Home Finally- chapter 2: On The Way

Mrs Mason stood with me outside the front of the orphanage that I believed I had stayed in for the longest time yet. My bags were packed and I was ready to go, we were waiting upon a taxi my recently found aunt had sent to collect me. She was not able to come and get me herself as she had to stay and run the school she owned, but had told me over the phone that she was sending the head girl to get me. I found it strange that she would send the head girl, maybe it was just because she trusts the head girl. I had said that it would have been fine to let me just arrive on my own but she insisted that it would be a good way to get to know the head girl a bit beforehand. I couldn't deny that it might be just a tad useful, so having no choice just decided to go with whatever she said.

She seemed like a nice person so far, she had made a joke on the phone that I didn't think any adult would have dared made in front of teenagers. I had talked to her on the phone because Mrs Mason insisted it would be a nice way of first contact with her and that she needed me to make arrangements of when I would be going to the school. When I asked her she replied 'right away' wanting me to start as soon as possible. Providing I was ready, that was when she confirmed the plan with Mrs Mason.

So now here we were stood on the top step leading to the orphanage, it was only 8:30 in the morning. It was chilly outside but the weather would be warming up anytime soon, it was Febuary. I had a jumper on that I pulled tight against me trying to keep the chill in the wind out. I hadn't bothered to tie my hair up this morning so my brown locks blew in front of my face blocking my vision for a bit before the wind stopped and they fell to my shoulder. My green eyes would sting slightly as the wind touched them. My slim frame shuddered against the cold as I watched down the street for any sign of a taxi. Or a car at all. This morning had been quiet, it was Sunday so I didn't expect it to be buzzing with people. A few cars had come past, a lady who was a neighbour of Mrs Mason who stopped and talked to her for five minutes about absolutely nothing. Old people just couldn't help but ramble and talk about unimportant subjects when they meet a friend. It was one of the things that annoyed me most about being in public. I wasn't usually ageist about things it's just this one thing I couldn't stand. Let alone understand.

My thoughts stopped when a black London taxi pulled up at the pavement in front of us. The taxi driver got out, at the same time so did another person. She was a girl around the age of 18, she had black bob that was perfectly in line, not a hair out of place. She was about average height and curvy. She wore skinny jeans, a grey t-shirt a leather jacket and combat boots. She also had bright red lipstick on, making her lips stand out against her pale complexion.

"Hi, I'm Kelly Jones head girl of St. Trinians." She glanced me up and down at first. I was wearing just an ordinary pair of skinny jeans that I had had for a while, the look of them also reflected that they were old, a t-shirt, a dark blue hoodie and converses that matched. She then looked to Mrs Mason.

"I am here to collect Amelia Fritton." She stated.

"Of course!" Mrs Mason replied almost excitedly as she picked up one of my bags and walked round to the boot of the car that had been opened by the cabby. She placed it in carefully and turned back towards us.

"Well come on then. I thought you wanted to go?" She questioned me, eyebrows raised and smiling.

"Oh believe me I do." If she did notice the trace of hate towards her, which I didn't really mean to direct at her, she choose to ignore it. Maybe she got that a lot from kids who left here.

I picked up my rucksack as it was the only thing I had to take with me other than the suitcase. You see moving around a lot you didn't really have much time to collect stuff. Always constantly having to pack and unpack becomes a pain, especially if you have a lot of stuff. I looked to Kelly to see that she stood by the car door, she looked back at me. I hadn't said a word to her so far. She probably thinks I'm shy or just quiet. She raised her eyebrow at me as if to say 'what's so interesting'. I blinked and looked away at Mrs Mason who seemed to be in a happy mood, humming to herself. I must have shown a look of 'are you crazy' because she saw me looking at her and stopped humming.

"Sorry," Mrs Mason apologised. "Bit inappropriate when you're leaving. No offense intended." The smile on her face as she spoke suggested otherwise. Thank god Kelly cleared her throat then.

"Ready?" Kelly asked me.

I just nodded in response and made sure the strap of my rucksack was still on securely. I started towards the car, Kelly climbed in and across to the other seat on the right side of the car. Mrs Mason called out good luck as I climbed into the back seat and placed my rucksack at my feet. I nodded my head to her to show my appreciation, which wasn't much, and closed the door. The cabby had closed the boot at some point. Kelly gave the instruction that we were going to where she had come from. The cabby nodded but didn't say anything. He looked scared as if he did say something Kelly would pull out a gun and shoot him. Never the less he set off down the street. I didn't look back as we left, I never did when I left an orphanage. If I did it would go against my motto of 'the past is in the past and there is nothing you can do to change it', which is true and for me always has been and probably always will be.

"So," Kelly started the small talk. I noticed that she obviously wasn't one for silence. "I expect that you would like to introduce yourself."

I gave her a confused look. She already knew my name, why would she want me to introduce myself. She rolled her eyes at me.

"Well you have to talk sometime and plus I don't think that was much of a first meeting back there." She explained.

"I suppose." I said grateful that she wasn't going to stick with that as our first meeting. "That in all honesty was the worst first meeting I have ever had with someone, I will say that."

Smiled and there was a look of relief? On her face.

"Thank God you talk." She said. "You would dead meat as soon as you walked in the door if you didn't."

"What do you mean dead meat? You're not cannibals are you?" I joked. She laughed and shook her head like I didn't understand.

"No thankfully not." She looked into my green eyes as if seeking information. "So you going to introduce yourself or not?"

"Right." I stuck my hand out for her to shake. "Amelia Fritton; prankster, apparently a real pain in the arse to adults, 16 years old and counting and really very much not a big fan of school." I introduced.

She took my hand and shook it firmly smiling at my introduction.

"Well, Amelia Fritton, I believe that you may just survive St. Trinians." She said smirking as she said this, challenging me to disagree, which is what I did.

"Yeah?" I challenged "Bring it on." I said confidently, my more egotistical side coming out.

The rest of the ride was silent but not awkward. I felt comfortable around this girl, she was inviting yet mysterious at the same time. She would sometimes say something open, but would then close it off with a comment that countered it. We chatted about some random things, sometimes funny and sometimes more interesting, such as her outlook on school. She liked her school a lot. It was strange she certainly didn't look like the kind of person who would enjoy school. Yet she told me she would be willing to do anything for it, which was why coming to pick me up was no biggie.

With every passing moment my curiosity to know exactly what St Trinians was like grew more and more. I wanted to know why it would be so important to a person who supposedly wouldn't care. As my curiosity grew unfortunately my anxiety about meeting the headmistress, my aunt, grew also. I don't think I had ever been this nervous about something. I used to dream about being found by a family and how we would bond instantly. I let that dream go when I was about ten, told myself that I was just being stupid and I needed to start thinking realistically. I remembered that I had cried at night sometimes when I thought about this kind of thing. Now that it was actually happening, I didn't know what to think or do. To cry or jump for joy.

Time had moved fast and we had pulled down a long drive that was lined with trees and vegetation. The bank of trees either side ended and gave way to a huge field that was split down the middle by the rest of the drive. The drive led to a large grand mansion type building that must have been St Trinians. I was surprised to see such a school, it looked amazing. Kelly saw my expression of awe and chuckled. "Welcome to St. Trinians."