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Previously on B.O.T.O-W.A

"now Hagrid tell me, why did 'Professor' Dumbledore have my vault key?"


"Err well you see Harry, I don't know why Professor Dumbledore had your key, he just gave it to me and told me to use it to get you some money." Hagrid Explained looking nervous

"I see, did he happen to tell you to give me the key or for you to bring it back to him?" Harry questioned

"Well he didn't say either way, I figured that he'd want me to give it to you."

"Right, well could you give me the key now, Gen and I need to have a small chat with the goblins about something?"

"But I'm supposed to stay with you."Hagrid stated

"And you will be able to when I have finished my business here, I'm sorry but I really need to speak with the goblins!" Harry said with finality.

"O-okay, so we'll met up-"

"At the front entrance yes," Harry said ushering Hagrid out the door, turning to Griphook Harry asked, "Master goblin you wouldn't happen to be able to tell me who the head of the Potter Vaults is?"

"That information, Human all depends on whether you are who you say you are." Griphook stated with a slight condescending sneer.

"Okay, do you have some sort of spell that tells whether or not someone is who they say they are or is it some sort of blood/inheritance test?"

"you'll find out soon enough Human, now follow me to the ritual room."Griphook said as he walked down the hall towards a set of Ebony doors, a gold plaque attached to one side said:


Inheritance Overseer

False claims are to be met with extreme prejudice

Animals welcome

"Well he sounds...fun?"

"Depends on your definition of fun." Griphook said as he went through the doors motioning for Harry to wait while he spoke to who Harry assumed to be Riphood.

After a few minutes Harry and Gen were let into the office and faced with one of the most wrinkled goblins ever sitting behind a large ornate desk.

"Welcome Mr Potter to my office, please have a seat, I am Riphood, the head of the Inheritance department here at Gringotts, I have been informed that you wish to have a look at what you stand to inherit."

"Yes that's correct, so how do we do this?" Harry asked getting straight to business.

"Easily, you just need to place four drops of blood into this potion here," a golden vial was placed on the desk between them "wait for approximately seven minutes and then pour the contents onto this piece of parchment here for the results." The parchment was placed in a tray on the desk along with a silver needle.

"Is there anything I should know before I do this?" It seemed to be a bit too easy for an Inheritance test, there had to have been some sort of catch.

"Well your friend over there will need to be off your body during the process lest his innate magical signature interfere with your results, also if you are not who you say you are, your death will be slow and painful." Here Riphood smiled viciously as if the thought of what he would do to Harry should h prove to not be who he said he was pleased him.

"Okay then...Gen I'm gonna have to move ya to do this." Harry Proceeded to shift Gen onto the chair beside him and grabbed the needle.

Pricking his right index finger, and squeezing out four drops. Harry passed the vial back to Riphood and watched as it was capped. Shaken and placed back on the desk.

"So while we wait for that, I have a question about the words on the outside of the bank, I mean there is the English which is Gringotts but the rest of it, the stuff around that, what language is it?"

"Hmm curious aren't you, well if you must know it is the language of the old world, the First World." Riphood stated.

"The First World?" Harry questioned hoping to get some answers to the questions the others had about the world and what happened to their own.

"You see before what the muggles know as the Big Bang, the world was different almost as if it were another world, the world was teeming with monsters, the people of the First World were able to harness the energy of the planet however they got to greedy using the energy they sought to control both the spiritual and physical energys, however before they they could do that a few of their own got a different idea-," Riphood paused in his explanation looking at the vial, "but I think your friend over there can explain it better at a later time, the potion is ready."

Riphood grabbed the vial and poured the potion onto the parchment, immediately the parchment started to glow, thin black lines and names appeared spanning the page until it finally stopped on one family name Tuesti.

"Let's see here, yes you are indeed Harry Potter," Riphood stated looking over the parchment "here you are, you may look at your results while I arrange for your keys."

Harry accepted the parchment and watched as Riphood called and sent a messenger for the keys to his vaults.

Harrison Vincent James Potter

of the:

Potter (head)

Slytherin (heir by conquest)

Evans (head)

Griffyndor (head)

千手一族, Senju clan (heir)

Black (heir)

Tuesti (head)

"Well... that's a couple of families that I'm related to, will I be getting bank statements along with the keys to my vaults?" Harry asked curiously, eyeing some of the names dubiously.

"Oh yes you will get a bank statement with the key's,"Riphood said as a stumpy goblin walked in with an ornate golden box, a lot of the things in this place seemed to be ornate, "ahh here they are."

Inside the box were four intricate golden keys and three plain silver keys, sitting atop a few layers of parchment. Picking up the layers of parchment Harry finally got an idea of how rich he was.

#60 Potter Family Holdings

Galleons: 300, 789, 000

Sickles: 200,000,145

Knuts: 409, 879, 124


152 Griffon road

Godric's Hollow

Potter Manor- Cornwall

#7 Slytherin Family Holdings

Galleons: 50

Sickles: 45

Knuts: 317


¼ Hogwarts- Scotland

¼ Hogsmead Village

Slytherin Manor- Aberfeldy

# 756 Evans Family Holdings

Galleons: 908,000

Sickles: 107,000

Knuts: 205,000


Evans Family Home- 4 Privet Drive Surry

Daily Prophet Building (and Company)- Diagon Alley

#6 Griffindor Family Holdings

Galleons: 439, 067, 691

Sickles: 357, 096, 067

Knuts:162, 549, 756


¼ Hogwarts- Scotland

¼ Hogsmeade Village

Griffindor Manor- Killin

Godric's Hollow

#8 千手一族 Senju Clan Holdings

Galleons: 987, 098, 675

Sickles: 173, 693, 189

Knuts: 164, 242, 628


Note: Due to Senju Tsunade (A.K.A The Legendary Sucker), the Bank of Gringotts to give anyone in the Senju Family in The Hidden Continents any of the Wizarding currency.


木ノ葉隠れの里 Konohagakure no Sato- 火の国 Hi no kuni Hidden Continents

Senju Family Home- Tokyo

Sanju clan Home- Glasgow

#59 Black Family Holdings

Galleons: 908, 567, 154

Sickles: 564, 142, 186

Knuts: 151, 901,133


Black Ancestral Home- 12 Grimmald Place Islington

Black Vacation Homes: Verona, Italy

Pécs, Hungary

Bondi Beach & Airlie Beach, Australia

L.A, America

#1 Tuesti Family Holdings

Galleons: 0

Sickles: 0


Item in vault:

Cait sith


Galleons: 2, 636, 430, 570

Sickles: 1, 295, 038, 632

Knuts: 888, 777, 958

Ryo: 96194.87

Equating to £8179737612.96 from G/S/K to Pounds

and 522.34 Ryo to Pounds

"So that's a lot of money... are you sure that it belongs to me" Harry questioned looking over the statements

"Yes it seems that way however as you are under the age of 17 and have not been emancipated in any way, you will be unable to obtain all of your funds, and will have to make do with picking one of the vaults and having a limiter on your spending," Riphood said, taking back the parchment and placing it back in the box, "please pick he vault that you will be opening and subsequently using."

Harry paused, thinking over which key he should take when Gen stood up, streatched, opened his mouth, clamped his teeth around Harry's shirt sleeve and dragged it over to the key with the number 60. Gen's next course of action was to sit next to the Key with the number 1.

"Well it seems I will be going with the Potter family vault then, do you think we could also go down to vault number 1, to see what this cait sith, thing is... would it be possible to take whatever it is with me if I need to?" Harry was going to trust Gen with his decision.

After getting the affirmative on the course of action, Harry and Gen followed a different goblin (this one by the name of Ironshout) down to the mine cart rollercoaster, once getting the necessary gold from his family vault and asking if they could go any faster (sadly no, it only had one speed, much to Gen's relief) they finally made it to Vault number one, the first vault to be created by the goblins.

"So how long has this vault been here?"

"This vault here was built long ago, some say before the event that changed the world, created by the only man to survive the event, Reeve Tuesti, no-one knows what's in here." Ironshout grunted as he unlocked the door revealing what seemed to be a black and white cat in a cape and crown, sitting atop a large marshmallow.

Gen, who had been resting on Harry's shoulders, gracefully slithered to the ground, trotted over to the thing and jumped onto the big round stomach of the large marshmallow.

"HA! HA! HA!"

"What is that?" Harry asked turning to Ironshout and ignoring Gen who seemed to be trying to grab something on the back of the cat.

"No-one knows, hell no-one has been able to turn it on since it was placed here."


"Aye whadduya think you're doing," The cat thing can talk apparently, "who're you?"

"Umm well, I'm Harry Potter, current owner of this vault, who and what are you, if you don't mind me asking?"

"O'course I mind if you ask, I don't be going around giving random people my name now do I? But if you must know, I am Cait Sith, the friendly cat/mog combination companion." Cait Sith stated with an air of haughtiness.