The BAU recently saved a child from his abusive murderer father. JJ told Reid to take him to her office and see if he could get him to sleep while the rest of them cleared up the rest of the stuff. The girl wouldnt sleep and Reid kept trying to suggest things so she would sleep but none of them worked so far when suddenly, she had an idea. She wanted to sleep and before she died her mother often sang so she told the nerd that and he responded kindly. "Of coarse. Do you mind if I sing one of my favorites?"

She shook her head hoping that he could actually sing. He sat down criss-cross applesauce and took a breath, "En..dur haam... ater haas... ater oua...sater..haaaa..._ ater ater heemn..._ ater owmn...sater hoy..._" he continued his song in his calm medium voice slowly. He didn't realize (so caught up in the music) that JJ was recording his singing. She had finished her work first and came to check on the little girl when she realized that Reid was singing and she'd never get another chance like this.

She could tell the song was almost over and backed away while wondering what he was singing. Jj especially wanted to know which language because he may be smart but she was sure that he didnt speak another language. Maybe she could have Garcia run it through the system to check? Th thought of finding out got JJ to race into Garcia's lair like a cheetah. "Honey? Are you okay?" She nodded out of breath but asked anyway,

"If I send you a recording could you translate?" JJ straightened up. The techie nodded while turning back around to recieve the recording. When she got it, JJ yelled wait before she could hit the button. It startled Garcia so much she almost dropped her cup. "You have to turn the volume down! Im nkt supposed to have this." A raised eyebrow showed a needed explanation.

The blonde chuckled nervously and told her friend the story hoping she'd keep quiet, "We good now?" A nod then the recording was played and translated. It confused both of them when it responded 3 different languages: Irish, Celtic, and Selkie. The last one specifically confused them because they'd never heard such a thing. "Maybe you should ask Boy Wonder? Pretend you heard something and it came into your head or something?" JJ nodded.

Of to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz. She felt like Dorothy and hoped she had better luck than her.