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So this is going to be the second to last chapter. I kind of realised that I hadn't actually given my OC a St Trinians look. This proved to be a very difficult chapter for me to write, but I did it. Hopefully not to bad. So going with the phrase 'better late than never', happy reading! Hope you enjoy.

~*Amelia's POV*~

I turned over again. Not a single position seemed comfortable enough. The duvet, the mattress, even the pillow was annoying me. Not to mention the springy creaking noise every time I rolled over. Some nights it feels impossible to sleep, tonight was one of those.

I couldn't get my mind off the way the girls treated me now, sure they seemed like they had liked me at first. But something was defiantly different now that I had been officially accepted by the head of the school. Everyone seemed more open. Things had defiantly changed since I got here, I have friends for once and I actually seem to fit in.

Despite myself I couldn't help but smile. Its strange how you hear people say things and at the time they say it you just think, yeah right, like that's ever going to happen. This was one of them and I honestly never would have thought I would say this but I've never felt so alive.

After a painful couple of hours I started to drift off to sleep and eventually the blackness took over.

~*Polly's POV*~

We were all stood around ready and in position. Everyone had their different pieces of cosmetic equipment. In all truth it would most likely scare the girl half to death. It had almost done with Annabelle. We were all waiting for Kelly's command.

Kelly held her hand out ready, the command had to be silent. If it wasn't we took the risk of her waking up before we had the chance to mobilise the wheely chair. We all held her breath as we awaited her signal.

~*Amelia's POV*~

I could see nothing but brightness. I could her shuffling but it wasn't the fact that I was temporarily blind that scared me, no, it was the fact that something was happening. Someone had hold of my arms and had pulled them behind my back and presumably around the back of a chair. Rope had then been used to keep my hands there and make sure that I was going nowhere.

The shuffling and the hands fell away from me and the light was moved away from my eyes. The light was cast between myself and the girls. They all stood in front of me, surrounding me. In their hands were what looked eye lash things, Chelsea even had a pair of straighteners. They all appeared to have stolen the equipment from a beauty parlour. I gave them an odd look, though it was hard for that look not to turn into one that was slightly fearful. If the smiles on their faces were anything to go by something was about to happen.

I thought of a few possibilities of what could happen to me whilst strapped to a chair at St Trinians. The first was being dangled out the window, suspended by some not-so-safe-looking piece of rope. The next was being wheeled down the hall while people used me as a target to throw water bombs at. I could go on but the thought of the stairs was just making it worse.

"Good evening Amelia." Kelly said, the same smile that she had on before the girls' last prank was there.

"If it were good," I replied "I would be asleep."

She laughed somewhat mechanically, which in its own right was quite scary. Though it wasn't as scary as the look she threw over her shoulder whilst walking away to the edge of the room. It was as if someone had thrown me into a horror movie, one of the cheesier ones that is.

"So are you ready?" Kelly asked when she had made herself comfortable at the bottom of one of the beds.

"For what?" it was almost impossible to stop the slight quaver in my voice. Images of the stairs lingering in my head.

She gave her famous smirk.

"For a make-over of course!" She exclaimed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

It took me about a minute to figure what the hell was going on and process Kelly's words. The lights were turned on and every girl was out of bed like a bullet. They were all still fully clothed. The chair I was in was pushed down to the end of the dorm and into the first year's section. I was instantly attacked by the smaller girls who made me change out of my pyjamas and into the schools uniform.

The next hour proceeded like this; each cliché had their turn to put me in there style of the uniform. At first I protested but I soon realised this was something I wasn't getting out of. If you can't fight it, sometimes it's best to just roll with it. The posh totty's style was the worst. The short skirt was defiantly something I never wanted to come in contact with again. I didn't really like the idea of wearing a skirt at all to be honest. So for the whole hour just swallowed my complaints. Kelly gave me an understanding look about half way through. Dressing and changing, and cloths for that matter, was not my area.

So when Annabelle pulled me away from the last group and into Kelly's room, I was extremely grateful. I collapsed onto her bed with a sigh and led there enjoying the quite. The excited chatter of the first years could still be heard through the door and they never ceased to amaze me with how much energy they had. Even at this hour.

Annabelle nudged my side not long after.

"Get up, you need to put this on." She commanded from beside me on the bed.

"No not another one. I don't think I can take it." I whined back, letting a tired moan escape.

She laughed saying "It's only this one more, I promise."

"Fine." I grumbled whilst rolling off the bed and landing, somehow, on my feet.

Annabelle pushed me into the bathroom, shoving a new outfit into my hands. I looked at the uniform and realised that it was very much my style. Instead of a skirt they had allowed me black skinny jeans that had a few rips here and there. Attached to the jeans was a belt that had the school logo, as well as band logos, stitched onto it. The shirt remained the same really, only when I put it on did I realise it has a tighter fit then my usual shirt. The tie was the same as everyone else's left to me to decide how I would like to wear it. I left the top two buttons of my shirt undone, not having much choice as someone had cut the buttons off. With the tie loosely around my neck, meeting the end of the opening of my shirt, I walked out of the bathroom back into Kelly's room.

Both the girls sat on the bed stopped talking and looked up when I walked in. Wide smiles spread across both their faces.

"Lookin' good sis." Annabelle said smiling proudly.

"Well?" Kelly asked.

"It's…" I pondered, trying to come up with the right words. "It's very…me. Wait, no, it's cool, stylish and completely St Trinians."

Kelly's smile grew and she gestured to the door and said "Better get out there then and show the girls. I wouldn't want to keep them waiting."

I smiled and walked out the door and was instantly crowed with the older girls. The first years had started to destroy their part of the dorm and had started a pillow fight.

I received several pats on the back and lots of welcoming. I thanked most, though it was strange. It was like I had done some big heroic act, which clearly I hadn't. Then again, surviving St Trinians and being welcomed, fully, into their home was an accomplishment in its self.

By the end of the night I knew exactly what I was going to write in my English assignment, and I knew exactly how I was going to write it. I started to formulate sentences in my head as we all went back to sleep. I would write it out later in the morning, changing all those outfits had tired me out way more than I expected.