Prologue (

Sofia, a kitty-pet who had soft light ginger and peach pelt with green eyes, sat looking at the window of her two-leg home. A cat from the three clans was her mate, but she hadn't seen him in months. Her two-legs hadn't let her out since they saw this "wild" cat. Are they ever going to let me out? Is somthing Sofia wondered a lot. She felt a kick from her stomach, the kittens... She was to have kits, in about a month. "Sofia! Get down from there now." the female two-leg snapped. What, so now I'm not aloud to look out the window? Sofia hissed under her breath.

Spots, a cat who lived in the same nest, passed by her. He snickered. "Be quiet. You aren't always perfect" Sofia snapped aggresively. "Why don't you groom yourself? You look like a mess." he suggested as the female two-leg lifted him up. Sofia hissed, but the kit two-leg pushed her two the side. Sofia hated Spots, she often heard her two-legs saying why she can't be more like Spots.

A few weeks later...

The door was open, it was her chance to escape and leave these two-legs. Sofia dashed out and hopped over the fence despite having kits soon to be born. Her mate had taught her how to hunt, basically at least so she could eat when she needed. "SOFIA?" the two-legs called. Sofia darted towards a tree which she could tell was near the border of Flowerclan. She hid in a hole under one of the roots. She listen to the birds calling and the green leaves shinning in the light. "Who are you?" Sofia heard someone call, pain gasped at her all over her body. The kits are coming! Why now? The cats approached her. She saw a ginger cat with white spots and a half-a-tail, a tom that was gray, and a black and white tom.

"Who are you?" they snapped. "So-" was the last thing Sofia could make out before she fainted from the pain.

This was my first fan-fiction, so it is most likely not very good.. Sorry