My first Harry Potter story. Okay lets start off with the rest of the summary. As I mentioned its a Snarry and yes the story does start with Harry's first year. No, Harry and Severus will not get sexual until Harry is older, but the two will have a relationship. A completely innocent relationship. Also I know the Harry Potter universe is based in the UK and I'll start off by apologizing for the very little use of the British language. Finally the story's rating might change later, much later.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or the HP universe, it belongs solely to JK Rowlings. I'm just borrowing them and I promise to put them back when I'm done.

So happy reading and enjoy!

Petunia Dursley couldn't decide if her life changed for the better or the worse. She married at eighteen to a man who loved her despite who her sister was. Then her baby, her Dudley, came a few years later. Vernon had been over the world when she told him they were going to have a son. Immediately she knew that the child was going to be spoiled.

Early in the morning a year later she woke to get the paper and on her doorstep was baby and a letter. She picked up both and brought them into the house. After placing the baby in the full laundry basket that was sitting on the kitchen table, she turned the envelope over and immediately recognized the seal. Despite the fear rising in her she opened it and began reading.

Vernon found her a half hour later crying and holding the baby, her nephew. The Dursley household changed somewhat that day. Petunia pleaded with Vernon to let her keep the child, but he was telling her to get rid of him. He didn't what the likes of him around his son. Right there at the last of her wits she lied to her husband for the first time. She told him that the letter that came with the baby informed her that he was normal and couldn't be allowed to live in that world.

Her husband looked at her for several intense minutes before sighing and agreeing to let her keep the child. That was the day Harry Potter became an official member of the Dursley household.

Keeping a baby with active magical powers was hard work for Petunia. She kept Harry with her at all times unless he was napping. After the first five months she perfected a schedule to accommodate both boys. Dudley didn't like his cousin, no matter how hard she tried to get him to. The boy was as stubborn as her husband.

So whenever Harry napped Petunia would be entertaining her Dudders, then put him down for a nap and wake up her nephew. Harry made things easier for her. He was quiet, hasn't cried once except the time when she had him outside while gardening. It wasn't the fact that he was outside, it was because of the neighbor's dogs. One was a black lab and the other a grey Northern Inuit.

One minute Harry was sound asleep and the next joyously laughing. It warmed her heart to hear such a sound because its the first he has made since he arrived. She turned to see what made him happy and seen the dogs smelling him while his little hands held onto their noses. Fearing that they might harm him she 'shoo' them away. As soon as they ran off Harry began crying loudly.

It took all of ten minutes to ask her neighbor to bring the dogs back over. Harry settled down right away, shortly after he fell asleep. Later that day when Vernon came home from work he asked her what happened to the roses; they were no longer red. She lied and said it was the flower feed. After that day she made sure he got to see the dogs every day for an hour during Dudley's nap.

That wasn't the first or the last time. The first was floating his pacifier from across the room. It was right then she knew to keep Harry out of Vernon's notice as much as possible. She also knew that that wasn't as easy as she hoped.

When Harry was three he accidentally turned the television's remote into a stuff dog. The fear and worry consumed her so quickly that she couldn't react fast enough. Vernon had watched it happened and in a rage grabbed the toy threw it and picked Harry up. Before he could do something terrible Petunia snatched the child away, set him down and told to him hide.

Her husband didn't like that and turned his anger on her. There was so much pain and the only thing keeping her alert were the cries. Again things happened quickly. Just as Vernon was going to slap her, Harry ran in between them. She told him to run but the child just stood there. Before Vernon's hand came down he was flying across the room. He hit the wall hard and was knocked out.

The police showed up minutes later and arrested her husband. Three days later Vernon was sent to prison. Petunia's world was turned upside down once again. She raised the boys as best as she could with the help of one Arabella Figgs. Arabella told her who she really was and Petunia told the older woman that nothing was to be said to anyone in the other world.

Arabella, a squib, used what magic she could and made Petunia a vow to keep silent. After that Petunia was able to let her watch the kids while she worked. She had to work two jobs but was still able to find time to spend with both boys.

Over the years she found herself favoring Harry to her own son. Harry was soft spoken, smart and helpful. When he knew that she needed help with something he would always do it without being told to. He also learned with Arabella's help about the other world.

Dudley on the other hand was loud, mean and an all out bully. Petunia didn't know how to handle him. But that changed one day. She came home early from work and found her son hitting his cousin. After pulling them apart, sending Dudley to his room and tending to Harry, Petunia called Marge. She told Marge to come and get Dudley. Her sister-in-law was more than happy to do it because the other woman thought that Petunia was too weak to raise a Dursley the right way.

The day she was dreading had finally showed up. Her Harry was eleven. She spent half the day telling him everything that Arabella didn't. From his parents to the school and finally her biggest kept secret. The mystery letters that had shown up every month since he arrived. She let him read them.

It was that day that Harry Potter knew he had to be on guard and limit who he trusted. At the end of the last letter was a paragraph that would forever save his life.

'When your Hogwarts letter comes do not touch it right away. Hover both hands over it and concentrate hard while saying Finite Incantatem. Keep saying it until the envelope glows then use tweezers to pull the letter and school list out. Say the spell again until they both glow. After that you can touch them. Now when a Hogwart's representative shows up to take you to get your stuff purposely lose him in a store called Flourish and Blotts and go next door to the Apothecary. I will meet you in there. My name is Severus Snape, I was a friend of your mother and I promise to explain more when we meet.'

As soon as he finished the letter an envelope flew through the mail slot. Harry followed the instructions and was surprised that everything glowed on the first try. He read the letter and the school list. Then he looked at his aunt and saw how sad she looked. Harry hugged her tightly as she cried. Petunia dried her eyes and told him she was proud of him and that she knows he will do great things.