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Year 4
Chapter 2

Harry was right about the challenging part. Blaise still refuses to talk to him. Though Harry apologized several times for lying to him. On the other news Severus has taken to glaring at Viktor Krum; Draco glares as well.

When the two schools had arrived for the Tournament, Durmstrang sat at the Slytherin table, Beaubaxton with the Ravenclaws. For some reason Viktor attached himself to Harry. It didn't make Harry uncomfortable because Viktor only acted friendly. Draco and Severus didn't care about that, they just wanted Viktor to keep his distance.

The whole thing made Harry miss having his dad and papa at school. Good thing it was only for a year.

The other parts that was starting to become a challenge was Crouch Jr., Pettigrew, the Weasleys, and Granger. The latters would so far glare and hiss insults at him. He didn't understand their logic because he was wearing a glamour to be someone else. Nevertheless he was thankful that Pettigrew's curses kept them away. Harry wouldn't put it pass the three, to find some way to put him in the Infirmary. The two formers on the other hand were still mysteries. Crouch Junior was a great teacher, the only problem Harry had with him was using him (or rather his name) and Neville for the Unforgivable demonstrations. Pettigrew took to following Harry around. He knew that the rat animagus knew his scent. Harry just ignored bit Ron several times for telling anyone who will listen that Harry Potter was a coward.

So all in all Harry accepted that fourth year would not be a good year. Good thing as Romulus Graybeck he didn't have to compete in the tournament. Ironclaw had informed them that the magic of the glamour will prevent Romulus from competing under the Harry Potter name. The goblin also reminded them that was legally and magically Harry James Prince nee Harry James Lupin-Black. It was a relief to know that the Potter name no longer held any effect on Harry and his magic.


The day the whole school was anticipating finally came. All three schools were seated around the Great Hall. It didn't go unnoticed that the Weasleys and Granger were not there. The census of the school so far was relief, the four houses were thankfully they only had limited exposure to those three.

Silence spread across the Hall as everyone watch Barty Crouch Senior bring in the Triwizard Goblet. McGonagall, Flitwick, and Snape all worked together to cast the age line. In secret Severus had Harry put an invisible parsel age line and truth ward around the Cup. The truth ward was actually a true intention ward. Only those who wish to compete can enter and the ward also makes sure that the person who is entering uses their name and no one else's. Harry had got the spell from Salazar at the beginning of the term.

They all watched as the fire change color before spitting out the first name.

"For Durmstrang-Viktor Krum." Crouch announced.

Harry shared a smile at his new friend before watching him walk off. Just as door closed another name came out.

"For Beaubaxtons-Fleur Delacour."

As expected the large population of males from Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, and Ravenclaw cheered for the blonde.

"For Hogwarts-Cedric Diggory."

All the Hufflepuff were out of their seats cheering. Harry stifled a laugh as he listened to the Slytherins complain.

"The three champions have been chosen." Crouch informed them all. "The first task will be begin in November."

"What! No!" Bagman shouted drawing everyone's attention to him. "There is suppose to be a fourth. He promised that Harry Potter would be competing."

"Mr. Potter isn't attending Hogwarts this year, Mr. Bagman." McGonagall told the man.

"Who told you Harry Potter was competing?" Rufus Scrimgeour glared at the man.

Bagman puffed up like a proud peacock. "Albus Dumbledore. He will come back and get his revenge."

"I've heard enough." Scrimgeour growled. "Dawlish, Shacklebolt escort him to a holding cell, then inform Amelia Bones that he is to be questioned under Veritaserum." The lion like man turned to Bagman. "Ludo Bagman, you are under arrest for aiding and abiding a dangerous criminal, co-conspiring in harming a minor, accessory to the attempt to kill said minor, and treason against the Ministry of Magic and the Wizarding World." He sneered. "Dawlish, read him his rights and get him out of here."

Everyone heard Auror Dawlish rattle off the rights as he and Shacklebolt dragged a screaming Bagman out of the Great Hall. When the doors slammed shut they all turned to face the head table. McGonagall was in a whispered conversation with Snape, Scrimgeour, Governor McMillan, and Crouch. After watching them argue for several long minutes McGonagall turned to face the students.

"After careful consideration we agreed to continue with the Tournament." She held up her hand to keep them all silent. "Now there will be some rules. You all will be in your common room before the curfew. That includes Prefects and Head Boy/Girl. Anyone caught will be suspended. We are only doing this for your safety. Also every House common room will have two Aurors. The Aurors will continue to patrol the Halls and the classrooms. Also, and I am greatly sorry for this, all Hogsmeade weekends are cancelled. Again this is for your protection. And please if you see anyone suspicious that is on the Auror watchlist please inform and Auror, Professor, or Governor right away. Now Prefects please escort your House to the common room."

The only sound made were benches moving, feet scuffing, and the occasional low muttering from the Gryffindors. Everyone now knew how serious this situation was. Only the foolish wouldn't be scared or frightened. Some now understood just how dangerous the threat Dumbledore posed.


When the last of the students left, and the Champions were in formed of the first task and sent away, the Great Hall doors were closed. All the adults let out frustrated sighs. McGonagall ordered the house elves to serve firewhiskey to everyone. She knew they all needed a stiff drink. No one was quite sure of what to say, not even the visiting Headmaster/Mistress.

With a heavy sigh Minerva broke the silence. "What are we going to do? This tournament was designed to bring in outside people and families to watch the champions."

"I'll get in contact with the French Ministry and see if they'll lend some Aurors and Hit Wizards." Scrimgeour replied.

"I believe that won't be a good idea." Severus spoke up.

Rufus glanced at the man. "And why not?"

Severus went on to tell them all about what had happened during the Paris trip. He could see that most of them didn't believe him. So he summoned his pensieve and put the memory into it. He let them view the memory, including the part where he was informed but one of the French Death Eaters the results of the investigation or the lack of. When they all exit the pensieve he felt smug that they were believing him now. Lucius wouldn't believe this at all. Especially when Severus informs him that Rufus Scrimgeour actually believes a Death Eater.

"I will start the investigation on the corruption of the French Ministry. It seems I will also need to do one for our own." Rufus scowled. Oh he knew his own Ministry was full of corruption by both Dumbledore and Voldemort. "For now we need a plan to protect the students."

"I can help with that." Severus spoke. "I came upon a ward. It's a truth ward. Only those with good intentions can pass through."

"Where did you find such a ward?" Rufus gave the man a suspicious look.

"During the summer trip with Mr. Potter and his aunt. I found the book in a small bookshop in a village outside of Paris. The book was written by Salazar Slytherin himself. The spell description is written in English, but the spell itself is in Parseltongue." Severus explained smoothly. He will never tell them that Harry found the book in Slytherin's secret chamber under the school.

"Great," Rufus muttered. "The only known parselmouth is You-Know-Who."

"Not really." Filius spoke up. "As you said, known. There are many who speak the language of snakes and even more that have animal speak. They just kept the knowledge to themselves because of Dumbledore. The man labelled it all Dark because he couldn't do it. Along with many other things."

"Do you know anyone who speaks it?" Minerva asked her friend and fellow teacher.

"Yes. You do as well. In his second year it was rumored that Harry Potter can speak parseltongue."

"The exchange student Romulus Graybeck has animal speak. He can converse with snakes." Severus informed the group knowing that everyone in the room wouldn't turn on his mate. "Though you will have to speak to Lucius Malfoy. He is the boy's sponsor."

Rufus nodded. "I'll speak to him then talk to an Unspeakable. We'll get the ward set up before the first task. Now I must go and investigate Mr. Bagman."

"We all should turn in. Busy day with classes." Minerva announced to the staff.

With mutters of approval they all began to file out of the Great Hall. This was going to be a long and tiring school year.


Harry looked at the four men in front of him. It has been two weeks since the naming of the Champions. Everyone in the school was on an edge. His friends wouldn't even leave his side and his mate checks in mentally after every class. And now his mate and the man he looks up to were asking him to help the Head Auror and the Unspeakable. They wanted him to translate his grandfather's spell. Harry glared at Severus and slammed down a heavy barrier between them. Not even Lucius was spared a dark glare.

"I have one condition." Harry stared at Scrimgeour with a blank expression.

"Which is?" Rufus was beginning to get annoyed with the teen.

"You find Salazar Slytherin's portrait and ask for his permission first. After all it is his spell you want to steal." He gave the man a hard look. Oh he knew exactly what they wanted to do.

"We aren't-"

"Yes, you are," Harry cut off the Unspeakable. "I may be fourteen but I'm not stupid. You'll take that spell and put it in a book with the Ministry's name on it." He glared at the man. They would steal the spell and Salazar wouldn't be credited because he was a known Dark wizard. "Or you can take option two which is allowing me to cast the spell for you."

"Like you know anything about warding." The Unspeakable sneered.

Harry glared darkly at the man before turning to Scrimgeour. "If I didn't want to continue staying with my friends I would have already been done with school."

"Mr. Graybeck is correct." Severus replied in a hard tone. "He has already created his own potions, spells, and medical journals. None of them will be released until after he graduates. Whereas I remember that you barely passed your Potion and Charms NEWTs, Mr. Selwyn. Don't assume someone doesn't know anything based on how old they are."

"Be as it may, Mr. Graybeck doesn't have a full core to work this kind of magic." Rufus cut in. He didn't miss the smug look Selwyn gave the teen. He was going to have a long talk with him under Veritaserum.

"Then good luck finding Lord Slytherin." Harry beamed as he turned on his heels and walked away.

"That was a complete waste of time." Selwyn snarled.

"Maybe if you had better manners it would have gone better." Rufus snapped at the man. "You can go back to the Ministry. Obviously I picked the wrong person for such a delicate job. We are trying to protect these kids."

"No one can protect these brats. They need to be taught completely different lessons."

"I believe Mr. Selwyn has been spending too much time with his cousin Madam Umbridge." Lucius replied sneering at the younger man. He hated both Selwyn and Umbridge.

"I completely agree." Rufus drew his wand and summoned Dawlish. Within minutes the Dark Auror was there. "Mr. Dawlish, take Mr. Selwyn to the holding cells. Tell Madam Bones that he and Madam Umbridge need to be questioned under Veritaserum."

Dawlish's grin was shark like. "Yes, sir."

Rufus turned to the Potion professor. "Have Mr. Graybeck meet me out at the gates in an hour."

"I will make sure he is there." Severus gave the man a slight bow of his head.

"Another Dumbledore supporter gone." Harry spoke as he walked out of the alcove.

"What?" Severus blinked at the teen.

"The Unspeakable. He is a Dumbledore supporter. It's why I was being so difficult. He would have told Dumbledore about the ward."

"You were reading his mind?" Lucius replied. He felt a little proud that Harry was removing Dumbledore's support base without really trying. His Lord was going to love this boy.

"Yes. Good thing too because he is one of the reasons no one can find the old goat."

Severus gave his mate a devious smirk. "Well I hope he'll learn his lesson in Azkaban. Scrimgeour is going to be like Crouch Senior until Dumbledore is caught."

"Not really," Lucius drawled. "He is questioning people. Something Crouch had never done. After all he took Karkaroff's word and threw everyone the traitor named in Azkaban."

"True, but only because Madam Bones is on the investigation team as well. Scrimgeour is toeing the line to avoid being looked at too closely." Severus responded tightly. He hated the man. Though if he was honest the man was far more tolerable than Alastor Moody and that was as close as a compliment he could give Rufus Scrimgeour.

"I'm weary of him too, but as long as he is getting rid of Dumbledore's followers I'll tolerate him. Besides I would rather be locked in a room with him with no wand than locked in a room with Karkaroff." Harry scowled with distaste. He was tempted to kill the man.

Severus gave his mate a sharp look. "Has he spoken to you?"

Harry shook his head. "No. He just seems to think his glares are intimidating. He's unhappy that Viktor would rather be friends with me instead of Draco or the one of the others."

Severus sneered. "He's trying to find a way back into the group. Not even the outer circle wants to associate with him. He's a traitor."

"They want to kill him, but we all know that the Lord will want that honor." Lucius replied. He lost some family to Karkaroff's naming to save himself. His wife has lost cousins and uncles to the man's traitorous deeds. "Karkaroff is in for some torture before he dies." He spoke it like a promise. Knowing fully well that their Lord will let them all torture the man before he kills him.

"I know." Harry smirked. And he did know that Voldemort will not let this deed go unpunished or quick. "I'll meet you both at the entrance doors in an hour. I just hope Scrimgeour brings Rookwood." Harry muttered the last bit as he walked off.

"So do I." Severus chuckled as Lucius nodded.

After the ward was put in place, thankfully by Rookwood, Harry left to meet up with Viktor. Of course Draco was there and took to glaring the whole time. Harry found it funny because the scent the two gave off were that of mates. Harry wondered who would be more surprised-Draco or Lucius. After all Viktor told Harry that his family came from the Draken line, the royal Draken line. Viktor can change into a dragon and speak to them.

Harry wondered why Fate and the Mother would make a dragon and a Veela mates. It just seems like an odd pairing. And yet the two of them matched. Viktor was calm and in control where Draco never seems to settle. Harry was thankful he had front row seating for the incoming fireworks when the dragon and Veela realize they are mates.


Amelia gave a tired sigh. When all of this was over she and Susan were going to take a long vacation. It seems neverending with people getting brought in to be interviewed under Veritaserum. Just today she has Ludo Bagman, Unspeakable Selwyn, and Undersecretary Umbridge. Every time one of Dumbledore's supporters get brought in she can't help but think that Dumbledore is a horrible leader. Amelia is not biased enough to acknowledge that You-Know-Who is smart when it comes to picking followers. The Dark wizard's Death Eaters were harder to catch. The ones they did catch were ones who were named by Igor Kakaroff or crazy like Bellatrix Lestrange.

If a war broke out the Dark would win. Amelia wasn't stupid. The Dark would use every spell they knew where the Light, Merlin help them, the idiots will either use first year spells or hide behind a child to save them. Amelia swallowed back the revulsion of that thought. She hated that the Ministry and most of the Wizarding Britain are cowards for wanting a child to fight and kill a seasoned wizard and his followers.

Amelia sighed again and shook he thoughts away as Rufus finally joined her. The sooner they caught Dumbledore and his remaining followers the sooner they all breathe with relief.

"Who do you want to start with first?" Rufus asked his companion.

"Let's start with Bagman. He mentioned Dumbledore by name. He might have the information we need." Amelia replied.

Merlin knew they needed a win.


Harry was sitting alone in the dorm room going over a potion book Salazar had written. There was so many that he wanted to try but most of the ingredients were no longer available. He wrote them down to do more research to try and find an alternative plant. Maybe he could ask Longbottom. Rumor had it the Gryffindor was a Herbology prodigy.

He was so absorbed in his reading he didn't notice someone coming in.

"May I have a word with you, Harry?"

Harry jerked his head up to look at the intruder. "Pettigrew? How did you get in here?"

"As an animagus you can go anywhere." Peter smiled.

"What did you want to talk about?" Harry looked at the man closely.

"To tell my side. Will you listen?"

Harry took a minute to think it over before nodding.

Peter conjured a chair and sat down. "I know you were told that I betrayed your parents, but it that isn't true. I wouldn't have taken them away from you. I love you, Harry, like an uncle of of course. I could...would never hurt you like that. When I held you the day you were born, you smiled at me, you looked at me and saw me. I know everyone looks at me with disgust, but you never did and that is why I love you so much. Because to you I wasn't a sniveling rat, I was simply Peter. Even my friends had given me those looks. I knew they weren't truly my friends but I stuck close because I didn't want to spend seven years alone in this school. After Hogwarts I rarely saw them, but I did get to see you.

"I joined the Dark Lord at eighteen simply because Dumbledore wasn't the man everyone believes he is. I was there the night Severus told our Lord about the Prophecy. The first thing I did was race to Godric's Hollow to warn your parents. Dumbledore was there casting the spells on the house. He must have heard me because all I remember is waking up and apparating to my Lord, telling him where the house is. I later learned that Dumbledore imperio'd me after hitting me with a stunner. The thing with Sirius wasn't really what Sirius believes. I wasn't trying to kill him and I didn't mean to kill the Muggles. I was actually trying to save Sirius and myself. I saw Dumbledore imperio Sirius, the old man wanted the both of us dead because we knew he casted the Fidelius and who the real secret keeper was.

"I hid at the Weasleys because they were Dumbledore's closest confidents. Or Molly is anyways. Everything that has happened is all because Dumbledore wanted power and money. He wants to conform the Wizarding World into his mould. Everyone will only be allowed to use Light magic and creatures will either be killed or locked up, except house-elves. The elves will be treated harshly, clean or die, make one small mistake and die. There will be no more Ministry, Wizengamot, or ICW. Everything goes through Dumbledore for approval or punishment will be doled out. There will be no more Azkaban, punishment range from becoming a human house-elf to death. Dumbledore and Molly has it all planned out."

"I knew some of that. Peter, if what you say is true then you need to go to Madam Bones. She and Rufus Scrimgeour are arresting and charging everyone, Dumbles included."

"I can't go to her yet, Harry. The Dark Lord isn't mentally stable. My story will have to wait. Please understand." Peter begged.

"I'm trying to." Harry sighed. "May I ask you a question?"

"Anything." Peter brighten up.

"What ritual did Voldemort do? The one that kept him alive."

"He did a Horcrux ritual." Peter grimaced remembering when he found out. "Its the darkest of Dark Arts. Harry, its splits your soul in half each time it's used. It is why the Dark Lord became mentally unstable."

"How many did he make before attacking me?"

"Five. I remember him giving Lucius and Bellatrix one each, telling them to hide the objects because they were precious. I followed him to a rundown home, which is not far from his current location. I heard Regulus tell Rabastan that he found something that belonged to the Lord but he had trouble getting to it. Something about it being in a cave. And I learned in your first year he had something here. Its in the Come and Go room."

"Thank you. I have one of the objects and I'm looking for a way to help him. You can tell him if you want. Maybe he'll have an idea."

"It's risky but I do need to report it to him. He's not that bad, the ritual changed him. Now I need to go. Be safe, my darling boy." Peter stood and kissed Harry on the head then transformed and scurried off.

Harry didn't know what to feel but he did know he needed to tell everyone.

It was as he expected. Every one of them exploded and threaten to kill Peter. Harry just sat and waited for them to calm down enough. That was easier said than done. It took them almost two hours to settle down.

"You can't kill Pettigrew. He is a victim like the rest of us. Dumbledore ruined his life too." Harry reminded them. "I was never in any harm. In his mind I am the only one who loves him. He won't do anything to lose that."

"He will kill you if he thinks you no longer love him or will betray him." Sirius spoke through clenched teeth.

"Then why did you become friends with him, if you don't like him." Harry snapped.

Neither Remus or Sirius could answer. In all honesty they don't why they let Peter join their group.

"They let him join because of Lily." Severus drawled after a moment. "Lily and Alice let Pettigrew join their study group because he was having a hard time in his classes. Since your father was infatuated with your mother he befriended Pettigrew."

"My mother told you, didn't she?" Harry smiled at his mate.

"Yes. Lily found the whole thing funny. Even if James was an arrogant toerag. Her words." Severus smirked.

"We never knew that." Remus replied. "He was just there and we never actually questioned it."

"Doesn't matter. Peter is needed and quite frankly I want him around."


"No, dad," Harry cut off the older man. "I need to go. I love you." He quickly left them. The teen didn't want to sit around arguing with them over this.

Now all Harry needed to do was find that piece Peter told him was in the Room of Requirement. He needed to talk to Salazar about Horcruxes. It was a good thing he didn't have any Quidditch taking up his free time. Plus he was Viktor's ear for the first task. The Durmstrang student was weary of his Headmaster and coming up short on how to handle the dragon he needed to fight for the first task.

This was a busy year and it was only November.


"You do remember that you are a Draken." Harry reminded his older friend.

"I know, but its not common knowledge. My family has kept it a secret for generations. I only told you because you have this calming force towards my dragon." Viktor told his young friend with a smile.

"Which I find odd." Harry grumbled. "I'm a werewolf for Merlin's sake. How can a wild and feral creature be calming for a dragon." It made him remember the night he was with Viktor to see the dragons. The four creatures all wanted to cuddle him and tried to put him in their nest like he was their hatchling. Charlie Weasley and Viktor had spent a couple of hours trying to get the females to let Harry leave.

Viktor chuckled as he too remembered that night. The redhead they met had said that the females or any dragon really had never done that before. But Viktor knew that Harry had this force that made all of them want to protect him and keep him safe. He knew that his own family will react the same way when they meet the young teen.

"It's the omega part of your wolf. Just look at your friend Draco. Veelas are always quick to anger, but when he is around you he is calmer. Face it, your maternal side is stronger than you know."

Harry sighed. "Don't let my father hear you say that or he'll kill my mate."

"You are lucky to have found your mate so early."

"Your mate is closer than you think." Harry smirked. "Now for the task. How good is you illusion spell?" Harry asked to get them back on topic.

"Not very good. I can only get it to last a few seconds. Why?"

"We'll practice. You are going to use it to make the dragon think you are a hatchling. The dragon won't think much of it if you let your dragon bleed through a bit."

"I like that. It is better than Karkaroff telling me to use the conjunctivitis curse. Like I would ever hurt one of my own." Viktor sneered. He long ago been disillusioned by his Headmaster. The man oozed of deceit and deception. Plus Viktor has never trusted him, especially since the bastard tried to take an advantage of his fame in Quidditch. What Karkaroff didn't know was that after this year he will no longer be the Headmaster.

Harry glared darkly. It was all too tempting to kill the traitorous bastard. No one would know who did it, but the man needed to face a tribunal of the Death Eaters and Voldemort for being a traitor to the Dark.

"The idiot obviously has a death wish."

Viktor nodded his agreement.


It was freezing cold the day of the first trial. Harry sat with his friends, though Blaise sat with Draco and Theo between them. It made Harry's heart hurt every time Blaise refused to look at him or talk to him.

Crouch Senior announced that the Champions were ready to begin. Draco and the other Slytherins had a lot to say about Delacour and Diggory's performance. Especially Diggory's lack of imagination, even Harry scoffed at the Hufflepuff using a conjured dog to distract a dragon. Harry new right away that Cedric Diggory fell into the sheeple category. It is where he places everyone who would use low level magic in battle.

Harry perked up when Crouch announced Viktor's turn. He ignored Draco's growl as he watched Viktor walk out with confidence. Harry really hopes the illusion will hold, he and Viktor spent weeks on it.

The dark haired Slytherin watched as his friend cast the spell over everyone including the dragon. They all watched a baby dragon step into the clearing. Harry knew he was the only one who could feel the Draken power. A quick look towards the teachers' stand Harry spotted Karkaroff. The traitor looked furious.

*Sev, stop Karkaroff!* Harry yelled through the link.

He watched Severus discreetly put his wand into Karkaroff's neck, preventing him from raising his wand. With a smirk Harry turned back to watch Viktor. The bulky teen walked towards the dragon slowly. He heard the imitated sounds, the chirps and yips, the playful growls. Harry tilted his head a bit to look at Draco, his blond friend had worry, amazement, and a bit of attraction written all over his face. Draco was finally feeling the mate bond but he knew the Veela would not realize that that was what he was feeling. It would be awhile before Draco clicked on and accepted the bond.

The glamoured teen turned back just in time to see Viktor take the egg, pet the dragon, then walk out of the arena. He clapped and cheered with his housemates and the other Durmstrang students. Harry left his friends to meet Viktor outside the tent. He was excited to see what was in the golden egg.

"What does it do?" Harry asked Viktor with a curious look.

"I was told it will give us the clue to the next task which is in February." Viktor answered.

They began walking towards the lake. Viktor needed to return to the ship. Harry on the other hand wanted to make sure Karkaroff didn't have a back up plan.

"Viktor, you need to be careful. I caught your Headmaster trying to draw his wand during the task. Professor Snape was able to stop him."

Viktor scowled. "Don't worry about him, malǔk, I will handle everything."

"I'm not little." Harry grumbled. Viktor had been teaching Bulgarian.

Viktor laughed and drew Harry close to his side. "Compared to me you are. Besides it was an endearment not an insult." The taller male kissed the top of his friend's head. The little omega was his dragon's precious treasure and the two of them would protect him fiercely

Viktor didn't have sexual feelings towards his friend, but his feelings were strong nonetheless. There was just something about the wolf that calmed his dragon and he knows they joked about it once, but it baffled him and had him perplexed by the whole thing. Viktor liked to think that it was due to Harry's (yes he knew his real identity) delicate features that his dragon sees the need to protect. The dragon disagrees. The drake is not forthcoming about the reason why and just tells Viktor to accept it. And that's exactly what he did because he trusts the dragon and it's instincts.

"Are you going to open it?" Harry asked to break the silence they fell into.

Viktor smiled and held out the egg. "You do the honors, malǔk."

Harry took the egg and opened it only to drop it a second after the screaming started. He clamped his hands over his ears and whimpered, sounding very much like a wounded wolf.

Viktor heard the sound and let out a furious growl. He quickly closed the egg and then pulled the omega into his arms. He rubbed his back soothingly until Harry was calm again.

"Release him now." Harry heard Draco growl.

Harry and Viktor turned to look at the blond with his wand raised. Harry could see the indecision in Draco's eyes. Though one minute he was looking at a human Draco and the next he watched a platinum blond ferret bounce around. Both he and Viktor let out inhuman growls.

"Turn him back now, Junior." Harry snarled viciously. "Or I'll guarantee that your Lord will be disappointed to have one less follower."

'Landon' looked at the delicate teen. Something inside him told him to conform or the consequences would be deadly. With a swish of his wand the Malfoy heir was human again. Barty smirked as Lucius' son started sprouting feathers.

"Leave now." Viktor commanded with a sharp look.

Barty paled at the sight of the Bulgarian. The older teen had dragon scales on his face. He left as quickly as he could.

"Dray, are you all right?" Harry pulled his friend into a hug.

"I'm fine." Draco burrowed into his friend's warmth. He calmed and relaxed further when a hot and heavy large hand gripped his shoulder.

Harry stared up at Viktor and caught the realization in his eyes. He smiled and nodded at the taller teen. Now he can't wait for Draco to catch on.

Viktor was shocked when his friend nodded. This delicate beauty was his mate. Viktor had felt the pull when he first met the blond, it felt different to the one he felt for Harry. So he just put it aside. Now he knew why he had such a pull to Harry. The little omega was his mate's Alpha Luna, as well as family. Viktor could feel the bond between them and knew that neither one could be separated from the other. Viktor wouldn't dream on splitting them up.

"Take him to your dorm. I'll see you both in the morning." Viktor needed to form a plan on how to woo his mate. First he needed to write up a courting contract and sent it to both his father and the Malfoy Lord.

Harry nodded and took Draco back to the castle. He needed to inform Severus and torture Barty Crouch Junior before informing Lucius and Narcissa. Then he was going to send a letter to Voldemort before yelling at Peter. After all Peter was suppose to watch Barty's every move. Harry was extremely displeased and several people were going to pay for Draco's trauma. Nothing and no one was going to stop him.