AN: Fun little Drabble-esky thingy-me-bob. Humour/Friendship, Magnus/Will early season one learning curve. K rated. Enjoy peeps :)


The abnormal went down with one more tranq-shot and Helen Magnus stood triumphantly over her new quarry. Almost as quickly as the abnormal had fallen her attention was taken by a new problem. "Dammit!" she swore with more than a little feeling.

Will, panting hard and still sporting his patented 'newbie' startled rabbit look turned from where he was standing, staring sharply at Magnus. "What? What is it?" Belatedly he remembered he was still pointing his loaded her this time. The barrel dropped.

Helen sighed and looked resigned, keeping her eyes averted. Her head hung low she concentrated on her fingers. "I broke another nail."

Behind her Ashley rolled her eyes and Henry groaned. "Not this again." he grumbled to himself.

Will's eyebrows soared in disbelief.

"What?" Magnus enquired as she studied his reaction. "Will? Do you have any idea how expensive these things are?"

And so decompression diatribe number 668 began...


AN: Hee, hee. Sly ol' Magnus. That's one way to calm the newbies down! Thoughts?