(5)Honey scroggins had disappeared years ago, assumed to still be missing due to her young age at the time. (10)Hope scroggins also disappeared after looking for her.

Now, 12 years later, the sisters reappear as (22)June and (17)Marie Brooks. It surprises everyone when they find how strong their bond is. Marie doesn't get mad at June at all for calling her Honey. (JJ thought it was adorable)

They both had gotten into the BAU with natural skill, which surprised everyone as well because they stated before hand that even if one of them was better than the other, you have two new employees or two strangers.

The sisters didn't really look alike at all (you can guess another surprise). June has brown hair with dark purple tips, she typically wore bright colored shirts with black jeans. Marie had blonde hair with pale blue tips, wore mostly dark colors, like deep blue and emerald green with blue jeans.

These two were the strangest non-criminals they had met other than Reid. They get even weirder when about 2 months of working there, they have a case on Petunia, Dudley and Vernon Dursley. Most of them believe in the sister's "old neighbor story" but one of them isn't quite Convinced.

They ask Garcia for research on neighbors of the Dursleys through out the years and none of them include any Brooks. Unlike what you would have expected, they don't tell Hotch or even try to sneak in hints on it in the investigations. They confront the sisters about it.

Let's just say that Marie got a "anonymous" call saying her father is sick and needs her there so she leaves with June while on the case.

And our story begins there.