Episode 1: Disappearance and Letters

A body fell to the ground, just as a man approached another human figure, standing above the limp body.

"This is incredible! Who knew it would work so well…" The man smiled. "I'll be looking forward to using you in the future as well."


Curly walked into the dining room, plate full of food. She sat down next to Zelda and Peach, looking around the room, frowning slightly. She turned to her friends and asked, "Hey, have you guys seen Quote? He went out last night with Mega Man but hasn't returned yet. I'm starting to get worried."

However, neither princess had seen the android. That was when Pit and Dark Pit flew into the room, each carrying one side of a blue figure, sparks flying put of the wires that were poking out.

"H-Help! It's Mega Man…He…He….!" Pit began, but was too shaken to continue anymore, so Dark Pit finished for him.

"We found him all banged up in an alley while out in the city. Don't know what happened, but whoever it was…. Definitely knows about us." He finished. The dark angel seemed more composed despite the situation compared to his twin. But those who knew the clone well understood that he was simply putting on airs as a support for his original. Dark Pit pulled out a piece of paper, crumpled in his grip but was still decipherable.

Link eyed the paper suspiciously, taking it from the dark angel's hand, who as soon as the paper was handed, went straight to Pit's side and comforted the angel of light. Link read the contents of the paper, eyes going wide in horror. The paper fell out of his hands, which was then caught by Curly. She took one look at the paper and her blood ran cold. Or at least, it would have if she was human.

The others crowded around and took turns grabbing and reading the note. Pit and Dark Pit left the room to take the broken robot to Dr. Mario. Tensions rose as each person read the letter.

To the Residents and Masters of the Smash Mansion,

I believe we have yet to be acquainted with one another, I believe. I am the one known as the Doctor. I had just recently found out that Quote and Curly lived in the very same mansion as you all, and decided to have a little…fun. But just a mere kidnapping is not very entertaining, therefore I devised a game. If you can find and apprehend me in the next three days, then I will let your friend go. If not, then I shall take Curly, and the blue one as well. They should make fine soldiers for my army. I have left clues to my whereabouts with the blue one. I wish you good luck…HA! NOT!

The Doctor

P.S. I wonder what would happen if you program the same reactions of a mimiga for the red flowers into a droid…

The room was silent, confusion and tension hanging in the air. Villager, the last to read the note spoke up, albeit awkwardly and nervously.

"Um…I'll go bring this over to the Hands…" and with that he quickly left the room.

Curly slid down with a thud, shaking, hands wrapping around herself, body squeezing tight together into a ball. "Q-Quote….No…"