Hinata Hyuga. The daughter of Hiashi Hyuga, the girl who is supposes to become the new head of the main branch, however. Hinata's lack of confidence ultimately led her father to believe that she was not worthy, and decided to turn his attention towards Hinata's younger sister, Hanabi Hyuga. Being resented by her father has caused Hinata to have become very timid and began to lack confidences in herself ever since she was a kid, but there was one boy with black chin-length hair who was tired of seeing her act so weak, and vulnerable. He was the last survivor of his clan, carries the bloodline known as Uchiha, and goes by the name of Sasuke Uchiha.

He followed the Hyuga after school, and saw that she was really nothing special at all, but while he was following, she stopped in a park blocks away from her house, to get on the swings, but was soon stopped by a group of boys who claim that the swing, and the park as their property, and didn't like the fact that she had walked right in like she didn't know(She didn't.) And they didn't cared that she was a girl or not, Hinata tried to talk her way out of the situation, but the boys weren't having it, and told her if she wants to leave without getting hurt, she would have to beg them for forgiveness.

They forced her on her hands and knees, she started to cry as they were pulling her hair slightly. She kept on saying how sorry she was, and the boys began to laugh at her pitiful state. Sasuke had seen enough, and stepped in, getting the boys attention away from her. He didn't know why he was so angry at what they were doing. Could it be he cared for the Hyuga, or was it the fact that he didn't like how they looked down on her. Either way, Sasuke attacked all of the boys, and defeated them quickly forcing them to retreat.

Sasuke then looked at Hinata, and they exchanged looks, Hinata was nervous, and surprised to see that the Uchiha, that her father told her not to talk to, or even acknowledged had save her. She didn't know what to say, and how to respond to what had transpired. Sasuke decided to talk first asking if she was alright, and then shouldn't help but ask why she let them do that to her. The young Hyuga nodded her head letting him know she was fine but didn't know how to respond to his second question, she avoided looking at his eyes. Sasuke sighed realizing why he wanted to help her, She remind him of himself when his older brother Itachi had scared him into tears of seeing his parent dead on the floor.

He offered her a hand, and say that he would help her get stronger so she wouldn't be picked up anymore. The sight of anyone begging for forgiveness wasn't something the Uchiha enjoyed watching. He rarely shows interests in girls, but this girl was different. She was special, and he knew there may be something deep within her that could awakened if trained correctly. Hinata knew she didn't have too many options, her father ignores her, she didn't have any friends, and she's constantly picked on for the way she looks, and acts. She wanted to become stronger to show her father that she could get strong enough to be accepted back into the clan. She took his hand, and asked if he would help her, which Sasuke accepted as he helped her back to her feet. Without knowing Sasuke began friends with the Hyuga, and they trained together as they got older to the age of 12 turning 13.

They started to train less as they got assigned to their separated squads, but still trained secretly. During the Chunin exams, Hinata noticed the Curse mark on Sasuke's shoulder, and offered to help him, but he refused, and say to not pay it any mind, which was difficult for her seeing him in pain. They started to become even more distance form each other as the Chunin exams ended, and Sasuke was hospitalized after meeting his brother again only to be defeated. Hinata stayed by his side hoping she could be was some help to him but failed. Even after he finally regain conscious thanks to the help of Tsunade, he still ignored her, but she didn't leave his side not wanting him to be alone. Sasuke felt weak being unable to beat him his brother. Hell, not even put a scratch on him, he began to crave for more power, and looked at Hinata challenging her to a fight. It caught her off guard, but she refused to fight him especially since he's still hospitalized, even though he kept urging her on to fight him, she continued to refuse him. That when he jumped out of the window, and vanished from her sight, Hinata tried and look for him with her Byakugan, but to no avail.

Soon after Hinata had received news of Sasuke having left the village during last night, and that Naruto, and Shikamaru was gathering a group of Genin to track down Sasuke, and bright him back. She found Naruto at the front of the gate, and stutter to ask if she could come along, but they refused her since they already had enough members in the group, and they left her standing at the gate. Some time later she met up with Lee who had just finishes healing thanks to Tsunade, had sneak out to go join the battle with Naruto, and the others. Hinata asked if he could take her with him, he hesitated in his answer but saw the determined look in her eyes, and allowed her to accompany him.

They made their way through the forest, an found Naruto fighting Kimimaro, and Sasuke just now awakening from the coffin he was inside of. Sasuke ran off, and Naruto was about to give chase but Kimimaro came from behind Naruto In the attempt to sneak attack him, but luckily Rock lee saved him. Naruto, and Rock lee stand their ground to Kimimaro as he recovered from Rock lee kick, but Rock lee notices Hinata wasn't with him, and senses she was pursuing Sasuke.

Hinata followed Sasuke all the way through the forest until they finally reach the Final of the dead, called the Final Valley. Sasuke was standing with his back turned on top of a giant statue, he stopped running wanting to get rid of whomever was following him, Hinata stand panting as she watched Sasuke not even bother wanting to turn around. She wanted to see his face, she wanted to see what he has become. The clash between the Hyuga, and Uchiha begins now. It may be one of their final battle.

Sasuke was standing on top of the statue of Madara Uchiha with his back turned towards the person that he knew was pursuing him. He felt her presences the moment he started his little sprint for Orochimaru's hideout. He still didn't know that it was Hinata. She was standing on the statue of Hashirama across from Sasuke with a sad expression on her face. She was also panting from the constant running. "Sasuke…"

Sasuke didn't hear her, nor did he care for her right now. He took a step away from her. He was going to walk away from Hinata, without saying so much as a word to her. He had no reason to waste his words on her.

"Sasuke, stop running away, pleases!" Hinata had suddenly shouted giving away her position. She was still panting but she didn't want to just stand here and watch him walk. Sasuke's pace came to halt as he slowly started to turn around, and reveals his entire face to her. The moment Sasuke revealed his face to her, Hinata's eyes widens in absolute horror at the sight... His face... It was...

Sasuke turned around showing the curse mark being half way across his face with one of his eyes black, and his pupil being yellow. He narrowed his eyes, and was actually a bit surprised to see 'her' here. "So, it's you? The weak little shy girl." He commented not showing a hint of care for her presences.

Hinata was standing there starring at Sasuke. Her eyes grew depressed, and she started to tremble from the sight. She swallows hard, and thought to herself. 'What happened to him? His eyes are different… Like he's a completely different person.' Hinata was unaware of the tears that were rolling down her eyes, and down her cheeks.

Sasuke was staring back towards her. He noticed the hurt look she was giving him. He huffed as he puts his hands on his hips. This was amusing... "Why did you come? Certainly, you didn't come all this way to try, and stop me yourself."

Hinata was still in shock at what happened to Sasuke's personality. The way he looks... Almost like a monster. "Sasuke…" She places a hand on his chest, and grips onto the fabric of her jacket. Her heart... It aches. 'It hurts…'

Sasuke crosses his arms, and smirks. Why did he even bother to ask that question. Why else would she be here? Still, he was expecting someone like Naruto to show one, and try and stop him. But, her? "Turn back Hinata. Just leave me alone." He said with a small chuckle.

Hinata didn't reply to him. She only looked down at the ground, and grips onto her chest in a firm tight grip. 'My heart…why does it hurt so bad?' She asked herself in her head. She was in so much pain and it wasn't even from any battles.

Sasuke chuckled a bit. That look in her eye was priceless. He couldn't help but laugh at her. She looks so damn pitiful. "What's with you? You have such a pathetic look in your eyes." He commented having already noticed her eyes.

Hinata looks up towards Sasuke. She heard his words, but didn't care for that insult. She wipes her tears away. She was just so hurt for just thinking of him leaving. 'Sasuke… Was everything we did together all nothing to you?' Hinata started thinking about how Sasuke was helping her with her training, when they were both still in the village before they were assigned their squads.

The two were in the middle of training. But during their training, Sasuke break through her defense, kicking her right against her stomach. She had landed on her back. Sasuke sighs, and rests his hands in his pockets as he approached her, and stood over her. "Come on, you say you want to become strong, right? How can you get any stronger if you keep getting knocked down by every attack?" This was third time this had happened.

Hinata winced a bit as she began to sit up slowly from the floor, clutching her stomach from where he kicked her "I-I'm sorry…I just…" she tried to get up, but she winced again. She slowly started to make it back up to her feet.

Sasuke shook his head. He didn't want to hear excuses. He wanted to see results. "Enough. I told you, I was going to help you prove to the other ninjas, that you're not just a weak shy girl anymore." Sasuke turned to the side. "To become strong, you need to learn to take a hit. How can you be strong, if you can't stay on your own two feet?" He asked. He was starting to lecture her again.

Hinata nods, and started to drop down back into her Gentle fist stances. "Y-You're right. I-I'll do b-better next time." Hinata knew he was right. She has to get stronger. She won't get left behind. She shook her head. "I'll be stronger! Just watch!"

Sasuke gave her a cocky grin. She's talking big. Not to mention, she seems to be much more determined now. "I know you will." He has high hopes in her. Let's see if she can back it up! He dashes towards her. The flash back ended, and Hinata couldn't help but remember his words, they were harsh but she knew it was to get her to fight harder, he wasn't as strict as her father but he at least he kept telling her to do her best. That make her feel happy.

Hinata's eyes soften. 'You were always kind to me, when no one else was. You trained me despite how our clans hated each other…' Hinata started remember back towards the Chunin Exams. She had just notices Sasuke was grunting in pain constantly, and gripping on to her neck tightly while wincing as well. The Cursemark was causing his neck to be in pain. He could barely keep himself from giving away the location of the mark. Still it hurts so much! Hinata happened to noticed Sasuke clutching against his neck. She approached him from behind. "S-Sasuke, are you in pain?"

Sasuke flinched at the sound of Hinata's voice. He rather not worry her by telling her what the truth is. He looks towards her at the corner of his eyes. "It's nothing… Just drop it." He lied. It the Cursemark on his neck bothering him again.

Hinata's expression was still worrisome. He didn't look fine. Not at all. "B-But Sasuke… you've been holding on to your neck for a long time, maybe I should…" He must be hurt. Maybe he's hurt, and is trying to hide his injury. She started raising her hand up, but Sasuke grabs her hand before she could react, and places it back down to her side. Hinata was surprised by his actions. "S-Sasuke?" She called out.

Sasuke looks directly into her snow white eyes from the side of his onyx eyes. He didn't need help, and he most certainty didn't need medical attention. "Don't you dare say a word about what's happening to me… I rather not let anyone know about this mark."

"M-Mark?" Hinata asked confused. She didn't notices the mark he was talking about, since his hand was covering the part of his neck that had the Cursemark visible at.

Sasuke walks around Hinata from her release his hold on Hinata's hand. "It's nothing important." He informed her before he came to a halt. He stood there for a few seconds before he added something to his sentence. "Thanks for worrying about me, but I'll be fine… Worry about yourself."

Hinata's expression saddens again as her eyes went down to the ground again. The flash back ended, and she realizes that the mark he was hiding from her was in fact the reason why he was going through his changes. She then notices the markings were coming from the same direction of where Sasuke had his hand at during the Chunin Exams.

Hinata's eye were now seen staring towards Sasuke again. She was looking at his neck where the markings were spreading from. 'The markings on his face are coming from the same side, that his hand was on! Could it have something to do with his change?' She thought to herself before she whispered to herself. "But to think you would change this much… Sasuke." That Cursemark has influenced his personality, didn't it?

Sasuke's smirk fades. The two ninjas were exchange glancing between them. It's almost as if one of them is waiting for the other to say something. Sasuke's eye were fixated of her. He didn't take his eyes off of her this entire time. Same with Hinata, except she closed her hands tightly into a fist, and found herself yelling at Sasuke. "Sasuke, pleases tell me what is making you do this?!"

Sasuke merely uncrosses his arms unflinching of her sudden loud voice. "Why should you care about what I do? I don't recall my decisions being any of your business." Sasuke replied coldly while closing his eyes. "I have a path I must follow, and you, or anyone else will not steer me from it. But I will tell you this much…"

Hinata blinks taking another step closing towards the edge of the statue. "My days of playing with you, or anyone else in the Leaf Village is over." Sasuke stated with his cold stare directly on Hinata. He was dead serious on this decision he's declared.

Hinata gasps, as her eyes widens in shock, but then her eyes slowly closed slightly. Those words hurt Hinata to the core. Her heart was arching from the pain. But Sasuke didn't seem to care. "This is goodbye." Sasuke added while turning his back to her. He had nothing left to say to her. He took a step away, and continued to walk distancing himself Hinata.

Hinata clenches her hand tightly into fist again, before she looks up in Sasuke's direction with a tiny glare on her face. She was angry. She was depressed. Her emotions were all over the place. Sasuke continue walking further away distancing himself even further from Hinata. He soon stopped himself and looked down at the ground noticing a shadow growing larger by the second. Then he sense hostility in the air. He turned around only to witness Hinata had jumped across the waterfall towards him. She was in mid-air when he spotted her. "You've got to wake up, Sasuke! You should know this isn't the right path!" She shouted right before she landed right on top of him. Sasuke fell over with his back dragging against the ground. As soon as they came to a halt Hinata lifted up her hand, and slaps him across the face. The slap had echoed through out the valley. Sasuke just lays there, and allowed her to slap him in the face. "Well?" She asked Sasuke still panting slightly.

Sasuke slowly turns back towards her with his lip bleeding slightly. That slap was a lot stronger than it looked, but it didn't hurt enough for Sasuke to said was a big deal. "Humph!" Sasuke's spits a small amount of blood from his mouth, and it landed on Hinata's cheek.

Hinata's eyes had widened a bit, as the blood land on her cheek, but she grips on to him by the collar holding him close to her face. The blood began rolling down her cheek. "Y-You…" She began to stares into both of his eyes intensely.

Sasuke blinks, and lets her grip on to him by the collar, and pulled him closer. "The wrong path, huh? If this is the wrong path, then I think I'll stay on it, after all if I jump back on your path, I would never have become this strong. Now I'm going to Orochimaru."

Hinata pulled him closer, and grips on to his collar even tighter unaware that their face were mere inches apart from each other. "You can't! Orochimaru killed the Third Hokage, and wants to destroy our home! How could you even think about siding with someone like him? He's not going to give you what you want for free! Naruto told me everything…" Her grip loosen up, as she felt her tears developing from her eyes again. They were holding down her cheek again, and mixed with the blood that was on her cheek. She sniffed as the red colored tear landed on the ground next to Sasuke's hand. "All he wants is to uses your body all for himself, Sasuke. You can't go to him. Please... I can't just stand by, and let you go to get yourself killed. I just can't..." She was practically begging him not to go to him. Anything but that...

"None of it matters now…" Sasuke said, with a small smirk spreading across his face. He only has one path now to follow. "The only thing I care about is achieving my goal. If you insist on getting in my way…" He lifts up his hand, and grips onto the collar of her jacket. "Then I guess I have no choice but to remove you." He had no problem ridding himself of an old friend. He can't afford to stop him. Especially after all of the power he's been given since he did.

"I'm not going to let you go to O-Orochimaru! I'll convinces you to change your mind, if I have to!" Hinata shouted. She wasn't going to let him go. She's willing to put her life on the line if it means to convinces him. Sasuke's eye were still on Hinata and he soon found himself snickering at her words. How ironic...

Hinata blinks in confusion. What is he laughing about? She's serious about this. "W-What's so funny?" She asked hoping he's taking her as a joke, after she started to build up the courage to talk more than she usually does.

"It's our clans…" He replied looking up at the sky, with his smirk slightly widening along his face. "They're destined to fight. And we're the next in line to fight huh?" He stickers again under his breathe.

Hinata had completely forgotten about their plan's history together. She's not doing this for her clan... This one is personal. She looked away from his face, and her eyes softens. "I-I never wanted to fight you…I-I wanted us to be different… I-I wanted our clans to get along instead of fight, b-but… but you're forcing it to go back to the way it was before!"

Sasuke began to laugh some more under his breath. "Hinata, don't try to weasel your way around it. You know as well as I, all those times I help you trained, you wanted to beat me to a bloody pulp." Sasuke's smirked faded, curious in how she was going to explain her way out of that.

Hinata's eyes were suddenly widening. T-That's not true! "N-No those times were different! I-I just wanted to show you, I could win against y-you!" That's it, that's all. She didn't want to hurt him as badly as he thinks.

Sasuke sits up towards her, with a sinister smirk across his face. "It's all over your face, Hinata. Even right now, you want to beat me up." She's making herself pretty obvious right now to shook Sasuke, and shook her own head. That isn't true. This isn't the reason why she's here.

"N-No! This is different too! This is a must do job!" She diverted her eyes down towards Sasuke's shirt. She was unable to look Sasuke in the eye anymore. "E-Even right now, it…" Her eyes were starting to developed tears again. She was on the verge of them spilling out again. "It hurts just to slap you…"

"Then that makes it easy for me to do this to you…" Sasuke tightens it grip on her jacket, and he started forcing her from on top of him with an incredible amount of strength. He was easily overpowering her. Hinata could feel his grip on his jacket while she was being pushed back. She was trying to fight back against him, but her strength was no match for Sasuke's. Where did he get all of this power form? She felt her feet leave the ground below her, and saw Sasuke was lifting her into the air. 'His strength…!' She was gasping for air due to the tight grip on her collar. "S-Sasuke…s-stop!"

Sasuke was holding Hinata by the collar of her jacket in front of him. Soon he had another one of his trademark smirks spread across his face. He had an idea on how to deal with her. He released his grip on her, allowing her to fall, but suddenly she felt a large amount of pain coming from her stomach. Sasuke had just punched her right in the stomach. Hinata had no time to brace for the hit. She coughed up blood from her mouth, and was send flying over the waterfall, and she began falling towards the water below with a loud splash. Sasuke was watching her fall after he just gave her a taste of his new found power. He slowly lifts up his hand looking at it in awe. This power... "What is this? This sudden burst of power." He clenched that very hand into a fist. "I can feel it flowing through my veins." Sasuke could feel it spreading throughout his entire body. It was incredible.

Little did he know that, this burst of power comes with a price. He winced in pain, closes his left eyes, which was the same side that the Cursemark was on. He's been using it too much. He had allow the markings to return to the mark for the time being. "I've uses it too much…" Still... that power felt so marvelous. He was craving for more. A power-hungry grin appeared on his face. "To think I would get this much power!"

Hinata was slowly descending from the surface holding her breathe while she was still underwater. She was holding her stomach from the punch she received. It was immense. 'His strength…Incredible. He was never this strong the last time we trained together… He really has changed. Does he even see me through his eyes anymore?' She thought to herself fearing the worse case scenario already. She really hopes that wasn't the case. She slowly started to swim back up to the surfaces of the water, reaching the top gasping for air. She looked up the waterfall towards the boy that send her down here. She slowly began to stand up on top of the water panting. She was still hurting from the punch. Despite the pain, Hinata began to reminisces. Thinking back to the time when they was training again at the training field at night after they were assigned their squads. They rarely had time to see each other since they had missions to attend to, so they used the time when they were both free mainly at night since they knew they wouldn't be disturbed.

Hinata's pupils became more distinct, and the veins near her temples had bulge. She had just activated her Byakugan, and sprinted over towards Sasuke. "Here I come!" Sasuke got ready, and dropped into a defensive stances with his eyes turning red. He countered by activating his Sharingan.

"Bring it." He prepared himself for Hinata as she approached him. Hinata began by attacking Sasuke was a barrage of gentle fist in the attempt to cut off some of his chakra points, but Sasuke was watching all of her moves carefully, predicting her moves before he made them and began dodging each gentle fist, by by one. Despite that, she kept on trying to hit him relentlessly not giving him a chance to counter.

Sasuke was a bit impressed. She's adapting quicker than he expected! 'She's not letting up.' Not only that, but he was starting to have to parry some of her attacks now. Dodging wasn't enough now. Sasuke flipped over her to get some distances before landing on his feet to continue evading each palm trying his best not to get hit by any of them. 'She's getting better.' Bad luck struck him for he started to lose balances while dodging.

Hinata notices the opening, and wasted little time going for it. She let out a small roar, before she finally hits him in the chest sending towards a tree. Luckily, right before she hit him, he put both of his arms up to guard against her gentle fist palm. He slammed against tree behind him. He landed on the ground with his guard still up. Hinata smiles. She actually hit him. "I got him!"

During Hinata's celebration, Sasuke's body exploded into smoke and as the smoke clears, He was replaced with a log. Hinata's eyes widens in surprises. When did he hand time to use that?! "A substitution?!"

Sasuke was already behind Hinata, and was standing behind her. She felt a hand rest on her shoulder. She turned around to him with her cheek resident from him showing kindness to her again. "You've really improved." Sasuke said with small smile on his face. She's really getting better. She's starting to read his movements a bit better now.

Hinata's eyes softens greatly, and she smiles softly towards him still blushing. "T-Thank you. It's all thanks to you. I-I have a great teacher." She replied while twiddling her fingers together. The flashback ended, and Hinata knew that the mark on his shoulder had changed him just as much as she feared. The look he was giving her wasn't the same one he gave her back then, the eyes back then were soft, maybe even gentle compared to now. The eyes he was displaying now were cold, and nearly heartless. Hinata began to pant still staring up the statue at Sasuke.

Sasuke merely chuckled at her. The veins near Hinata's temple veins bulged, she had activated her Byakugan before she started running towards the statue's leg. "Hurry up, and wake up, before it's too late!" She shouted before she jumped up the statue towards Sasuke. Sasuke responded by running down the statue towards Hinata, with a smirk spreading along his face. Hinata attempted to hit him using her Gentle fist to cut off his chakra flow in his arm. Sasuke evaded the palm with ease, then kicks her in the face. Hinata was hit in the face, but before she fell back towards the water, Sasuke grabbed her ninja tools bag from the back of her pants. Hinata winced before she fell into the water below.

Sasuke landed on the tip of the fingers of the Madara statue. "I am woken up. Don't you see?" He asked. He knew exactly what he was doing. Leaving the village was of his choice. Hinata was still convinced that it was the Cursemark's influence making him think this way. She resurfaces near a small land and crawls over towards the land panting. "Sasuke…"

Sasuke looks down towards her, while holding her ninja tool bag in his hand. "The me who dreamed of a happy future, peace, and friendship. He was the one who was asleep. That's why I left the village. That's why I've gone in search for power. That's not the future I was dreaming of anymore!" Sasuke shouted. He didn't want that future anymore. He wanted power to avenge his clan. That's all he wants now... 'My dream died in the past along with my clan…' He can never have a normal life anymore. Not after realizing how weak it's made him.

Hinata stood up from the ground and goes into her side pocket, to brings out a shuriken. She then ran towards Sasuke, and threw it he shuriken at him. Sasuke narrowed his eyes as he jumped to the side avoiding the shuriken, then pulls out a kunai from the ninja tool bag and throws it at her.

Hinata avoided the kunai, she moved out of sight. She hid behind a nearby rock. Sasuke huffed before he threw another kunai, then a third one. As soon as one of the kunai knives flew over the rock, the other kunai collided with that one, and redirected the kunai towards the ground, in the same direction of the rock Hinata was hiding behind. The kunai was heading down straight towards her. Hinata looked up just in time to witness the kunai heading directly from her. The kunai pierced through her head, but she poofs creating a smokescreen, and turns into a piece of log.

"Tsk…" Sasuke had a feeling it wouldn't be that easy to finish her off. She's smarter than she looks. Still... He thought ahead. He pulls out some thin threads from her ninja bag, and bit down on the end of the thread pulling on it. She's going to have to reveal herself eventually.

Hinata suddenly jumps out from over a different rock, but Sasuke threw a large amount of shurikens, that spiral all around her as soon as she jumped out, and the threads surrounded her giving her no opening on how to escape. The threads attached to the shurikens fly past her circling around the rock she was in front of. Sasuke pulls back against the threads, and they tighten up around Hinata holding her against the rock. Hinata slams against the rock wincing in pain. She was all tied up, groaning out loud from the pain. She was struggling to break free from the threads, but they were too tight!

Sasuke stares down towards her, as he starts forming hand signs rapidly to perform a Jutsu. Hinata started to hyperventilate. Her eyes were glued to Sasuke's eyes. She was on the verge of crying again. "Sasuke don't. You're making a big mistake!" She shouted in desperation. Sasuke shot a glare towards her as he places his last hand sign on the thread coming out his mouth.

"I told you already. A future with you guys isn't what I want anymore. Fire Style Dragon Flame Jutsu!" A large about of fire surrounded Sasuke like a small pillar then he focuses the fire onto the thread, and channels it down the thread from his mouth towards Hinata. Hinata gasped as the fire exploded the moment it made contact made with her. The fire engulfed her in a small pillar of flames, and Sasuke release his grip on the thread. That should have finished her off. Sasuke just stood there watching the flames burn her alive. The fire continues to engulf the whole rock in flames, but then Sasuke narrowed his eyes noticing movement in the flames. Suddenly a small piece of fire shot out from the flames heading towards Sasuke.

Sasuke's expression turned shock. Hinata disburse the flame around her, as she screamed out enraged, and for once moving on just instinct alone. "Sasuke!" She screamed out his name, before she hits him across the face with her open palm.

Sasuke didn't react in time, and was met with a full on Palm to the face. The sudden attack managed to made him take a step back from the hit. Hinata gritted his teeth. Just as she thought. It does hurt to hit her to hit him. Then she suddenly gasps. Sasuke was bleeding from his lip, yet he looked at her as if she had never even hit him.

Sasuke just continued to look at her as if it didn't even hurt. Hinata didn't understand why but she felt as if, he didn't even feel her attack. So she threw another another gentle fist strike across Sasuke's face, and she continued with another, than another. Blood flew all over the surrounding area, landing on the ground with each strike she's given him. Sasuke was backing up with each hit across the face. She threw another one. 'What's with him?' She hits him again across the face. 'It's like he can't feel my attacks anymore!' The attacks stopped. She was trembling. He's not even reacting to her anymore! She clenched her teeth tightly and starts trembling more as the blood drips down from her hands. 'Sasuke!'

Hinata suddenly heard Sasuke's voice seconds after she's finally stopped attacking. "Is that all?" He asked while slowly wiping the blood from off his lips. "If it is… then I won't need it." He said with a small cocky grin on his face. He let out a small snicker.

Hinata looks up at him in shock. "What?" Won't need to uses what? What is he talking about?

"Oh come on…Didn't you notices yet? That Byakugan of yours should have given it away. But since you didn't… I'll tell you." He reopened his eyes revealing his regular onyx colored eye. The Sharingan wasn't activated? "I'm not using my Sharingan."

Hinata didn't care for that. All she cared about was the fact he was planning to leave, and she wasn't going to give him the chance to run! "Enough!" She shouted before she launched another open palm towards his face. Sasuke lifted his hand up, and caught her hand by her wrist while closing his eyes. Hinata couldn't believe she was easily topped after she used full strength on this last attack.

"You lack the power to fight Hinata. You don't have what it takes. Not the strength, or the desire." Her desire to fight is weak. And because of that, her strength is lacking immensely. Sasuke grips onto Hinata's wrist tightly. "If I had just stay with you guys…" He releases his grip on her wrist, then pushes her flying off of the edge of the statue with his other hand. Hinata didn't even have time to react to the sudden shove off the statue. She let out a short scream as she began to fall from the statue towards the ground. "I never would have been able to..." He glides through the air towards her, lands on her stomach with his feet and hits her with a barrage of kicks before he kicked her towards the ground. She coughs up blood from the kicks, before she impacts to the ground on her back leaving a small crater against the ground. Sasuke landed on the ground a distances away from her with his back turned to her. "…gain this much power!" He tosses her ninja tools bag overhead, and it lands next to her,l. He let out a small sigh.

Hinata's entire body was in pain. But he wouldn't stay down. Her mind, and heart wouldn't let her stay down, not when Sasuke is right in front of her. She started to groan as she struggles to get back up to her feet. "I'm not…done yet…" Hinata's voice was weak. That last attack did a number on her. She slowly reaches for her ninja tool bag that was next to her. She grabs it, and finally back to her feet covered in dirt, and dust.

Sasuke shook his head. He wasn't all that surprises to see her standing up. She's a stubborn one, like a certain knucklehead. "You never was the type to stay down. I wonder if that last attack woke YOU up. Maybe now, you'll know I'm not kidding around anymore." Sasuke's had a cocky grin spreading across his face.

Hinata took the time to reattaches her ninja tool bag behind her back. She was still wincing in pain. Sasuke's grin only grew seeing her try so hard to fight a losing battle. "All the other times we fought, was just training. This time is different, you know?"

Hinata continued to pant from the strain she was putting on herself. She was forcing herself to stand up after receiving such a severe punishment from Sasuke. That still didn't stop her from dropping into her Gentle Fist stances. She looks down at the ground with a depressing look in her eyes, but she shook it off, and looks back at Sasuke.

Sasuke's eyes began to spiral around in a circle signifying that he had just activated his Sharingan. "Allow me to show you the true power of the Sharingan." He stated firmly with his eyes spiraling to a halt. His eyes were cold... Cold as ice. Hinata could tell.

Hinata's temples started to bulge signifying she reactivated her Byakugan. "I've fought against it enough times to know how it works, thanks to our training." Despite how much stronger he is compared to her, she still had an idea of how he fights when his Sharingan is activated.

Sasuke closes his eyes, and laughs a bit under his breath. He huffed. "Humph…" To think she would make use of the training they had. "That's true…" He replied before he reopened his eyes.

Hinata dashed over towards him, and started to attack Sasuke with a barrage of gentle fists open palm across the face. Images back to one of their training session appeared in both of their heads, and they both began to remember each of their moves that they made. Sasuke was dodging with more ease than before, but just like before, her relentless assault caused her to lose balances the exact same way. History was repeating itself! And this time Hinata was making sure he wasn't going to use a substitution like last time. "I got you!" She let out a short roar as she uses her gentle fist on him against his chest. Taking a direct hit there would be severe, so Sasuke puts his guard up with both his arms to block the attack. Right before her gentle fist made contact with Sasuke. He suddenly disappeared. Hinata gasped. Where did he...?!

Sasuke suddenly appeared in front of Hinata with his hand wrapped firmly around Hinata's wrist, gripping onto it. He leans in closer towards her ear, and whispers. "Hinata, I knew what your attacks was going to be the whole time. I only been letting you think you can hit me, just so you wouldn't complain about the training being all for nothing. I decided to make it look like you could hit me, just for old time's sake." Hinata was still surprised, but she was more surprised at how much faster he's become since then. She tries to break free from his grip, but his grip was too tight. "Too bad, playtime is over!" Sasuke shouted as soon as he released his grip on Hinata's wrist. He threw a swift fist upwards towards her chin. Hinata cried out when the fist connected. She was knocked into the air off her feet, then Sasuke spun around, and roundhouse kick her in the stomach further off her feet.

Hinata cried out even more when she was knocked into the air with a little blood spilling out of her mouth. "Ugh!" She went flying through the air a distances away from Sasuke wincing. Sasuke wasn't done yet. He began to form several different handsigns necessary to perform a Jutsu. Sasuke inhaled deeply to puff up his cheek.

"Fire Style Fire ball Jutsu!" He exhaled a ball of flames right below towards her, and it expanded in sizes right below Hinata's flying body and it destroyed everything it's path. The fire engulfed all of the trees, leaves, and bushes all in fiery display. A small portion if the forest was ignited into flames. Sasuke watches the fire slowly died down revealing nothing but leftover trees burning alive in front of Sasuke. He was staring out at the burning forest with his Sharingan eyes still activated. He knew she had did something to dodge that last attack, he was impressed she managed to dodge it in mid air, but was more interested in seeing if she was just all talk, and no bite. Sasuke started looking around the place with his chakra trying to locate Hinata, who was most likely hiding. "Is that really all you got as a Hyuga? Come on, after all you say about stopping me? Was it all just a bluff?" He taunted harshly still surveying the area for her.

Hinata was hiding behind a nearby tree panting. She had used what little thread she had left to threw behind behind a tree to pull herself out of harm's way at the very last second. One second later, and she'd been toasted. She slowly revealed herself from behind the tree, and began walking toward Sasuke slowly. Proceeding with caution now.

Sasuke looked in Hinata's direction at the corner of his eye, then let out a small huff. "Humph. Do you still believe we're on the same side?" He asked wondering if she still believes they're friends after everything he's done so far. Hinata swallows hard, as she stops a distances in front of a him. He's a lot more dangerous than he lets on. She merely stared at him with her Byakugan eyes glued towards her. "Maybe I ought help convinces you a little more." Sasuke said before he sprinted towards Hinata while balling up his hand into a fist. "Allow me to carve it into that head of yours!" Sasuke threw a punch towards her. Hinata's eyes widens slightly, as she blocks it dragging her feet against the ground towards a tree. She jumped back towards the tree, lands on it, then pushes herself over Sasuke's head, and towards the water.

Sasuke dashes after her, jumping after her. She's trying to get some distances since he had her corner for a while. Sasuke wasn't going give her any breathing room. He decided to give her a taste of her own medicine. He began to throw punch after punch trying to nail her right in the face. "Come on! Show me what this little shy girl can do!" He shouted before he spun around in mid-air, and roundhouse kicks her against her ribs. Hinata was evading most of his frontal assault, but the spin kick caught her off guard forcing her to fly through the air. Still, she managed to parry most of the damage, but the next punch Sasuke threw hit her right against her stomach. Hinata spat out some blood from the hit and gritted her teeth trying to endure the pain but Sasuke placed more force into his fist before he launches her back down the waterfall towards the river below.

Sasuke lands on the finger tips of one of the statues crouching down on top of stoned finger tips. Hinata continued to fall down the waterfall toward the water with a loud splash. Sasuke shot a tiny glare at the water before he stood up on his feet. Within a few seconds, Hinata had emerged from the river coughing, and gasping for air. That last punch knocked the air out of her, and she had little time to reach the surface before she drowned. Sasuke narrowed his eyes, and crossed his arms with a look of disappointment in his eyes. "So weak, talking about wanting to become stronger. It's pathetic…"

Hinata was still panting before she stood up from the water wincing heavily. Her body hurts. She doesn't know how much she could take before her body gives out on her. She felt down to one knee still panting, and wipes her lips from the blood rolling down her lip. 'He really wants to kill me… I can't believe he's…' She shook her head and slowly stands up on her two feet finally having catch her breath. She shouted up towards Sasuke despite her voice cracking a few times during her plea. "W-What exactly am I to you now, Sasuke?! W-We were so close back in the village! H-How could you just throw away all the memories we had?!" She shouted still hurting not just physically but emotionally.

"No…" Sasuke replied instantly. He closes his eyes letting out a soft breath. He did in fact enjoy every second with her. Those were the best moments of his life. "Our time together was worth a lot to me. It's not something I regret making either. We just became... 'too close'." His eyes soften slightly. His eyes were still cold, yet his words held some warmth towards it.

Hinata looked up at Sasuke in surprises by his words. "We became too close?" She asked still a bit surprised by his words. A little taken back, but that doesn't make sense. If they became too close then... "Then why are we fighting?" She asked still confused. If they're so close, then why are doing the opposite of what normal friends would do?!

"I just told you why…" He replied. His eyes began to stare directly at her. His Sharingan fixated on her every movement. "We became too close." He repeated in an even darker yet calm tone. "There's a much more meaning in killing you Hinata." Sasuke informed her. The only problem for Hinata was to figure out what it was. Actually she didn't even want to know. More like she didn't understand.

"What are you talking about?" She asked before she took off running towards the statue Sasuke was on. She started running up that very statues leg. Sasuke huffed slightly before he dashes down the statue towards Hinata at the same speed as she was running up. Sasuke balled up his fist, while Hinata opened up his fist. They both dashed towards each other and the moment they were within the other reach, Sasuke threw a punch while Hinata attempt to hit him with an open palm.

At the same time, both the ninja and kunoichi, catch the attack of the other. Sasuke having caught her open palm by the wrist, and Hinata catching his fist with her free hand. She tighten her grip against Sasuke's fist. Sasuke did the same with her wrist, before he leans in towards her ear and whispers under his breathe. "I know I say this before." Hinata looked at Sasuke at the corner of her eyes. She listens in closely towards his words. Sasuke continued rather she was listening or not. "Be honest with yourself. You've been dying for this moment. No one is here to watch us. So there's no reason for you to be worried about what someone has to say about what we do, or how we do it, or what words we have to say."

"But I don't…!" She turns completely around in the attempt to grab him. Before Hinata even noticed Sasuke's movement, she felt Sasuke's hand dig it's way into her ninja tool bag to pull out a kunai from it. Then he jumped off from the statue avoiding Hinata's hand to grab him. He began to fall towards the waterfall. Hinata gasps while watching Sasuke fall out of her reach.

Sasuke tightens his grip onto his kunai before he shot a glare at her, while holding his arm back to wind up a throw. "This is it! This is your end!" He shouted before he threw the kunai with all his strength towards her. Hinata, out of reflex reflex quickly pulls out a shuriken, and throws it back towards the kunai Sasuke had thrown. Both the kunai, and the shuriken collided, and deflected off each other heading in different directions.

Hinata pushes herself off of the statue towards the river below. She lands on the water, then looks up the waterfall noticing him landing on a rock sticking out of the water. "You leave me no choice, Sasuke! I'll cancel your chakra flow, and force you to come back! I'll do anything to keep you from leaving!" She declared to Sasuke. She wasn't going to leave here without him. It's the least she could do for their relationship!

Sasuke lands on top of the rock sticking out of the waterfall. He looked down at Hinata with a cocky grin, but it faded away, as he began to start forming handsigns quickly to perform a Jutsu. One of his most powerful Justus. He held his hand out, and began to gather a large amount of electricity to the palm of his hand. "Chidori! One Thousand Birds!" The sound of birds chirping began to echo throughout the valley.

Even Hinata managed to overhear the birds chirping as well as seen the electricity channeling through Sasuke's palm. He was releasing the Chidori! Hinata had no choice. It'll be her first time using this jutsu she had up her sleeves, but it's now or never. She really didn't have much of a choice in the matter. She crouches down before one of her hands began glowing blue from the amount of chakra she was gathering. The chakra from her hand began to take shape into a large guardian lion-shaped face. Then suddenly they could hear the sound of a lion's roar coming from her hand. "Gentle Step Lion Fist!"

Sasuke fell down from the rock on the waterfall and lands on the water below him. He disappeared within the waterfall and within a few seconds, the water exploded having Sasuke appeared to be charging from within the waterfall soaking wet. He was charging at Hinata at full speed with his Chidori in hand. Hinata was not wasting anytime as she took off charging back towards holding her arm with the Lion Fist right next to her. As the two approached each other, both the ninja and kunoichi threw their arms forward with their jutsus in hand. Both jutsus collided with each other causing an explosion of power. The explosion of power sent ripples and gusts of wind, began flying everywhere from the power of the two of their jutsus colliding with each other. Both of their jutsus was canceling each other out due to them being equal in power. The entire place was shaking from the power. Either gave an inch to the other during the catastrophe happening around them.

Sasuke shot a glare at Hinata while scanning her strange new developed Jutsu in her hand. She's never used it before and yet it's able to hold back his Chidori even when it's all it's max? He didn't budge as the water below him was splashing all around him, the gust of wind blowing against his face and hair, causing it to flare all over the place. Hinata was no different. He wasn't moving a muscle during the collision. She stood her ground, gritting her teeth slightly, because this was a lot of power that was being displayed right in front of her. Yet... She remembered the exact Sasuke say to her before they collided. Those words made her wonder... 'Our time was worth a lot to me. It's not something I regret making. We just became 'too close.'.'

Those words had burned into Hinata's memory and heart. Even though Sasuke was planning to leave her and the others behind to join Orochimaru, he still admitted to enjoying his time together with Hinata when he was still in the village. 'You meant those words. You really did enjoy our time together, didn't you?' A small smile found it way to Hinata's face.

A small light appeared in between the two, with an explosion from their power knocking the both of them flying back away from each other to the water. Both the ninja's and kunoichi's back was dragging against the water, for a short while before they both impact against the water, for a short while before they both impact against the water. There was a moment of silences from what had just happened. The only noise was the ripples of waves, and out emerged a body soaked from being knocked underwater. It was Sasuke who emerged first. He was climbing out of the water wincing slightly. He focused chakra to his feet to allow him to stand on the water but drops down to on knee panting. 'She's never used that jutsu before... It's power matches even my Chidori. I can't believe this...' He could feel his blood boiling at the fact that their jutsus are evenly matched. 'How ridiculous...'

Hinata was soon seen slowly floating back up to the surface of the water. She was also drenched in water. Unlike Sasuke who was still in disbelief that they're evenly matched in power, she wasn't really paying any mind to that fact. She didn't care that she managed to cancel out his Chidori, she had something else in mind. Sasuke gritted his teeth. 'This isn't good...' He was giving Hinata an angry death glare. 'She knows I can only uses Chidori two times... Not it's down to one. I can't waste another blow. It'll be pointless, if we only cancel each other out again...'

Hinata was staring up at the sky, while laying down against the water. 'His eyes, and body are different from what his words said. His actions prove he really wants to kill me.' Hinata slowly sat up from the water while focusing chakra to her feet sos he could stand on the water, but she was on one knee just like Sasuke. The water began to roll down from Hinata's hair, and down her eyes making them look like she was crying desperately for him. These tears represent how much she truly cares for him. She really wish this had never happened between the two. Sasuke was really trying to kill her. This fight wasn't like the ones they had before during training. This was a life or death battle now. She could see that now. She may end up dying just trying to stop Sasuke from leaving. The only thing in her eyes was the sight of utter despair. The very idea of having to fight Sasuke just to save him was much more painful then the hits she received from him. She kept on asking herself just that one same question that hasn't left her mind since they started fighting. 'You don't care about anymore, huh...' She looked up towards the boy with her eyes fell with absolute despair. 'Sasuke?'