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Chapter 8

11:46 PM

"Aaron!" Jason called from the kitchen and Aaron rolled the bed, with Marta, who was laying next to him, grasping his hand and following him out of the bedroom door.

Jason was sitting at the kitchen counter with Aaron's laptop, a slightly nervous look on his face.

"What?" Aaron questioned as he peered over Jason's shoulder.

"Why…does he look like you?" Marta asked as she saw what Jason was looking at.

Aaron leaned closer to the screen and sure enough, the figure on the screen did look almost exactly like him. Something was off though. The figure's eyes were a dark green color.

What is this? Aaron thought as he scrolled to the top of the screen and saw the symbol which read: SHIELD.

"What the-?" Aaron mumbled but he was cut off by a knocking sound at the door.

"Open up!" A voice yelled from outside and Aaron's mind quickly switched gears.

Jason cured under his breath before quickly closing the laptop and placing it into one of the hidden drawers.

Aaron grabbed his gun and gave one to Marta, who accepted the weapon with shaky hands.

He placed a gentle hand on Marta's and she met his eyes before placing the small gun into the waist band of her pants.

Jason took up his gun before the three of them quickly headed towards the small escape route.

The air was moist as the three of them made their way through the underground route. Aaron breathed deeply before kicking open the door leading outside and started to run with Marta and Jason in tow.

"Over here!" An agent shouted and Aaron took Marta's hand.

"Jason," Aaron said and shot a look back at Jason who nodded and quickly separated from the two of them.

Suddenly, a black figure lunged at Marta, tackling her to the ground, forcing out a surprised yelp from her.

As soon as Aaron felt her hand leave his, he whirled around to hear a gunshot fire and Marta standing there, gun raised with the body of the dead man at her feet, her breathing labored.

Aaron let out a soft sigh of relief before quickly approaching her and placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Nice work." He nodded before glancing behind them to see more running towards them. "We need to go. Come on."

She took her hand and they ran together into the darkness of the night.