As we ran I could hear the foot falls of mom. They slowed slightly but kept a good pace. Mom? Where do we go now? It's not like we can just go to Paul and live there with him. The gods would find us and probably hurt him. I thought to my mother.

I know. But Paul is also a werewolf Percy. That's why I started dating him in the first place befor we got married as humans. And thus mates. Mom thought back to me. Ok Paul will be coming with us. At least I have more than just mom with me in this new world I'm now a part of.

—•—•—with Paul —•—•—

Come on come on! We have to make it to him befor the gods catch us. "Paul! We have to go. The dad knows the secret! We have to hurry." I shouted so Paul would hear where ever he was in the house. I ran to my room and filled a bag with extra clothes, cash, drachma, and a blanket. Then met the rest of the apartment's occupants and left. When we reached the woods we changed and bolted for a safe place mom knew of.

Sally? What do we need to do? It's your call if we go to another safe place. But just remember that Percy isn't used to his wolf form yet. Paul thought to mom but I heard him anyway. We were still in wolf form. But to mortals a wolf with a back pack on must look strang. Looking over at Paul I just realized that he was a gray wolf with whight spots. But still the same kind face.

Paul? I curious what pack you're from. He moved away from the other wolf and looked at me.

The Serene pack. We can have way to much of a level head sometimes. Okay that explains why he's a teacher. 'Cause all teachers need to be really calm and patient.' I thought to myself. I didn't realize that I had thought it to both of them, until mom and Paul looked at me strangely. What? Is something wrong. Do we have to go again? Because I'm still not used to this form. No. It's just that you spoke in our minds when you didn't want to. And you should know that it will be dangerous for us. For you and me as the last of our pack and for Paul for being the last of his pack.

Yes it will be hard to survive but we will. I'll teach you all an alpha needs to know. But the question remains. Are you ready to learn? Now what do I say? I don't know probably yes.

—•—•—with the Olympians—•—•—

"Are you sure Poseidon? If it is your son then he is in great danger. Many other werewolfs will be after him. To kill him or some to use as a bargaining chip." Zeus interacted his older brother.

"Yes! I saw Sally shift from wolf to human. She tried to aproch me but I backed away."

"if Sally is a werewolf then we need to find them. Artemis can you find them?" Athena continued from a thought no one got to hear.

"Of course I can. But you need to know I know where they are right now. That's because it was night when they fled. And it seems your son's step father is also a werewolf." Artemis said this as if it didn't really matter. Ok the facts made Poseidon worry for them even more. What if Percy thinks I hate him because I ran away from them? No I have to find him!

"Poseidion why don't you just teleport him to you?did you forget that he's your son?" Athena sneered.

"No I just was so worryed I forgot I could do that." Was his whiny retort. With that he brought his son to them. But he was in contact with two other wolfs. So he decided to bring them with his son. when they appeared the wolfs were attacking Percy. Little did he know the wolfs were simply training him. "Who dares attack my son when he is on his own?!" The wolfs stopped and looked at him curiously.

The wolfs looked at each other and shifted. "Actually they we're training me to survive in a normal wolf fight. They only teach those that need a lot of help. Namely werewolfs that just became or just learned of their heritage." Percy growled out.

"Okay. But what are the names of theses two uh... wolfs?" Zeus questioned.

"We're right here ya know. My names StownPaws. This is my sister." The tall blond boy with hazelnut eyes.

"My name is WinterPaws. And I'm in an arranged marriage with StrongHeart." The girl who had whight-blonde hair and minty green eyes. She was fairly tall and looked as though she worked out all the time. At the strange looks she continued, "To you he's known as Percy. But his wolf name is StrongHeart. Which is the name you're supposed to use. Not the human name to keep safe from the ones that would do us harm."

With that they proceeded to look at Percy er StrongHeart. "What? I've known since I learned that I was a werewolf." He answered with slight annoyance. "Can we please leave now? I have to get back to training."

"No. We are supposed to protect you now. So you have to stay here." Hera ordered. Ok that was just off from her usual demeanor.

"Do you really think that he needs protection? Because if you do then you're sourly mistaken. Did you protect him when the second Titan war started? How about the second giant war? No! Each time he has had to fight for his life!" WinterPaws reprimanded the gods.

With that the three shifted and barged out of the throne room, barreling down the hall and threw the immortal city and to the side and leapt over the low wall. Falling down to the streets below. The gods fallowed just in time to see them jump over the edge.

"No!" course the gods. But when they made it to the edge and looked over, they saw the white wolf and the dusty blond wolf were guiding the fall. Percy was falling slower then the other two. Strange. How does he defy the laws of gravity? Athena thought.