Chapter 1: Annoying

Almost everyone is annoying to Toshiro. Almost everyone, Kurosaki Karin was whole another story. All she did was prattle on about soccer and when was he going to play on the team. To Karin only three things mattered; soccer, her family and the team. Until the Shinigami world takes a shit on her life. Now she comes across one of the best players besides herself. Ichigo and his girlfriend Rukia disagree. Ichigo, Rukia, her family and all their friends combined belief that she's just finding an excuse to be with him. Her only thing she says is it's for the team.

"Hitsugaya Taicho" says Masumoto; she comes in after a day of avoiding paperwork.

"Taicho "yells Masumoto

"What! Masumoto, and stop yelling," demands Toshiro

"Taicho, I was in the living world", of course you were he thinks, "And Karin-Chan wanted to know why you haven't come to the games. "Says Masumoto

"Is it that all Masumoto, is that all she said." Toshiro inquires with a bit of impatient

"Well… I kind of edited her" whispers Masumoto


Karin heart is pounding and lurching as she considers the reasons for him to not come.

"Oh my God what if he's angry, maybe he'll never come back, no that the team needs him. "Stutters Karin

"Yeah that's all she said Taicho." Masumoto says

I'd better make a trip to the living world, thinks Toshiro


"What Masumoto"

"Why don't you tell her the truth?"

"What truth?"

"That's not happening Masumoto, stay out of it." Well he thought Karin deserves to know I'm a soul and a Taicho of 10th division of Gotei 13, for Christ Sake!

Later on at home Karin watched her twin sister, Yuzu cook. She was lost in thought, "Why don't you tell him you love him? "Asks Yuzu as her blond head surveyed her work.

"Yuzu! It's not like that he just a teammate." Karin exclaims visibly flustered, red with embarrassment. Not that she was ever going to tell her sister what occurred between them, it will stay a secret for now.


It happened after playing a match against high scholars who taunted their skills. The team called them the Fire and Ice Duo.
After the long awaited match, she was whizzing on air and she could tell he felt the same; he just didn't want it to be known. He wants to be the nonsense little Taicho. They talked about the game, how they crushed them with their special move.
He talked about his work in soul society, how he sad that he won't be able to come to watch her games. She loved watching his slender hands as he talked about Zanpakuto Hyorinmaru, how it took the infinite water particles in the air turned into ice.

Then it happened, they turned to laugh and their faces were a millimeter apart. He breathed out a gust of mint and cold air on her face. He breathed in her scent and said "I love how you smell so good even after a long game". He ducked down near her face, wrapped his lithe arms around her waist. Closed his beautiful turquoise eyes, they were like ice, and kissed her. Her thoughts were muddled, thinking about how his hands, held her tenderly and gently almost afraid to break her. These hands roughened from holding his zanpakuto for decades. Hands that killed thousands of enemies with a calm face, held her like a feather in the snow. But they burned like the inferno in hell, in pure ecstasy.

Then he pulled back in a flash, his eyes clouded with uncertainty he said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have!" Then he bolted not even with a second glance, her angel had flown away.