After breakfast, the first few contestants of the brawl commenced. The participators: Link, Pit, Mega Man, and Quote. The four entered the teleporters and entered the arena.


The battle commenced. The battle started out in to separate brawls, with Mega Man against Quote, and Link against Pit. Pit made his first move on Link by shooting his arrows, Link blocking them in return. Link also made his move, closing the distance between them quickly, and striking in a horizontal slash. Pit barely dodged, getting away with only a scratch on his tunic. He retaliated with a strike of his own, splitting his bow in two creating two blades. The two fighters clashed together in a heated sword fight, until Link pushed Pit so far back, he fell out of the arena.

Link quickly gathered himself, and turned his attention to where the other two fighters wrapped up their own match.

Quote swiftly dodged the attack from his opponent's Mega Buster, retaliating with his own Polar Star gun. Quote moved gracefully, dodging every projectile swiftly, and attacked promptly after with systematic accuracy, each shot more meticulous than the last, until Mega Man sustained too much damage and shot out of game, leaving only him and Link.

Quote moved first, switching his Polar Star for his missiles, bombarding Link with a barrage of bullets. Link avoided the missiles speedily and homing in on his target for a stab strike. Quote quickly twisted sideways and switched back to his Polar Gun and bunting Link on the backside of the head and flipping him off the stage.


The winner is….QUOTE!