Chapter 7: Surprise Pt2

Orihime shows up with Rangiku in tow. And says "what's the emergency, Yuzu said it was important."

Orihime shirt was still damp from running out the shower to reach the Kurosaki house.

"Sorry to bother you Orihime-san, Rangiku-san" says Rukia looking a bit sheepishly at Karin.

"What's wrong with Karin-chan?" says Orihime at the same time Rangiku decides to say "I got the dress."

"Ehhh…." Orihime says completely lost.

"I think going to be sick" Karin says while looking green.

"Okay, Karin go lay down and take deep breaths."Rukia whispers,"Now let's get Yuzu to help her get ready. While I go fill you guys in."

"Okay so you guys saw Hitsugaya-Taicho down there right." Rukia says while looking at the girls in the circle.

"Ano, Taicho looked really nice"

"Man he looked scared for his life."

"He looked as bad as Karin-chan" all three said at the same.( An:Kinda skipped the explanation)

"Taicho is finally going to do something about his feeling."squealed Rangiku.

"Well at least I know why Karin ran"says Yuzu happy that her sister finally going to get Toshiro and stop moping around.

"Eto…. Karin-chan is going to let us put her in a dress" Orihime says with a look if pigs could fly.

"We'll worry about that when we get to it" Rukia says.

They finally got Karin ready with a whole lotta elbow grease. But it was worth seeing her walk do towards her date.

Karin was dressed in a knee-length dress with a sweet-heart neckline.
The dress is completely except for the turquoise flowers that on the bodice and a fiery blue sash on her waist.
Her hair was in an up-do, curls going down her back and she had light makeup on.
And even though she was wearing a dress she still wore her favorite sneakers because not even hell could make her wear heels.

"Hey Toshiro" says Karin breaking him from his reprieve.

"Hey Karin" he said with a smirk, "let's go I have a surprise for you".

"You know I hate surprises "says Karin still irked that she can't make fun of his height no that he's 5"8 and she's only 5"5, three inches shorter.

"Well you won't hate this one, I promise" he said with an amused smirk.

"Fine I trust you but except to get hit if I get ticked."

"Wouldn't expect anything else." Toshiro says while sighing finally I'm with her.