3rd person

As the first snow fell outside of her cave she was going through laiber. Who some may ask, is this woman and why is she in a cave? The Answer is simple she is a werewolf and her name is Sally Jackson, last member of the pack of waters. Now she's in that cave to give life to her son, who is also the son of a god. A Greek god, or more specificly the sea god Poseidon. she was berthing in wolf form becaus it is less likely that she'd need someone there to help her.

Soon her first contactshon hit her with such vishos ness that she howled in pain. Which was a very bad time to howl, seeing as artimis and her hunters were near enof to hear the howls.

"My lady did you hear that?" One of the new hunters cried.

"Yes. I did. It sounded like a wolf. But what is a wolf doing in a park so far from a forest?" Artimis wondered.

"I was kind of wondering why we're here and not in a forest."

"To find the mysterious sorce of that energy lord Zeus sensed 9 months ago. It's strang how we haven't found it yet." Artimis answered. With that they kept looking and found the wolf and her new born.

"Lady artimis we've found a female wolf and what looks to be her new born son. Shall we kill him and have her as a new helper?" An older girl questioned.

"No. Look at how much she is willing to do to make you leave. But I can tell she is more then just a wolf. Maybe someones pet that they bread with a dog to get that pup over there. Come on we have more important things to do." With that the hunters left.

Sighing Sally layer down around her son. The next few years would be hard to go threw. She had to hide her pup, percy. 'I'll hide as a human and find someone who's sent is strong enof to mask ours.' With that though in mind she picked up her pup by the scruff and shifted from wolf to human. Then went looking for a new place to live before she went looking for a human. She did not what to have to explain why her puppy was suddenly a baby. So after percy shifted to a baby after a month of hiding she went looking for a human to live with.

18 years later

percy wakes from a dream of a brown wolf giving berth to a wolf as black as night. Some how he felt he new the brown preditor, so he decided to ask his mom. Today was his last day at home befor he when's to the new greek and roman camp, camp balince. The camp hosed both greek and roman demigods. the camp shirts were red with the picter of mt. Olympus on it. Eney way when he asked she sighed and told him the whole story. About being a werewolf, about being the last of the water pack, a pack that can breath under water. And how he was the heir to the pack even if it was just him and his mom.

" But mom i go to camp balince. They would never except me i they knew! What about Annabeth? Can i trust her? She's like a sister to me."