Episode 2: Searching for the Culprit

Master Hand stared monitor at his computer, rewinding and replaying the same exact scene over and over for hours on end. A sigh escaped his nonexistent lips, as he leaned back in his chair before going back to studying the security footage. There was a knock, then the door opened to show Peach coming in with a plate of cookies in one hand and a glass of water in the other. Behind her, Crazy Hand came in, fingers drooping in an uncharacteristic manner.

"You should really get some rest…I know we have to find Quote and the Doctor as soon as we can, but it won't help anybody if you keep on going like this," Peach chastised gently, though she understood his desperation and possibly anger. Everyone living in this mansion he considered family, and watching as they were being hurt angered and vengeful to no end. Crazy Hand was the same, but is more impulsive with his protective means.

As Master Hand searched through the use of technology, Crazy Hand's method include barging into any occupiable space, no matter how bizarre. Ever since Quote's kidnapping and Mega Man's beating, he has been searching the city day and night, only returning to rest, then going back out to search come daylight.

Master Hand acknowledged Peach's presence as he accepted the plate of cookies and water. "I know…but the contents of the letter and judging from Curly's reaction when she talked about the Doctor and the red flowers…It makes me anxious. We don't have much time. Crazy Hand is using the land to search, and I'm trying to locate any clues by analyzing the security footage, but it's just the same. It starts with Quote stopping in front of the alley, entering it, Mega Man follows, and the screen goes static, as if something hit it. Then the footage to show Quote shooting at and destroying Mega Man, then leaving with a man in a white lab coat. I can't make out the face…"

Crazy Hand went over to his brother's side and pat him on the back of the hand encouragingly. "We'll find them don't worry." He suddenly lit up in excitement, finger moving erratically. "Oh! Speaking of! Mega Man! He's awake, and fixed!"

At that, Master Hand sprung up from his seat and hurried out of the room to go to the hospital wing. The other two followed not so far behind him, as they went to see Mega Man.