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Year 4 Chapter 1

"My Lord," Peter kept his voice soft and respectful.

"What is it, Wormtail?" Voldemort's hissy voice asked.

Peter gathered his thoughts. His lord had already spoke of his plans. Peter just needed his master to know what he knew. The rat animagus braced himself and looked at the creature that was his lord.

"Things aren't what we thought they were. Harry Potter isn't a threat to you. I learned over the years that everything was planned by Dumbledore. The prophecy is fake, one Dumbledore designed himself. Also James and Lily Potter never truly defied you. They have been put under compulsions and Imperio. The same with my other friends and the Longbottoms. It was thanks to Severus that Harry knows the truth about Dumbledore. Harry is in Slytherin, hates Dumbledore and his Order, and is close with many of your followers and their children."

"Is this the truth?" Voldemort gave Peter a calculating look.

"I would never lie to you, my Lord. You can see my memories if you wish."

"Good of you to say that." Voldemort grinned deviously and pointed his wand at Wormtail. "Legilimens."

Peter only had a quick second to put the last twelve years in the front of his mind. He doesn't want his master to know it was him that helped Lily that night. The invasion was painful even though he willingly opened his mind. Peter bit his tongue, mouth filling with blood, to keep silent. His Lord hated when his followers showed weakness.

"It seems you are more faithful and loyal than most of your brethren. I'll grant you your wish to keep Harry Potter alive."

"Thank you, my lord." Peter bowed.

"You are to go back to Hogwarts. It will be best if you went with Barty, who will be posing as the new Defense teacher." Voldemort explained.

"Who, my lord? They won't accept just anyone anymore. The governors and the Aurors are keeping a closer eye on the school. None of Dumbledore's loyal followers are allowed into the school." Peter knew he spoke out of turn but he wanted his master to succeed with his plan.

"Barty will go as Professor Landon. The real Landon is a Defense Master. Barty will keep him hidden so he will have the hair for the Polyjuice potion."

"Forgive me, but why will Barty be there?"

"I will pardon you this time." Voldemort's voice was stern. "Barty learned from his father that Dumbledore manage to revive the Triwizard Tournament."

"He must of done it to catch your attention and test Harry at the time. Dumbledore always said he never believed you were truly gone."

"The meddlesome fool never did know when to quit. You and Barty are tasked with helping Harry Potter if he is somehow still entered in the Tournament. Your additional task is to keep an eye on Barty. He's not mentally stable. Between Azkaban and his father using Imperio on him his mind is not as sharp."

"Yes, my lord." Peter bowed again. He would keep an eye on Barty and protect Harry from the other man. "Is there anything else, master?"

"No, not at the moment. Do not fail me, Wormtail. I have plans for the year and need the boy. We need him on our side." Voldemort stressed the importance of his words.

"I won't fail you, my lord." Peter's voice was filled with determination and surety.

Nagini slithered into the room hissing to Voldemort. The Lord hissed back then turned to Peter. "Nagini informs me that the old caretaker is in the house. Take care of him, then wait at Hogwarts for the term to start."

Peter bowed for the last time. "Yes, my Lord."

The rat animagus left the room, but not before hearing his master say "you and I will talk soon, Harry Potter". Peter felt a chill go down his spine. His lord spoke like Harry was in the room. He quickly obliviated and Imperio'd the caretaker to leave and never come back. The trip to Hogwarts was uneventful and he discovered they didn't fix the ward that prevents those with Dark Marks from entering the castle.


Harry jerked awake after hearing the Dark Lord's promise of talking soon. He had been very surprised to see the whole conversation between Voldemort and Pettigrew. The other thing that surprised him was how quickly the Dark Lord agreed to keep Harry alive. Harry laid back down and breathed slowly to calm the fast beats of his heart. He put the dream aside and let Hedwig's soft hoots put him back to sleep.

The next morning Harry woke with the sun. He got dressed and made his way downstairs, saying good morning to his grandparents along the way. Harry knew he was the only one up, everyone else likes to sleep late especially Severus who can enjoy a work free summer. This summer they were staying at Grimmauld Place because Dumbledore wouldn't be able to get pass the wards. They weren't completely holed up in the house the floo was connected to Malfoy Manor.

Harry started breakfast something Kreacher will let him do. He loves cooking, it always keeps him calm and helps him think things through. Potion making works the same way. He thought about the dream he had, the potion he was trying to develop, making plans for his and Severus' third anniversary. Harry would need to tell the others about the dream. They need to make a plan on what to do about Crouch, Pettigrew, and the Tournament. For the potion he'll need to go over all the potions that were created for the mind and the nerves. He'll need to compare them with all his notes on the two from muggle and magical medical books and the Longbottoms' medical files.

Finally the anniversary plans. Harry will need to ask Lucius if he could use the gazebo for their dinner. He needed to plan the meal and the dessert. An after dinner activity needs to be picked. Harry's hormonal mind and body wanted one activity but he knew Severus wouldn't go along with it. So he needed to decide on something tame. It was proving to be easier said than done.

"Morning, pup." Sirius sleepily mumbled as he walked into the kitchen.

Harry giggled at the sight of his dad. "Good morning, dad. Did Reggie keep you up all night?"

"Yes, he did." The older man whined.

"I'll take him tonight. You and papa can get some much needed sleep." Harry placed a plate of food in front of his dad.

"Thank you, pup." Sirius smiled at his son before digging in.

Harry put a stasis on the food before sitting at the table to eat. Just as he finished Remus and Reggie came in. Harry got up, put his dish in the sink, then made his papa a plate. He set it on the table then took his brother. He smiled at the baby. Regulus looked like his father but he had his bearer's tawny hair and wolf gene. Harry couldn't resist inhaling his brother's soft woodland scent. It reminded Harry of the Forbidden Forest, and like the forest, it calmed everything inside him, even his mind.

Severus walked in only to come to an abrupt stop in the doorway. He kept his eyes on his bonded, he took in the image of Harry holding Regulus and looking so peaceful. Severus couldn't help but think of Harry holding their child. He imagined that Harry would be glowing, looking peaceful, and happy. Severus felt a longing fill him, a longing to give Harry as many children as he wanted.

"Morning, Sev. Are you hungry?" Harry spoke breaking Severus out of his thoughts.

"Morning, sweetheart." He replied without thinking. "Yes, I am hungry."

Harry beamed at the older man. "Then sit. I'll fix your plate."

"No I'll do it, you have Regulus." Severus countered.

Harry stood up shifting Regulus into one arm as he moved towards the stove. Harry wandlessly levitated a plate and began to fill it with food. Once done he sat it down in front of his mate.

"See. Now eat." He reclaimed his seat and shifted his brother again.

"Harry, are you alright?" Remus asked. He shot Severus a glare.

"I'm fine. Why do you ask?" He gave his papa a confused look.

"You are acting odd this morning." Sirius' voice was sharp. "Like a docile housewife."

Harry straightened his back as he glared at his father. "I do it because I want to." His wolf was bleeding through into his voice. "Severus is my husband. If I want to serve him I will. In case it slipped your noticed I served the two of you as well. Now if you excuse me I have research to do." Harry left the kitchen with Regulus.

"What is wrong with you two?" Severus glared at his mate's fathers. His tone demanded an answer.

Remus groaned and rubbed his face. "I'm sorry. I have really slept since Regulus' birth. Its just Harry never acted like this before."

"I'm sorry too. Nonetheless I am right. Harry is acting like a docile housewife." Sirius replied.

Severus just continued to glare at them. The two of them love to make things complicated for everyone. It was going to be on long summer. Hell, his life is going to be forever complicated since he is married to Harry. Severus mentally groaned, he loves his mate but he really did not want to spend the rest of his life with Sirius and Remus Lupin-Black in his life.

Harry had Reggie strapped to his chest with a Mobi Wrap. He found it in muggle London when he and Draco went out for the afternoon. The teen settled down on the couch in the library. All around him were books that listed every potion ever made, both light and dark. He had a dictaquill writing down all the ones he needed to research further.

The teen, thanks to Severus' potion, was also able to think about what happened in the kitchen. He knew since Regulus' birth that there was something different about his wolf. It was more at peace, not demanding for Harry to complete the bond; more submissive, making Harry want to please their mate and care for the cub laying on his chest. Harry had felt the moon's power flow through him during his papa's labor, directing him to take control and help Remus through the delivery. That same power guided him on what he needed to do to take care of Reggie, making sure he was clean and clear, crying, and given the moon's blessing as part of the Greyback pack. Once Regulus was tended to and bundled up, Harry growled at Narcissa then finished up with Remus.

He felt that power bless Remus, ensuring that the older man can continue to bear cubs. Before the moon's power left him Harry himself was blessed. His wolf has been at peace and submissive ever since. Harry hasn't told anyone any of this, not even his Alpha.

Harry cleared his thoughts when Reggie began to fuss. He put the book down and stopped the dictaquill. Then he got he up and went to the nursery, talking to the cub softly along the way. The teen didn't notice that his mate and parents were watching him or following behind him. Once in the nursery he called Kreacher for a bottle as he proceed to check Reggie's diaper. Harry changed his brother, banished the dirty diaper, then sat in the rocking chair. Kreacher handed him the bottle and softly popped away. The three older men watched the teen feed the baby with a smile on his face.

"Why are you watching me like that?" Harry asked them when he finally looked up.

"Because you look like a natural, cub." Remus answered.

"Its just instinct, papa." Harry smiled at the man.

Remus moved into the room and took Regulus to finish his feeding.

"Go do your research, cub."

"Okay." Harry nodded. He only got to the door before he remembered his dream. "Wait I have something to tell you all."

"What is it, pup?" Sirius asked when Harry went quiet. He could see how nervous his son is.

"I had a dream last night. It felt so real, like I was standing in the room. Peter was talking to Voldemort. Peter told him I wasn't the real threat because Dumbledore had been Imperioing my parents and the Longbottoms. The Dark Lord looked through Peter's memories and found that Peter was telling the truth. Voldemort granted Peter's request to let me live. He then ordered Peter to go back to Hogwarts to keep an eye on Barty Crouch Junior. Barty is taking over the DADA class under the name of Professor Landon. Barty's orders are to ensure that I don't get entered into the Triwizard Tournament. Peter was told that Barty is mentally unstable because Crouch Senior was using Imperio on him daily.

"We'll all keep an eye on him." Severus responded. He never did like Crouch Senior. "Did you see the Dark Lord?"

"Yes I did. He looked like a skeleton covered with skin and was about the same size of a toddler. When Peter left the room Voldemort looked right at me and told me that we would talk soon. I think its about a ritual. I've read all of the books on the subject in the library."

"We'll just wait and see. Don't jump into anything until you get all the facts." Severus cautioned.

"Alright. I'll go do my research."

The three men looked at each other, neither knew what to say. Instead of talking they just went their separate ways. All of them would eventually come up with some kind of plan. What they did know was that Harry will be protected no mater what.

Harry spent the rest of the day in the library. When the time drew close to dinner Harry had the idea to make a potion using Severus' neuro-expansion and the cruciatus nerve healing potion. The only problem is that both potions are volatile and they don't have any common ingredients. Which is why giving the potions to the Longbottoms as they are will be dangerous. He was also looking through muggle treatments and Salazar's parselmagic books. The only thing that was helping were the neuro books written by muggles. Harry knows without a doubt that the muggle books could and would improve magical Britain's medical knowledge. They are severely lacking in his opinion.

It was that line thinking that made Harry start writing a medical journal with the mix of both. He also went off tangent and collected all the laws books to research on what was needed to write a bill. Harry wanted to make a law to approve the change of medical studies. This will require the help of Lucius, Andromeda, and Severus. Lucius knew the law and how the Wizengamot worked. Andromeda was a Healer and knew the workings of St. Mungo's. Severus was Potion Master who could help explain to the Wizengamot in more depth of what Harry's bill was asking for.

Severus walked into the library with Sirius. Both of them stopped short upon seeing mountains of books, dozen of chalkboards, muggle notebooks, and other muggle supplies. It all may look like a mess, but Severus could see it was organized the way Harry wanted it.

The two dark haired men shared an amused look. Both knew Harry was going to do great things. They also knew they needed to get Harry to relax a bit and enjoy his life. First they needed to get rid of all the threats towards Harry. The teen deserves it after all the sacrifices he had to make.


For his fourteenth birthday his family surprised him with tickets to the Quidditch World Cup. Both Harry and Draco were excited to be going and had already had a bet between them. The adults found it funny, well all of them except Sirius and Fenrir who placed their bets. Harry didn't even mind that he had to attend wearing his Graybeck glamour.

Knowing the boys, Severus, Lucius, Remus, and Sirius took them early. Remus though left to go back to Regulus, but would be back for the game. Narcissa was going to take Regulus to the summer house in Barbados, where the others will join her later. Remus and Sirius also had to be glamoured so no one on the light questioned them.

Harry spotted them first. He was really curious as to how they managed to get tickets, let alone leave their house and Azkaban again.

"Luc, how is that possible?" Harry discreetly pointed in the direction he was looking.

"How is...what the hell?!" Lucius exclaimed sounding very much like a muggle. Harry couldn't help but giggle.

"I'll send a Patronus to Madam Bones." Sirius spoke when he had looked to see what caused that reaction out of Lucius Malfoy of all people.

"Luc, how?" Harry asked again.

"My guess is Dumbledore. He must have something planned and wanted them here. It's a good thing Fred and George are already here with the Notts and Zabinis."

"Lets just go to our seats." Fenrir suggested trying to turn Harry and Draco into the right direction.

The two teens moved without comment wanting to avoid any kind of confrontation. They followed Fenrir to the Minister's game box. Twenty minutes later that were rejoined by Lucius, Sirius, and Remus. Impatiently Harry waited for Lucius to finish greeting the Minister.

"How did they do it? What happened?" Harry fired off after putting a privacy bubble around them.

"Calm down, little one." Lucius chuckled. "It turns out they were using golems. Madam Bones just reached her limit. Ronald, Ginerva, and Granger will be wearing suppression cuffs and will be staying in a undisclosed muggle juvenile. During the school year they will be staying with two Aurors and a governor. The Aurors will follow them throughout the day. They will have no privileges and no interactions in the Great Hall. Also they will have limited use of their magic with the help of a binding cuff and the Aurors will take their wands at the end of the day.

"And the parents?" Remus asked lowly.

"Suppression cuffs and the inability to speak about magic. An Auror will then put them into a muggle prison. A ward will be put up to prevent any wizards from getting close if any find where the prison is." Lucius explained.

"Lucius, can I suggest some prisons?" Harry asked. "I only ask because some prisons in the muggle world won't be much of a punishment."

"We'll discuss it later." Lucius gave the teen a pointed look.

"Of course." Harry smirked at the older man as he removed the bubble.

All too soon the game started. Harry had fun watching Draco and Sirius acting like hyper-active children. Severus was sneering at them, but there was amusement in his dark eyes. Remus and Lucius just rolled their eyes.

Things were going so well until the Veelas came out. Turns out Harry and the werewolves were immuned to the allures. Harry heard his papa growl ferally just before kissing his dad possessively. He understood the emotion when he took one look at Severus. The feral growl vibrated his entire body. Instead of kissing his mate he hit him with a wandless stinging hex.

Severus let out a yelp, which he will deny and then glared at his bonded. "What was that for?"

"You are my mate, Severus Snape." Harry answered sounding very much like a wolf at the moment. "Use those vaunted Occlumency shields and resist the allure."

Severus gave Harry an amused smile as he pulled him close. "I'm sorry. It caught me off guard. Lucius' allure was the reason I taught myself Occlumency in the first place. Nothing happened?" He added when Harry growled again.

"Good." Harry grumbled. He used Severus' scent to calm the wolf. These extra feelings still catches him off guard. Sometimes those emotions make him wary.

Everyone was mindless drones for another half hour. When the Veelas left things settle down. Well almost, Draco turned to Harry with jealousy in his eyes.

"You better not want one of those Veelas."

Harry chuckled. "Dray, I wasn't even affected by the allure. Werewolf genes make me immune."


"No one actually knows." Fenrir answered. "Though some think it's because of our feral natures."

"Oh, okay." Draco settled down with that.

Severus pinched the bridge of his nose. Oh Merlin, help me. He pleaded mentally. He quietly asked for Draco to click with his mate or mates. The Potion Master doesn't know if he'll have the patience to stand by and watch the infatuation grow. He knew if it went too far Draco's Veelas would want Harry and not their mate(s). For now though he'll just let things continue until Harry decides to advance their marriage.

The rest of the game went on without incident. Draco was bouncing around excited that Viktor Krum won the Qudditch game. Instead of staying like the others the group left, meeting Narcissa in Barbados. Fenrir even had Guinevere, Argus, and Irma portkey to the house. Harry had an almost complete family vacation.

Nonetheless Harry was happy.


Albus Dumbledore was furious. Nothing seems to go right. First he had to hide like some Death Eater. Then Harry bloody Potter just didn't want to die. Next came the Weasley family, he was going to kill them for their stupidity. He has seen Death Eaters with better brains. And now his next problem-the disaster of a raid.

All his fucking followers had to do was dress like Death Eaters and terrorize the Quidditch World Cup. A simple plan, a straight forward plan, but no his idiot followers had to screw it up. One they didn't act like Death Eaters, didn't torture anyone, destroy anything. In fact they used Light spells and prank hexes. Second they failed to capture his list of people which included the bumbling Minister and the Malfoy bastard. Albus had plans for those two. And lastly half of them got caught.

Merlin, he needed better followers.

Luckily he had one more plan. The Triwizard Tournament. He was going to make sure Harry Potter was entered and his name drawn. He was planning to use the last task to kidnap the little bastard and kill him. Like the muggles say-if you want something done right do it yourself.

Well maybe, Albus chuckled to himself, I won't kill him right away. Yes the boy will be his bedwarmer for awhile, at least until his delectable Argus can be found. No one will ever replace Argus not now not ever. Albus will do everything possible to keep them both alive for as long as he deems it. All it takes is another stone and he knew just how to make one, plus he was smarter than his old friend and use de-aging potions to keep them young. Albus was going to impregnate his Argus until his tempting little Squib can't have anymore children. Even then he will never give him up.

The former Headmaster of Hogwarts recasted the glamour spell to make Podmore's grandson look like Argus. The young man was cuffed to the bed on his knees with his arse in the air. Albus stroked himself as he stared at his release mixed with blood leaking out of the ruined anus. The young man just took the punishment that was for his beautiful Argus, whipped with a cane and then taken dry. Albus made sure to use the contraceptive charm he didn't want the imitation getting pregnant with his child.

He smirked when the imitation whimpered and began to plead for death. His Argus would never do any such thing, the young Squib would just lay there and let his master do whatever he wanted. Though there were times when Albus was particularly playful and let Argus feel nothing but pleasure, he let out the most arousing sounds and Albus more often then not let him feel pleasure every once in awhile just to hear those sounds. He also uses compulsions to make his delectable Squib cry out 'I love you' just as Albus fills him with his release. Those words are heady when they come for Argus. Albus will never voice out loud, but he loves his beautiful Squib.

"Time for another round, my sweet Argus." Albus muttered at he pressed into the imitation's body. "This time I'm going to make love to you and have you begging me for more and to not stop."

Octavius Podmore silently begged for death as his grandfather's Lord took him forcibly and roughly again. He felt sorry for the one named Argus and knew that this will happen to him if Dumbledore gets a hold of him. Octavius prays that this bastard dies before he finds Argus.


Amelia growled in frustration as she left the room. Molly Weasley has done nothing but shriek about injustice and that everyone against the 'Great' Albus Dumbledore is Dark. It took all Amelia had to not hex the woman. She has always hated Molly Prewett, especially when that harpy stole Arthur from her friend Marlene McKinnon. Amelia never did find out exactly how Molly managed it because Arthur had hated her since their first year.

An idea hit Amelia before she opened Arthur's door. She turned to the Auror guarding the outside. "Get a Healer and a goblin in the room with Arthur Weasley. I want him tested for every potion and spell then purged completely."

"Yes, ma'am." The Auror walked off to do as ordered.

She put her hand on the door for a moment then straightened her back and held her head high as she moved across the hall to Hermione Granger's room. Another headache inducing interrogation. She swears that Molly must have given this muggleborn lessons on how to be a harpy and make her voice shriek. Plus Amelia knew from Susan that the girl was a know-it-all and hated to be wrong. The Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement was going to use that knowledge against the girl to get the information she needed, and no one will call it coercion because everyone wants Dumbledore captured.

Amelia opened the door and looked at the girl with a stern disappointed look. "Miss Granger, I have a few questions to ask you."

The Aurors in the hall didn't hear the girl's reply apart from demanding to see Dumbledore.

Hours later Amelia was in her office with the Healer and goblin she had requested.

"So you are telling me that Arthur Weasley is drugged to rape his daughter?" Her voice was tight and her hand twitched for her wand.

"Yes that is exactly what we are saying. Apart from the lust potion mixed with Amortentia, Arthur Weasley was under a love potion mixed with an obedience potion. We also found that he has several obliviates from both Dumbledore and his wife." The healer confirmed as the goblin nodded with a sneer on his face.

"We at Gringotts will waive the fee for Lord Weasley's purge. We will also unfreeze his accounts after making sure no one but himself can gain access." The goblin informed her. "On the matters of Molly Prewett we would like to press charges for line theft, account theft, and attempted line theft of Consort Prince. Before this had started she and Dumbledore had gotten a traitor to file an illegal marriage contract between Ginerva and Consort Prince." The goblin knew Madam Bones was told the truth and the Healer had taken a vow when they came into the office. Silverax would in no way put Consort Prince in danger.

"Thank you for your help. This evidence means I can question her under Veritaserum. Will Arthur Weasley be mentally stable to be questioned?"

"We'll let a Mind Healer make that decision after the purging."

Amelia nodded. "Please keep me informed of he progress."

"We will." They both answered then made their way out of her office.

Amelia couldn't stop the vindictive smile that formed on her lips. Molly was now going to pay for everything she had ever done. Amelia stood and readied herself to question Ronald and Ginerva Weasley. She'll question Ginerva first simply for the fact that the girl is Molly made over, and Amelia wants to see if she was in on the drugging of Arthur. The boy on the other hand was close to Dumbledore according to the muggleborn. She wishes she could charge the boy with rape but sadly she can't because Granger was willing despite not being of age to legally consent.

Before leaving her office Amelia wrote down a quick note to charge Dumbledore with endangering muggles, kidnapping, and using magic against muggles. The Granger girl was quite happy to tell Amelia how the 'Great' Albus Dumbledore memory charmed her family to forget who she was and spelled them to move so no one would ask questions about her. She went on to tell Amelia how she moved in with the Weasleys, getting to sleep in the same room as her boyfriend, and how she and Ron were going to get married next year. Granger proudly boasted that as a Weasley she will be Minister of Magic after Hogwarts and make Wizarding Britain the way Dumbledore wants.

Amelia now had enough to guarantee that Dumbledore was not coming out of this alive. All she needed to do was find someone to tell them where the man was, and she had no doubt that Molly knew exactly where he was hiding. She hoped by the end of the day they would be arresting Dumbledore.

Only problem is Amelia didn't really believe that.


The new school term came all too soon. Harry found himself glamoured again and sitting on the train with his friends. Draco and Theo were excitably talking about the Tournament. Harry was watching Blaise watch him with an intense look. Almost like he was trying to solve a puzzle.

"Blaise, is there something wrong?" Harry drawled.

"Your aura." Blaise narrowed his eyes. "Why did you lie? Do you not trust us anymore?" The Italian was berating himself for not seeing it earlier.

"Blaise, I have no clue what you are talking about."

"I see auras." Blaise snapped angrily.

Then it dawned on Harry. "Ohh. Look Blaise, It wasn't that I didn't trust you. I did it to protect you. All it takes is one powerful Legilimens on Dumbledore side. They'll kill you before killing me."

"I don't care! I can't believe my best friend couldn't inform me that he survived a deadly attack." Blaise glared at Harry one more time before storming out of the compartment.

Harry looked at Theo. "Are you mad at me as well?"

Theo smiled softly. "No. Marcus told me the truth. I understand why you didn't say anything. Don't worry so much, my brother will come around."

Harry sighed heavily. "I hope so."

The fourteen year old Slytherin just knew this term was going to be challenging. Good thing Voldemort no longer wanted him dead. Nevertheless he was going to make the most of the situation given to him.