Softear watched the snow fall, it reminded of her when she, Flameteeth, and Fireice wer kits.


"You won't get me!" Firekit yowled. He was the first to run into the deepish snow. Softkit followed close behind, though she was sinking. "Be careful! The snow is very deep!" Glowheart yowled from the nursery. Flamekit stared out into the snow, seeming not to trust it. He put a paw on it, "It's a cold!" Flamekit complained. "It's snow, of course it is cold." Glowheart mewed kindly.

Her pelt shinned with the snow against the sun that beat down on the light fluffy snow. Redstar left to lead a patrol with Woodpaw, Creekstone, and Yellowshell. "Glowheart, how is the snow made?" Firekit asked. Softkit used this to jump and tackle him. "Softkit! That is unfair!" Firekit snapped. Softkit smiled brightly. "I don't know. Go play with the mossball." Glowheart said. The mossball was at the end of camp by the elder's den. Riverrock was there laying in the snow. He was telling Dovekit about a story of how the clans came to be. Softkit joined, "-sickness took many of the cats. The healthy cats were forced to leave and they made Leafclan. Once the sickness was over, some cats reuturned while others stayed behind and kept what territory we have today. Many moons later many cats got into an argument. They left and formed what is Flowerclan." He mewed.

He turned to see Softkit. "Hello. Did you listen?" he asked. Softkit nodded, he was much kinder, but still grumpy, before when she was a moon or two old. he smiled. "Why did cats stay behind? What was the argument about?" Softkit asked. "Many cats don't remember. Cats stayed behind because they like it here better, not risk getting sick." Riverrock answered. Softkit nodded. She then felt something kit the back of her head, she turned to see the mossball with small amounts of snow on it.

"Come on! Let's play!" Firekit whined. "Want to join Dovekit?" Softkit asked. She nodded as they played for hours. They ate, everything was right in thee world until Rootclan came. She didn't get to hear what happened, but tension had arisen between Leafclan and Rootclan.

/End of Flashback/

Softear smiled at remembering the moment, it was one of the few times many things were happening in the clan. Yes, fresh-kill was rare, but it was nice. "Softear, we have it go soon." Lightears mewed. "I know." Sofear mewed. "It will be soon." Softear mewed. He nodded. He sat down next to Softear, "one of the cats seemed to know you... He said your name was... Frost.." He mumbled. "I know. A tom called for revenge, he told me I was Frost." Softear mewed. "It doesn't make too much sense because your coat isn't even close to being Frost." Lightears mewed.

"Right Bob." Softear teased. He gave her an odd look, "I was able to hear it. He knocked me out." Softear explained. She was heard that was his name right before she was knocked completely out. "Don't call me Bob." Lightears growled. "Okay Bob." Softer teased. He cuffed her in the ear, which gave him a swat on his face.

Lightears sent her a tiny death glare, only to have her smirk. She secretly loved to tease/annoy him, just like she loved to do with her older brothers. "Why do you love to tease me?" He asked. There was a hint of a growl in his voice. "I don't know. Lightears Bob." Softear teased. Before he could say anything, Softear left.

It is beyond me why I like to annoy you. He better not call me Frost, I kind of only want Sofia to call me that. Softear thought. She smiled at the snow falling a little harder from the clouds above. I hope Leafclan is doing fine. Please don't let Spots hurt my loved ones Starclan. I beg you, please. She then got a very bad feeling.


He watched as the spotted cat enclosed close to him. "Who are you? What do you want you filthy roughe?" Flameteeth growled. He felt like he knew him, from somewhere. But, where? He chucked weirdly. "Step away from him Spots." An outraged voice yowled. Flameteeth could smell who it was, his father. The leader had his fur sticking up, his ear flat, and claws extended.

"hehe.. So we meet again Redstar." The tom who Flameteeth was guessing who was Spots. "Seems so." Redstar mewed. Flameteeth stared at Redstar, then Spots, then back to Redstar. "Redstar, who is he?" Flameteeth asked. "An old... cat I know." Redstar mewed, no growled. "Who did you take Sofia away from me?" Spots asked approaching the angered leader.

"I didn't do such. She choose you over me." Redstar mewed. He used his tail to command Flameteeth to go, Flameteeth nodded his head. Should I- mouse brain! Flameteeth turned around to yowl, when he saw the fox standing before the three young and slightly oldish toms. "Watch out!" Flameteeth yowled at both, it was about to swing when Flameteeth stepped in front of them. The paw, with it's claws sharp, swing and hit Flameteeth with full force. It knocked him into a tree not far away.


Fireice swing the ball to his team mate when he got a bad feeling. "What... Guys, I have have a bad feeling about something." Fireice mewed. They sent him odd looks stopping the practice. "Like what?" One of them called. "I don't know. Just something doesn't feel right." He mewed.

"Let's continue practice then head to camp. I can't smell anything wrong." Flameflight mewed. Fireice looked hesitant, but then nodded. "Okay." He mumbled. Greenflight passed it to Yellowfeather. Fireteeth's mine kept going to the bad feeling. He knew Silverkit ,soon to be Silverpaw, was sick. She did have greencough, but doesn't mean she was dead. Besides, Fireice wan't very close with Silverkit. Flameteeth was though. Wait, Flameteeth is he okay? They left And headed to camp. Redstar could be seen staring into the sky.

Fireice went over to him, "What is wrong?" He asked. "Flameteeth.. he is dead." Redstar mewed, there was sadness in his voice.

Sorry about this going all over the place. Also if there is any grammar mistakes, I did this late at night. Sorry about that.