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Alright, I stared this story and I promise to continue my other stories. I'm done with middle school and I'm a upcoming freshman. Now that its summer break, I will be able to update more often. Which is fantastic news for you guys! Thanks so much for your patience and enjoy this story.


"A fire needs a space to burn. A breath to build a glow."

~Until It's Gone by Linkin Park

Maharashtra, India

3:10 A.M

A lightning flash illuminated the darkened night sky and it was followed by the all too familiar sound a loud roll of thunder. His grey eyes suddenly flew open and he jerked awake. Aaron Cross took several controlled breaths, trying to slow his breathing as he wiped sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. He lightly cleared his throat before glancing at the peaceful figure next to him. Marta Shearing was curled up sleeping beside him and Aaron smiled softly, caressing his finger down her cheek, before quietly slipping out of the bed.

He stopped at the doorway of the kitchen and switched on the light, dimming it slightly before walking in. He could hear the raindrops pattering on the rooftop along with the occasional flash of lightning and roll of thunder. He switched on the TV and turned it to CNN before walking over to the fridge. He grabbed the handle and took a water bottle out of the fridge. He unscrewed the cap and drained the whole bottle in less than five minutes. He breathed deeply as he threw the empty bottle into the open trash can, before taking a seat onto the couch. His thoughts drew back to his dream and his mind was stolen from reality.

He was running through a dark street at the dead of night. He had told Marta to meet him near the dock, while he drew the attention of the two LARX assassins sent to kill them. It had been almost six minutes, since Aaron started running, and he had already been shot. The bullet had exited his right arm and he was loosing blood fast. He mumbled something under his breath before spotting a dark figure following him, blending in with the small crowd of people. He sped up his speed slightly before tightly turning a corner into an alleyway. He continued running and he could hear the sound of footsteps following him. He turned another tight corner and came face-to-face with the second assassin. Aaron was cornered. There was no where else to run and he knew he was screwed. He could fight his way out of this…but…there was a low 12% that he would survive.
"There's nowhere else to run to," the first assassin smirked darkly.

"And you know you can't fight your way out of this and still get out alive." The second assassin added quickly.

Aaron glared at both of them, meeting both of their dark faces, their eyes shielded by dark shades.

"Oh and…about your scientist friend," the first assassin taunted. "She's dead, and her blood is on your hands."

"…Jason Bourne…"

The name snapped Aaron out of his thoughts and his mind suddenly was rushed back to reality. Jason Bourne…he had heard that name before…more than once actually.

He had heard it just before he had left Outcome to do that stupid scavenger hunt.

He had heard that name from the news reporter in the airport when he was going to Manila.

Jason Bourne.

He was the person who sparked panic among the CIA.

He sparked a flame that threatened to unveil Outcome and LARX.

He's the one who made the shutdown of Outcome possible.

He's the one who helped make Aaron's escape from Outcome possible.

Jason Bourne…was the key to all of this.

Aaron rose to his feet as a picture of Bourne's last sighting appeared on the screen next to the female newscaster. Aaron narrowed his dark grey eyes at the screen before breathing deeply.

His next mission now: find Jason Bourne.