully.

"He's right!" Mina exclaims.

"What are you talking about Mina?" Corey questions.

"According to Egyptian culture, it is important that a queen must always be with her husband through to the afterlife."


"If the pharaoh were to die a natural death or be killed and buried, then Trina will have to die too."

Silence followed.

"Ok. . . while you guys plan on how to get out of here, I'm going to fix the machine." Kin breaks in.

"Good idea."

. . .

After Kin had finished fixing the bugs on the Travel Machine, he slumped down against the cell walls exhausted while listening to the bickering of the rest of the gang.

"Man I'm hungry." Kon announces.

"So am I." Laney agrees.

"Did you all get those grey pills I put in the survival kits?" Kin asks weakly.

"I got all of them." Laney responds emptying her pockets. About 30 grey pills fell out of her hands. "What are these for?"

"Just place them on a clean surface and put two drops of water on them."

Kate and Allie gathered a handful of straw inside the cell and put them at Laney's feet. Laney dropped the pills and Corey released a few drops of water onto the pills. Without warning the pills started to swell up and suddenly bursts open. Everyone except Kin shuts their eyes in surprise and slowly opens them. The sight that greeted them was simply glorious. About several different dishes laid in order from the appetizers to the main course to the desserts. It was delicious. In the appetizers, there was chicken soup and shrimp with mixed veggies. The main courses consisted of spaghetti, roast beef and steak with a side dish of carrots and potatoes with butter melted perfectly on it. As for the desserts there was a little bit of everything from banana splits to cakes to custard and cream to blocks of ice cream of various flavors. Kon was the first to dive into the desserts. Mina and Nick helped themselves to a couple of shrimps dipped in sweet and sour sauce, Laney was slurping up spaghetti and getting ketchup mixed in her hair but it was unnoticeable. Corey, Kin and the groupies sat down and stuffed themselves full of roast beef. There was no one around because most of the guards were stationed outside Trina's chambers to protect her from Corey.

(After Meal Transition)

"Ugh, so stuffed." Laney quotes. "Eww, what was that?"

"Sorry." Kon apologizes while giving off a second lethal fart. It echoes throughout the cell.

"Gross bro, you're gonna make me throw up everything good." Kin nearly pukes.

"So has anyone figured out how we're going get out of here?" Mina pipes up.

"We could play dead." Corey suggested, he was too tired to think straight.

"Or. . . we could use the travel machine to get out of here!" Kin yelled.

"Right." everybody echoes weakly.

. . .

Early the next morning around 4:00 am, Corey and the gang snuck into the throne room. They expected to find it looking bare for it was still slightly dark but much to their disappointment and surprise, it was already decorated for the wedding to take place. Corey and Nick made their way into Trina's room and found her snoring on a bed of linen. Her makeup was smudged and she looked like a vampire. He slowly gagged her and swiftly and silently Nick Mallory picked her up and Corey used the large sack Trina previously used to kidnap Nick to bag her. They both quickly tiptoed out of the chambers. Kin was waiting outside of the throne room, as soon as they arrived, Kin quickly enlarged the Travel Machine and they all got in. It was a relief for the trio when the Travel Machine transported them out of the pyramid and back to the oasis where the rest of the gang had been previously placed. Corey emerged looking triumphant followed by Nick dragging Trina behind him. Laney, Kon, Mina and the groupies had already set up camp and fallen asleep. Corey quietly pitched Trina's tent and dumped the sack in. Corey and Nick pitched their own tents while Kin crawled into his two-man tent and fell asleep next to a farting Kon.