Chapter 35


"I don't love you, Rin," was Gerard's answer. "To me, you were a blank canvas that I wanted to paint and I did. Now that the job is done, that's no longer the case. As my creation you are still extraordinary, of course, but my interest in you is the same I have for every other piece of my collection. I find myself enjoying Saber's slow downfall more than I did yours. Her superhuman charisma and everlasting beauty are far superior to yours. You are just a bigger than average source of Mana and a convenient set of holes."

Rin felt a shudder go down her spine. After all he did to her, after twisting her heart, corrupting her soul and turning her against everything she ever stood for, this was all what she amounted to for him?

The knowledge of this made her-

-absolutely fucking wet!

She had given up everything to him and all she got from him was to be looked down upon. It was the best feeling in the entire world.

Rin felt the heat spread through her nether regions. Her hungry pussy demanded her surrender. It demanded that she cast away the last source of light within her to the darkness of carnal pleasure.

It demanded for Tohsaka Rin to kill her own tainted soul and completely become nothing more than an object for the pleasure of other people.

"Oh God, Gerard. Yes!" she moaned. "I love you so fucking much! Please, oh please humiliate me more. Degrade me more! I'll do anything!"

"You already know what I want."

"I'll do it!" she declared with a maniacal grin. "I'll do it! I'll turn him in. I don't care if they'll kill him or torture him or whatever. Today in this place I'm choosing to be turned in a mindless pig-bitch and to sacrifice my love for Shirou and his life for this purpose, for my own pleasure. I beg you Gerard! Destroy me completely. Destroy me, destroy Saber and destroy Shirou. Trample upon our love and remake me into your mindless flesh toy."

Though she said those words, there were tears rolling down her eyes. She had become corrupt, but her love for Shirou had not diminished in the least. That final betrayal managed to make her feel pain even through the haze of lust that swelled in her body and heart.

But even that pain did nothing but elicit further pleasure from her.

"You've come a long way, Rin. Open your mouth and show me your tongue," said Gerard.

She did as instructed and rolled out her tongue until Gerard's seal was visible inside her mouth. She was panting like the bitch in heat she truly had become.

"Don't worry," he said as he grabbed the tip with his fingers, "I'll make sure that there's nothing left but ashes and dust."

Before she could reply in any way, he channelled Mana through his fingers and up her tongue, causing his brand to shine up brightly.

"Gera -? Oh… Ohhnng?"

Just like when he first put his seal on her, mind melting pleasure went through her brain, except this time it was ten times more intense. There was no need to preserve her mind here. In fact, he aimed to do exactly the opposite. Complete obliteration of her personality was the objective.

From his mark on her tongue, tendrils of purple-black shot out, crawling out of her mouth and down her body, searing her skin with their passage. The same process was happening inside her as well. The tendrils stretched down her throat but also up through her cerebral cortex, right into her malleable gray matter.

Her legs gave out from under here and she fell to her knees, failing to completely slump on the ground because Gerard was still holding her up by her tongue.

Her arms were twitching and her eyes became crossed and started to roll in the back of her head while her body was shaken by a hundred orgasms per second. A pool of arousal began to spread from between her legs to the point that it almost seemed like she had pissed herself.

'I'm being erased! I'm being erased! I'm being erased!' her mind cried out in alarm. Her brain cells were rapidly being destroyed. Though no one could see it, Gerard's brand was crawling all over her gray matter, burning out parts that soon would no longer be of any use to her. 'What have I done? At this rate I'm going to become stupid! Stop! I don't want to become a useless COCK addicted retard! Stop!'

But there was no stopping it. Not only Gerard wasn't privy to her fading thoughts, he wouldn't have stopped even if he knew them.

'I need to use Magecraft now. I need COCK. No, I need to use my Crest. Yes! My PUSSY will save me! No, not my PUSSY! I need to put COCK through my Crest. Noooo. Not COCK. Mana! I need to put Mana in my PUSSY! HARD THROBBING Mana! Yeeees. I think…. What was I thinking of again? Oh yes. COCK! I need to put COCK into my PUSSY! COCK! COCK! COCK! Give it to me! Gimme! Gimme! Gimmeeeee! Nuoooohhhh!'

And just like that, Tohsaka Rin was burned away. With each passing second, her ability to formulate complex thoughts was being eaten away, slowly reducing her to the level of intellect of a very slow child and the same amount of attention span, made worse by a single burning obsession for carnal pleasure.

She would still retain all of her memories and would be able to make more, but correlating what she knew and coming to a conclusion of her own was no longer possible. If one asked her a question sufficiently slow about something she knew, she would be able to answer, but that was the limit of her intellectual ability.

It went without saying that she wouldn't be able to do something as complex as Magecraft ever again. That Crest of hers, that accumulation of efforts and sacrifices made by her ancestors was now wasted on her.

That was fine, Gerard had a method to use it himself, even if it would take a few years. Rin certainly would not miss it.

As for her body… well. In time it would grow to resemble that of an inflatable doll. Her tits and ass would swell, her thighs would thicken and her lips would inflate. In a matter of weeks she would have the looks of a dim-witted bimbo and the brains to match.

For her, it was over.

However, there were still two individuals he had to take care of. It would be fun indeed.



It was a quiet summer evening when Emiya Shirou stepped into the quaint coffee shop in Tokyo.

As one of the most populous urban areas in the world, and one of the farthest places from the reach of the Clock Tower, Japan's capital was the perfect place for a person hunted by the Mage Association to disappear.

He hadn't returned directly to Japan after his narrow escape from London. He took a long, winding path on his way back, and he ran into numerous people and adventures worthy of tales of their own.

However, throughout it all, he never failed to check upon the many dead drop points he had agreed upon with Rin before they left Japan to enroll at the Clock Tower, in the event that she had a message left for him.

They didn't fail to anticipate the risk of a Sealing Designation, or simply falling on the wayside of a powerful figure at the CLock Tower and they had planned beforehand how to get in touch with each other if they ever got separated during a common escape.

Rin had even insisted that they would both set up separate safe houses unknown to each other, just in case one of them was captured and tortured to get the location of the other.

After his solo escape, it became the only method through which Rin could contact him.

Which was exactly why he was in this coffee shop at this time.

It was an European style establishment, with shelves upon shelves filled with books that the patrons could perused as they spent their money.

It was precisely a place that Rin would like, and it was here that he had to check if there was any message from her.

Of course, he didn't come in blind. He first checked if the coast was clear of any suspicious figures. As far as he could tell, no one was stalking the place. His senses didn't pick anything on the supernatural front either, therefore he felt fairly safe about the circumstances. No one jumped him when he entered either, which was always a good sign.

He sat at a table and ordered himself a coffee, just to see if someone would try to poison him that way. His coffee tasted normal, but he didn't actually drink it anyway.

He examined the patrons for a while, but no one so much as looked at him the whole time As far as he could tell, there was no danger whatsoever.

He still waited a little bit, just in case a potential stalker would become unnerved and let something slip. However, half an hour into it revealed nothing suspicious.

Only then he felt confident enough to move to the next phase.

He stood from his table and approached the shelves. His target was the book in the farthest, most difficult to reach corner of the entire place.

If Rin had left a message for him, it would be scribbled on the inner cover.

He pulled it off the shelf and the moment he did so, something made a clicking sound.

He reacted out of instinct, triggering his Circuits, but he was a fraction of second too late. There was an explosion and a blinding white light. He could not feel it, but his body was thrown across the room and into the opposite wall.

Even so, he wouldn't have passed out if someone hadn't decked him across the face with enough force to shatter his jaw.

For all his toughness, his unreinforced body couldn't take that kind of abuse and he blacked out.


Somewhere, on the opposite side of the world, a phone rang.

The people in the room either didn't hear it or where too busy with what they were doing to bother picking it up.

Several old men were gathered all around a woman whose body proportions were quite absurd.

Tohsaka Rin had changed in such a way that no one would recognize her with just a passing glance.

Not that anyone would ever look at her only in passing.

Of her once slender frame, only her waist remained thin, but that only made her look more absurd as it was located in the middle of a body that was full of exaggerated curves.

Her breasts had grown to the size of watermelons and her butt and thighs had grown to match and support her chest size.

Her lips had puffed out considerably, making her once refined face look absolutely indecent, even when they were not wrapped around an old man's fat cock like they were in that moment.

"Blurb! Blurb! Blurb!" she moaned happily through the meat shaft currently occupying her mouth.

The reason for that happiness was none other than having all of her holes filled simultaneously. Sitting on the man who fucked her pussy while another railed her ass was the best thing she could do while she sucked on a third cock.

The man under her had no compunction about mauling her fat tits with his fingers, just as the one ramming her asshole had none about slapping her juicy butt, making it wiggle like pudding.

Their collective grunts and moans, as well as the sound of their flesh intertwining was enough to drown out the phone, which was still ringing insistently

Only when the man face fucking Rin had spurted his semen deep into her toilet mouth, did he bother taking enough of a break to actually pick up.

"Yes, what is it?" he asked annoyedly. "Oh, you finally got him? Good, good. Bring him back in all haste. I can't wait to start experimenting on him."

He put down the receiver, now in a much better mood than before at having his fun interrupted.

"Guess what, Rin," he said as he stepped in front of her once again. "We finally managed to catch your little boyfriend. He'll be brought in very soon. What do you say to that? Want to see him one last time before we cut him open?"

"Ahhh... ahhhh... G...give me... Cock. Give me your cock, please. Fuck my mouth. Fuck my face... "

"That's what I thought," he said, "but that won't do. Tell you what, if you can wait a minute without suckign my dick, I'm going to have him killed painlessly instead of spending his lifetime in pain."

"Ahhh... no way. No way, no way, no way. I want it. I want it now!"

"So, you'd rather that we tortured him for years rather than just wait a minute without sucking a dick?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes! I don't give a shit about him. Kill him or torture him or whatever! Just give me that coooock! Ohuum!"

Just as she asked, he pushed his member between her lips and she let out a happy noise.

"Very well then. I'll make sure his stay is as painful as possible and that he'll stay conscious through it all."

"Her cunt tightened," said the Magus underneath her. "I'm guessing she likes that. She says she doesn't care, but she gets off to the idea of trading him for cock, this bitch."

"Now, now. She is what she is. Who would expect a cocksleeve to have things such as morals and dignity? This is the highest thing an Asian subhuman like her can ever hope to be. Isn't that right, dear?"

"Hm. Hm. Hm," she agreed happily with her throat.

Once upon a time, Rin sold he body in exchange of money. After Gerard's last round of treatment, she no longer cared about wealth, however the thoughts of hurting and betraying the man she once loved still gave her a bit of thrill.

Otherwise, she'd spend her days either high on cocks or craving for them in their absence. Unfortunately, the novelty of her completely broken self was starting to wear off. She hadn't seen or heard from Gerard in months and the Magi that once would have paid a fortune to humiliate her were no longer interested in defiling her body as much as before. She was now a permanent fixture at The Club, which they could come to use whenever they weren't otherwise occupied.

Apparently, their focus had shifted to Saber, which made Rin loathe her quite a bit. She'd give her a piece of her mind if she'd ever see her again, or if there was any piece of mind left to give.

At some point their Contract had been removed and shifted to someone else, hence she was now some other Magus' familiar. Possibly Gerard's, but there was no way for Rin to know for sure. No one would ever come looking for her. Saber had been corrupted and Shirou had been captured.

It was only a matter of time before they got bored with her and used her for something else. Not that she was worried about that. Her ability to think ahead didn't stretch past the five minutes mark. Even less if there were cocks anywhere in sight.

Nothing was more important for her, not even her own survival. She had become a doll of flesh whose only purpose was milking every single dick within the range of her senses, and if there weren't any, seek them out.

She no longer cared what happened to her. She was mildly aware that Gerard still had a plan. Something about using her womb as an incubator of sorts, to sire an heir that would be able to obtain her Magecraft on top of his.

Her Crest had already been removed and was currently in Gerard's possession. The heritage of her family had been willingly given away with naught an objection from her. The only reason why they had to sedate her was because she would not stay still during the procedure and would attempt to suck him off.

Rin had only two states of mind now. Satisfied or unsatisfied and it was determined by the quantity of dicks inside her holes. Everything beyond that had become almost entirely irrelevant.

So long as her body was filled with cocks her mind was happily empty of thoughts. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on perspective, her intellectual capacity would only lessen with the passage of time, as she made even less use of her brain over long stretches of time.

Ultimately she would become nothing more than a drooling idiot. Not that she could understand that much, or dislike it for that matter. Her greedy holes ached for more and more pleasure, overriding all other needs, all other wants. Personal ambitions were a thing of the past. Dignity a laughable concept that she wouldn't be able to understand anymore.

And yet, she couldn't possibly be any happier than this. At least, that's what that small, dying part of her personality said to itself in reassurance as it faded out completely.


Emiya Shirou was used to pain. In his youth he repeatedly made Circuits out of his nerves, rather than using his actual ones. The repetition of the process over the years made him resilient to levels of pain that would turn any other man insane.

That wasn't a blessing, for it meant he was conscious and lucid throughout it all.

No one should survive having their brains extracted from their skull, but even less so should they preserve their consciousness during the things they had put him through. He was alive, simply because the Magecraft of the glass-like container in which his gray matter being held kept it so.

The only thing he had to experience the world outside were his eyes, floating inside the tube, looking out as his empty body was being poked, examined, quartered and stitched back together, as the Magi tried to figure out if his body played any part in his ability to deploy a Reality Marble. However, as horrifying as it all was, there was a single thought going through his mind at all times. Not the liberation from pain, not being made whole again.

No, the only thing that he could think of were Rin and Saber. For him to be ambushed that way, the Clock Tower had to have taken the information from them, which meant that something bad had to have happened.

He needed to get out of there and find them. Every single moment of his twisted existence was spent thinking of a method to save them.

However, it would never come to pass. His brain would keep floating inside the tube, unable to do a single thing. Eventually, as the years passed, the Magi that were experimenting on him moved onto different subjects and the tube would end up on a shelf inside of a dark storage room. It would spend decades upon decades tormenting itself, never finding peace or rest, until even Magecraft could no longer slow time from eating away at the last thing holding his soul on this plane.

He was finally allowed to die, forgotten by everybody, even and especially the women he never stopped loving. The very women who spent their entire lives in never ending pleasure, while he rotted away like a discarded experiment.

They would sometimes think of a redhead youth who meant everything to the people they no longer were, but it would not last long enough for them to even conjure up his name.


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