Hello again people of the internet, it is I an author. Coming to you live from... my home.

Today I have a brand new story idea that I came up with while avoiding doing work in my English class.

Now I may have some fans of my other story "The Prophecy of Four"wondering when the next chapter will be up sometime in the future, i'm workin on it okay...you can seriously put the torches and pitchforks away...where do you guys get those by the way?

Anyway, let's get on with it.

Before he died James Potter had one thought "How would lily have taken the fact that I'm the reincarnation of an experiment, god why did I never tell her?" with this thought James punched Voldemort in the face mere seconds before being hit by the killing curse.

Before she died Lily Potter nee Evans had two thoughts "Thank god I found that natural Materia spring, this fucker is not going to take my son, I already lost one once and I am not going to do it again." And "I wonder how James would have taken the news that I am the reincarnation of a scientist that willingly gave up her and her lovers unborn son for experimentation" with those two thoughts lily activated the materia and placed it into a magically expanding bracer on her sons arm.

"stand aside you silly girl"

Lily turned, there standing in the doorway was the most feared dark wizard of this century, Vodletort, summoning up all the courage she could Lily stated

"Like hel I will, you want my son, you go through me"

"Such heart, too bad I have to kill you"

"Go ahead you snake faced fuck"

And thus with that heartfelt statement and the saliva running down voldies face, Lily potter died.

Voddletort's last thought before he became less than a disease was "This is the child that is prophesised to be defeat me hah"

Raising his 13" yew and phoenix feather wand he cast once more for the night the curse that killed this brat's parents.

Vodles next thought was one that was cut off when he watched the curse hit a barrier, split unevenly in two and the larger part ricochet back to him. The thought went a little like this "Ha ha now no one can sto- oh shi-"and thus He fled.

Little Harry James potter's last though before falling asleep was "where's mummy and daddy, have they left me? Big brother is still here with me though" with that though harry potter closed his Emerald/sapphire eyes and fell asleep to the wind ruffling through his black and silver hair and the roar of his uncle's motorbike.

He did not know the hell he would be living in for the next ten years.

Who's the big brother?

Who were Lily and James in a past life?

do you want me to continue this?

Find out next time (maybe) on Brother of The One-Winged Angel.