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Tohsaka Rin sighed wearily as she put down her cup of tea. It was a sunny, mid-autumn afternoon.

How could a day so beautiful be also so dreary? How had things gone so horribly wrong?

In the end it was all her fault and she knew it.

A year after the Holy Grail War she had moved to London, joining the Clock Tower with Shirou as her apprentice and Saber as her bodyguard. Everything had been fine for the first few months, but the pressure and the expectation had gotten to her after a while.

As a Japanese she was less than a country bumpkin in the eyes of the European nobles, a little above a trained monkey, really, regardless of the fact that her talent as well as her lineage in some cases, far outstripped their own.

She was ostracized left and right, more so because of her talent. Arrogant sore losers, she thought.

Frustrated, she forced Shirou to partially showcase his unique Projection abilities, so that his accomplishment as a Magus would reflect on her as his master. It had been a bad call all around and it backfired spectacularly.

A first generation Magus being able to reproduce higher Mysteries with a combination of Structural Analysis and Projection turned out to be too much of an oddity and the administration covertly launched investigation on Shirou's abilities. His Reality Marble was subsequently exposed and Shirou was forced to flee the country, least he'd become a subject for experimentation, with a Sealing Designation to his name.

Six months had gone by. Six months during which Rin tried everything she had to clear Shirou's name and stop the manhunt. Six months during which she had to sustain Saber with her resources alone.

Unlike most Magi, Rin had sufficient reserves of Mana to keep a Servant in the world of the living, a monumental task in and of itself, but even if she could do so it sapped most of her energies. Without Shirou adding his own Mana through their tantric rituals she had little power to spare for her own research.

In an academic institution like the Clock Tower, no research meant no status and no status meant no influence to help Shirou out of the predicament she had put him into.

She was in a conundrum and to make matter worse she couldn't let Saber know about it. The King of Knights wouldn't accept to be a burden and surely would demand Rin to rescind their contract, which was tantamount as asking to be left to die.

Rin didn't want to lose Saber as well. In the months after the war the three of them had grown steadily closer and eventually become lovers. A strange but functional arrangement, though not always completely smooth.

Now, with Shirou gone, it was just the two of them and Rin would be damned if she let go of Saber as well.

As her quest to help Shirou drew longer, the weight on Rin's shoulders did nothing but increase and it would have soon reach a critical point. Before that happened she needed to find a steady supply of Mana and the only way to get it was from another human being.

However, there was one single known way to bypass the human body's rejection of foreign energies and that was through the application of a tantric ritual. To make a long story short, she had to find herself a lover.

She considered her options carefully, weighted all possibilities, considered all angles and she didn't find any other course of action that didn't involve sacrificing things more important than her own pride.

No, considering that this situation was all her fault to begin with if she had any pride at all she would have to make amends, no matter how distasteful she'd find the process.

With that resolve made the problem was finding a suitable candidate for the ritual and try as she might there weren't that many. Magi weren't very forthcoming to begin with and opening their reserves of Mana to another Magus would require both suitable compensation and assurances.

Rin wasn't wealthy, in fact she was in considerable debt, therefore she had nothing to offer beside herself. It wasn't unheard of for a Magus to be the subject of another's experimentation but it was a dangerous business to say the least.

It more or less narrowed down her research to one single person. A Magus whose research was focused on exchanges of energies. It was perfect because it would give Rin what she wanted and would provide the Magus in question with material for his own research, however it was awful because that specific Magus was someone who Rin loathed with a passion.

Gerard DuFall was an arrogant asshole of the worst kind and to make matter worse he had made lots of unveiled advances on her in the past, especially after Shirou had left. She had shot him down every single time but the man never deterred.

Having to require his assistance now, and in such a manner of all things, was the most humiliating thing Rin ever thought she'd have to do.

And yet she had no other choice.

"I admit I didn't expect that you would come to me on your own, Rin," the dark haired Magus admitted upon seeing her approach through the corridors of the Clock Tower, "but it's a welcome surprise nonetheless."

"Stuff the attitude, Gerard. I have to speak with you."

"It must be my lucky day," he sighed wistfully. "What can my humble self do for you?"

"Humble self, right," she scoffed. "Let's talk somewhere more private."

"And my day just keeps getting better by the minute," he chuckled while Rin shoved him unceremoniously into an empty room.

"Now, listen up," she said after firmly shutting the door behind her. "You wanted something from me and I'm willing to give it to you."

"I'm all ears." The gleam in his eyes was absolutely predatory.

"Don't let it go to your head, this is just a business transaction. I'll make it simple. I need a steady supply of Mana and it's not a secret that you are looking for volunteers for your research. I want to make a deal."

"What are you proposing?" he asked without a trace of his previous sleaziness. At his core, Gerard was a first-rate Magus.

"A self-geass scroll," Rin answered and Gerard balked.

"That's one hell of a request, Rin. A self-geass is an absolute binding agreement. Are you sure about it?"

"With the alternative being leaving my body in your hands without assurances?" she scoffed. "Yeah, not happening."

"Fine," he shrugged. "Let's hear your terms first."

"It's easy enough. I'll come over to your Workshop twice a week for no longer than a hour each time and you will replenish my Mana. In exchange I'll let you run you experiments of me with the provision that I will not suffer long lasting damage."

"Why accepting any damage at all?"he quirked an eyebrow.

"I acknowledge that in the course of the experiments I can get injured somehow. It's only natural. I'm fine with that so long as it's not permanent. Of course neither of us will divulge knowledge of this agreement either directly or indirectly, unless we mutually agree otherwise, for whatever unanticipated reason that might come up in the future. It goes without saying that I will keep to myself anything that I hear or see while in your Workshop. The contract will be provisional for a year and renewable with a simple verbal agreement if needed be."

"I don't know," Gerard replied, rubbing his chin. "A self-geass scroll is a real hassle just for that. I can get plenty of living specimen without it."

"What else do you want?" she ground out. She had expected as much from him.

"Compliance. Without your active cooperation there's no difference between you and an ordinary girl. Well, not that you are ordinary in any sense of the word, but you get what I mean."

"Fine," she grunted, "but I expect suitable compensation. The standard hourly fee of the association will do."

"Apprentice level fee," Gerard proposed.

"You wish. Master level," Rin countered.

"Man, you strike a hard bargain. Fine, you have your deal. Meet me tomorrow, same time, and we'll go over the finer details. Oh, and Rin?"


"I'm looking forward to working with you."

"Go to hell, Gerard!"

He chuckled and left the room, leaving behind a very upset and tremendously embarrassed Rin.

It was a good day to be Gerard DuFall.

The next morning

Rin read the draft for the umpteenth time. The rules were simple but strict.

Rule 1. Both parties are sworn to secrecy about the Contract itself. Disclosure of any information to a third party requires the agreement of both parties. This rules extends after the cessation of the Contract.

Rule 2. Within the boundaries of the Contractor (DuFall, Gerard)'s Workshop, the Recipient (Tohsaka, Rin) will comply with any and every order that does not threaten their physical and/or mental integrity for all of her permanence within Contractor's Workshop, which will last no less than a hour each session, at least twice a week. The Recipient is exempt from following order they don't know how, or the lack the means to execute. Past the agreed hour, the Recipient is free to leave and no attempt at restrain them will be made.

Rule 3. Both parties will to their best to insure the other's physical and metal health, providing help unless it endangers their own integrity, or unless otherwise required by the injured party.

Rule 4. A Master level fee (£ 150.00) will be paid to the Recipient for every hour of service provided.

Rule 5. After the Mana exchange bond has been successfully established, the Contractor is to refill the Recipient's reserves with each session, by all means necessary, unless in contradiction with the aforementioned rules.

Rule 6. Under no circumstances can Rule 2 be used to circumvent the other rules.

Rule 7. The Contract's duration is of one year, starting from the signing of the Contract by both parties, renewable verbally by any amount of time agreed upon by both parties.

Rule 8. Under no circumstances the parties are to seek retribution for events transpired happened in the course of the Contract.

To the best of her ability, Rin couldn't imagine any loophole that could be used against her and even if she had missed something she was sure that in the worst case scenario she would only have to endure it for two hours a week and not without a measure of compensation, however small, in exchange of her wounded pride.

But her pride wasn't what hurt her the most. While she might have acted aloof about it, the truth was that she was going to be cheating on her lovers. Just because her hand had been forced, it change the truth of it one little bit. Shame didn't begin to cover what she felt.

She shook her head trying to dispel the thought. Thinking of Saber and Shirou was not going to help now. As much as she hated it, to establish a connection with Gerard they had to reach a simultaneous climax, which meant that she had to enjoy herself. Feeling guilty wasn't going to smooth that process.

At least, after that, her enjoyment would no longer be required, for after the bond was established the mere receiving seminal fluids would allow for the transfer of Mana.

Unlike with Shirou, whom with she managed it at the first try even though it was her first time in every sense of the word, with Gerard it would likely take several sessions before they managed it.

Those would be hours during which she would be forced to enjoy herself being intimate with a man she loathed. Indeed, if what she was doing could be considered cheating, Rin was fairly sure that the crime itself was its own punishment.

With a sigh, Rin stood and smoothed her clothes, giving herself a last onceover in front of the mirror. She was wearing her usual clothes composed of a red, long sleeved shirt, a red mini-skirt and her thigh-high socks.

Having passed her own examination with flying colors, she took a steadying breath to calm herself.

She had invested a solid hour to make sure she looked perfect, even though she detested the mere thought of what she was about to do. Her pride didn't allow her to half-ass anything and the sad thing was that she was about to open herself, both physically and spiritually, to a man through a sexual ritual.

Arousal, attraction and confidence were necessary to pull it off.

Satisfied with herself as much as the situation allowed for, Rin left to literally seal her fate.

A sharp pain in her Crest signaled the contract taking effect. In the privacy of a unused room of the Clock Tower, both Magi sighed in relief.

"Well, that's about it," Gerard said, unusually amicable.

"Yeah," Rin agreed, massaging her arm. "So, how do you want to proceed?"

"I'd say we call it a day for now. There's no point in rushing things."

Rin quirked an eyebrow.

"What?" he asked. "You thought I'd expect you to do it immediately? Give me a break. I know what you think of me but I like it better if the women I sleep with enjoy themselves as much as possible."

"Well, thank you, then," she replied sharply, not at all touched by his show of kindness. "You'll forgive me if I don't jump up and down in joy."

"Yeah, yeah. Feel free to go for now. I'll have the instruction to reach my Workshop delivered to your apartment."

"What do you mean? Your Workshop is here at the Clock Tower, of course."

"I never said anything about that," Gerard shook his head. " I research energy exchanges. There's just too much stray and aimless energy of all kinds here to make any amount of worthwhile study. My Workshop is in London."

"And you didn't think about mentioning it beforehand?" Rin snapped. She had barely signed the Contract and there were already things she had overlooked.

"Why would have I told anyone not bound to secrecy where's my Workshop? And what does it matter to you?"

"Nothing! It doesn't matter at all. I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that, she stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind her. Gerard made sure to wait a few minutes before easing in his seat and allowing a lecherous smile to form on his face. It went way better than he expected. If Rin had made any demand or seriously questioned the nature of his Workshop, Gerard wouldn't have been able to do half the things he had in mind. Like this though, it was only a matter of time...

His chuckle turned into a full blow out laughter. He was really the luckiest dog in the world.

The next day

Rin found an envelope inside her mailbox the next morning. At first glance it contained only blank papers, but when she run Mana through them words appeared.

"Rin, is everything alright?" Saber asked from the door.

"Yes. Just something I was expecting. I'm be going out this afternoon."

"Oh. I will make sure to accompany you then."

"No, this is a joint research project," Rin shook her head. "I cannot bring other people in."

"Magi and their secrets," Saber said with her hands on her hips. "Very well then. If you do not return by sundown, I shall come for you."

"Thank you, Saber," Rin smiled, "but do not worry. Nothing will happen to me, I made sure of it."

"If you are certain."

"Of course I am."

She would come to regret those words soon, even though she couldn't have changed a single thing had she not spoken them.

Following the instructions she received, Rin left her apartment and went into the London subway, moving onto the last carriage, which was conspicuously empty, whereas the others were more or less packed with people returning from work. This too was anticipated in Gerard's instructions.

She slipped inside and waited, while the vehicle traveled through the city's underbelly, until it stopped and the lights went off. The doors to her compartment slid open and Rin stepped out, stealing a glace to the other carriages were nobody seemed to have noticed a single thing.

As soon as she was completely out, the doors slid close behind her and the train sped away as if it had never lost momentum at all.

She frowned. Manipulation of Inertia? This kind of Magecraft had nothing to do with the DuFall family's Craft, at least as far as it was publicly known. Then again, the DuFall were very old blood.

She was left standing before a cavity in the wall of the subway and Rin was forced to acknowledge both the foolishness and the cleverness of such a location. Well hidden but easily accessible, far too close to the eyes of the general public to be comfortable, but that closeness made any overt attempt at breaking in nearly impossible.

Fishing a lighter for her pocket, Rin tried to shed some light in the passage in front of her, but it was for naught. One step past the archway the darkness would could not be cast aside by a mere flame. Sighing, Rin put away her lighter and stepped further into the darkness.

She couldn't see anything, but she was fairly sure that she would not hit anything, though she still traced the wall with a hand to avoid getting lost. She was certain of having gone straight the entire time, however there was a jarring sensation of having changed direction several times despite that.

Say what you want about Gerard, but he was indeed a first rate Magus.

An undetermined amount of time later, she found herself out of the darkness and in front of a sturdy, old-looking metal door, left ajar as to invite her in.

She took that invitation at face value, stepping past the door and into a lavishly decorated Victorian-style room.

"Good afternoon, Rin," Gerard greeted from his seat in front of the fireplace, putting down his book and standing up. "You are perfectly on time."

"Of course," she nodded. "Did you expect otherwise?"

"From you? Not at all. Would you like something to drink? I just opened a bottle of a very fine wine."

"I'd rather get this transaction over and done with," she replied sharply.

"Well, if that's how you want it to be, suit yourself. Come, follow me."

He led her to a corridor and from there to another room, furbished only with a stone altar and a small table with all manners of containers on it.

"Undress and lay on the altar, please."

On the way to her shirt, her fingers hesitated. Was she really going to go through with this?

What a silly question. From the moment she had signed that Contract she could no longer back off.

Even though she knew this, her face still flushed when she slid out of her shirt and skirt, revealing the simple white underwear beneath. Her socks joined the rest of her clothes, just like her bra a second later.

Another moment of hesitation went by when she went for her panties.

"Leave those on if you want," Gerard said.

"W-what?" she asked, looking up at him and simultaneously covering her breasts. "Why are you still dressed?"

"Because we are not going to do it just yet," he replied as he unbuttoned and rolled up the sleeves of her shirt. "You are too tense, Rin. It's not like I expected otherwise but we aren't going to get anything accomplished with you in that state. Go lay on the altar, face down."

"W-what do you have in mind?"

He rolled his eyes. "Nothing nefarious, I assure you. It's just a massage to make you relax a bit. I understand this isn't something you would have wanted, Rin, but there is no reason to make it more difficult than it should."

Privately, she objected. She would rather this was as difficult as it could possibly be for the sake of her conscience. However she was too practically-minded to sabotage the procedure, especially since it had been her request in the first place.

"Fine," she nodded, breasts still covered. She walked to the altar, which was inscribed with runes she didn't know, and lay down on it. The coolness of the stone gave her goosebumps.

Gerard walked up to her, picked a jar from the table and covered his hands with the cream within.

"What is that?" she asked, eyes narrowed in suspicion.

"Just a ointment to stimulate the blood flow. Really, it's something you can buy at any average shop, Rin. Now, shall we get started?"

He begun from her shoulders, kneading her muscles, which Rin had to admit were very tense. He then moved to her arms and then down her back and sides, stopping just short of her butt. He then moved to her feet, working his way up her legs and thighs, again stopping before getting to truly intimate areas.

Rin felt herself relaxing, despite her misgivings. Though she did not like the situation any more than before, Gerard was being surprisingly decent about it and she had to admit that he knew what he was doing so far.

She was slowly getting warmer as the tension of the past months was slowly getting worked out of her body…..

"… ake up, Rin."

"Mwah?" she blinked, startled, with a trail of drool running down her lips. "Did I fall asleep?"

"Out like a light," he nodded. "You haven't been resting properly, have you?"

Her glare told him to mind his own business.

"The hour has passed," he told her, unconcerned by her enmity. "Feel free to take a shower in the bathroom next room before dressing up."

"Uh… thank you," she replied awkwardly, unable to keep up her hostility in the face of his unexpected politeness.

"Don't mention it. I'll be waiting for you in the entrance hall."

He slipped out of the room with one final nod, leaving Rin alone.

She didn't quite know what to think of the situation. She was fairly certain that Gerard would have wasted no time in pleasantries and would have taken advantage of her right away. His behavior was unexpected, but not unwelcome. At the very least, she felt less humiliated than she thought she would.

With her mood lightened ever so slightly, Rin went into the bathroom, removed her panties after carefully locking the door and took a quick, warm shower.

Not ten minutes later she was already dressed up and at the exit of Gerard's Workshop.

"Well, this is it for now," he said as he saw her out. "Is the day after tomorrow good for you?"

"No," she replied. "I have other arrangements. I'll see you in three days, same hour."

It wasn't true, but Rin didn't want to let him decide everything. He already had too much power over her as it was.

"Fine by me," he shrugged. "Careful on your way home."

She gave a courteous nod and stepped out, door closing behind her.

Gerard grinned from ear to ear after Rin left. Everything was going according to plan. Though he would have very much liked to fuck Rin the moment she was inside his Workshop, the truth was the he couldn't afford it. He needed to slither past her emotional defenses first and get her guard down. Only then, when she was truly vulnerable and at his mercy, he could do as he wanted with her.

It was just a matter of being patient for a while and then he would greatly enjoy breaking her down piece by piece.

He could hardly wait.


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