Three hours later Corey woke up by sound of high pitch screaming. It was Trina.

"What is going on?" she yelled "Where am I?"

Corey was the first to run out. Dang it! I didn't tie her hands. He watched as Trina marched around trying to find something to kick into the air. She looked ridiculous. She strutted out like a duck and her face looked like she hadn't slept for years. Her screaming had woken up everybody.

Laney came out with her hair in messy curls.

"Corey, you better calm her or I'll take her down myself." Her voice was dangerously serene.

Corey knew she wasn't kidding. "Okay Trina quiet!" He shouted.

Trina stopped.

"Good." Corey continued. "Everyone pack up. We're going home."

There was a sudden ruffle of clothes in the tents and bags zipping. Five minutes later they all stood outside the Travel Machine looking strangely solemn. Kin was puzzled. "What's going on dudes?" He asked "You're all creeping me out."

"It's just that we've been in different locations in just a couple of days." Mina quoted.

"And we almost died." Kate added.

"But we didn't." Allie continued.

"I've never eaten a lot in any of my travels." Kon said.

"You've never travelled out of Peaceville, Kon." Corey chuckled.

"True." Laney agreed.

"Nick Mallory suggests that we get going." Nick said.

They all got into the machine and this time there was a ten second countdown with no gut churning rotations. They felt a huge thud under their feet in about minute and when they all stepped out, they were greeted with a familiar cheesy smell. They were home.

"That was some trip." Allie commented.

"I know right." Kate stated.

"So what now?" Kin asked.

"I don't know." Laney says with confusion.

"Nick Mallory thinks there shouldn't be any trips from now on."

"You got that right Nick." Mina spoke quietly. "You wanna go walk in the park, 'cause I'm going there right now."

Nick smiled and the two of them strolled out of the garage hand in hand. Trina stormed into her room and slammed the door behind her. Corey was left alone with Laney. The others had mysteriously disappeared. "You wanna go watch a movie at around seven Lanes?" Corey asked shyly.

Laney smiled. "Sure Core, I could use a good horror film after all the drama."

Corey blushed and they walked off. Behind the junk in the garage Kin, Kon and the groupies were silently watching the duo.

"Well it's about time Corey said something." Kin says with relief.

"Corey and Laney sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!" Kate and Allie sang.

"You twos should probably keep an eye on Corey." Kon suggested. "Who knows when he may need you."

"Nah, he's good. See ya."

"Well Kin, Corey's not here to close the garage door. Do the honors, please."

"Thanks for coming out everyone."

"Hey, that's my line!" Corey shouts in the distance.