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~*Amelia's POV*~

I had my English assignment finished. The only thing that I had to do was read it to the class, per Ms Dickens instructions. She had said that on the day our assignments were due I was to read mine to the class as punishment, not only that she said that if I did well she may count it as part of my speaking assessment. I decided to make the most of it and had asked miss if some of the older girls could come and listen. Those girls mainly being Annabelle, Kelly, Polly, Andrea and Chelsea. They were the girls I had become closest to at St Trinians, the first friends I had. I also knew that Aunty would be listening to the whole thing through the CCTV system, so no pressure really.

As I entered the classroom everyone took their seats as usual. Only this lesson the group of five girls I had invited along stood against the back wall. I smiled at them as I sat in my seat. I had to admit I was very nervous. What if they didn't like it? It was too late now to change it anyway. Miss asked for everyone else's assignments and they all obliged pulling out pieces of paper and walking to the front to hand it in.

"Now, as you all know Miss Fritton has a punishment to for fill." She addressed the class then turned to me. "If you would Miss Fritton."

I stood shakily from my seat and Miss gave me an encouraging smile, which didn't make me feel much better. I held the piece of paper that I had been writing on for the whole morning. I stood awkwardly at the front and held the paper in front of me. I gave one last look at the teacher and my friends standing at the back. Then I did the only thing I could do at that moment. I read what I had written, word for word.

"Amelia Fritton; class 1; lower 6th form

Assignment based on: Recent and past events Assignment type: Short Story

At the start it was rubbish, nothing ever seemed to go right. I had the worst luck in the world. The only thing I wanted was a friend, just one. I had given up on hoping for a family, in my opinion they were never reliable. I had decided that when I was seven and by that age I had already lived with many different people. I didn't always like those people. But of course I had my ways of getting out.

My favourite thing was pranking, and it probably always will be. I loved to see the reactions and the look on people's faces, either when it happened, or when they realised what had happened. Doing pranks would end me back to where I started, which to be honest was the only place I knew. I would stick to the starting place, like it was my sanctuary. The starting place for me was the orphanage. It was the only thing I knew, so it became the only place I felt comfortable. Even then I knew that it wasn't my sanctuary. My sanctuary would be the place that I felt most comfortable, safe and happy.

I tired living with my dad once but that went horribly wrong. Surprisingly it wasn't me that did anything wrong. That was the first time that I realised that it wasn't just me that needed to want something to make it work. Others around me had to be willing too. I realised that the times that I stayed with all those different people, they had been willing and it was me who wasn't.

After living with my dad I didn't get another opportunity to try and live with someone. I stayed for a while in different orphanages after that. The same comfortable routine didn't feel the same, it became rather painfully dull eventually. When I was younger it was what I had been comfortable with, the only thing I knew. But now that I was older I wanted it to be different. I wanted to be somewhere where people would want me. I wanted someone to love, be they friend or family. Someone who would love me back.

Apparently patience does pay off and people who wait do get what they desire. After six long years of being in the orphanage, someone wanted me. Someone wanted to look after and love me. That single decision by that one person has changed my life forever, and although it hasn't been forever, I know that my life has already been changed. They offered me a place to live with them, a place where I actually fit in for once.

For the first time I made friends, real friends, best friends, nearly every kind of friend. I even helped two people hurry up and get a move on and admit to each other what was obvious to everyone."

At that I paused and looked up at Kelly and Annabelle and the rest of the room. They were all smiling. So far so good.

"The person who changed my life is a person you know and I do believe are fond of. Whether she is telling you off or offering you whisky. She was the first adult that I suppose I ever really trusted and although I haven't spoken many times with her, I really do love her and all her weird quirks. However it's not just her. I love my friends, St Trinians and anarchy."

There was a small chuckle of agreement so I carried on, with a small smile.

"So, why am I telling you this? Why does it matter? Oh, boy, does it matter because for the first time I feel safe. I feel happy, even better than happy and I don't how I couldn't feel comfortable. I have found that sanctuary. The only thing that I have ever really wanted I have found and I am home. Home finally."

It may not be the greatest English assignment ever but I don't think I could have wrote about anything else and it's true. Every word. As if they were proving my point Annabelle, Kelly and the other girls at the back came for a group hug. They laughed as we huddled in. Annabelle even cried, but she would really, she's just a big softy.

Nothing in this moment could ruin how I felt because I really am truly home, finally.