"To be opened in the event of my death" read the letter, which Catelyn read in shock.

Of course Ned was not truly dead, but he might as well be with Voldemort possessing his body.

Now what could this letter possibly be she thought carefully opening the letter she had found in Ned's study.

To my dearest Cat or whomever may be reading this,

I feel that there are certain matters that need to be cleared up.

Firstly, Jon Snow is not my son, not because I am disowning but because, he is actually the son of my sister, Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. So he is actually the true heir to the throne. Lyanna made me promise not to tell anyone for fear of an assassination attempt, and made me promise to treat him as my own son, a promise I have tried to keep. Hopefully reading this now, you can move past your anger at Jon for a supposed adulterous affair, and help him reclaim his rightful throne.


Ned Stark

Catelyn felt tears stream down her cheek, to think she mistreated the heir to throne all those years just for a presumed affair that he had no control over.

She knew she needed to find Jon and inform him of his destiny, but her eye was caught by another piece of parchment.


I am so so sorry. I couldn't stand the thought of being betrothed Robert Baratheon, he is an arrogant pig and womanizer, so when Rhaegar expressed interest in me, I happily ran away with him. There were tear stains covering this part of the parchment, but Catelyn could discern the words. I did not realize that any of would think I was kidnapped, nor would this cause Bran and father to be killed. Even Rhaegar may be killed as he is gearing up to fight Robert.

I pray to the old gods that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me for causing all this bloodshed,


Catelyn continued to cry once more.

Harry Potter awoke in the familiar station of King's Cross.

"Dumbledore" gasped Harry.

"Hello again" replied Dumbledore

"What happens now?", asked Harry,"Do I go back again? And why are you here Dumbledore?"

"Slow down, Harry, all will be explained in due time of course, but first, let me start with a story: In the folly of my youth Grindelwald and myself had the naive goal of rounding up all the Deathly Hallows in an attempt to become the Master of Death. Sadly, this was not meant to be. Death is a concept beyond mortal comprehension, it is something that we can have no hope of controlling, so in itself the idea of Mastering Death is impractical. Alas, I was too late in discovering this, so I had already resigned myself to my fate"

"What fate?" asked Harry

"Surely you can guess? Why am I always here, Harry?"

"Ah..." Harry exclaimed as the puzzle pieces clicked together, "So you have assumed the mantle of Death"

"Marvelous deduction, my boy, and you have by now probably been wondering why I have been telling you this..."

Harry merely nodded in response.

"You Harry, are another individual who has retrieved each of the Hallows, so you have a few options here, but, I must warn you Harry do not be too rash. You may take up my mantle as the new Grim Reaper, but be warned it is a very tedious task. Secondly, you have the opportunity to move on to the next great adventure. Finally due to the unfortunate circumstance of nerve gas being used on you, your physically body has been destroyed and you have no hope of returning to Earth..."

Dumbledore paused here to let his words sink in.

Harry was sad after hearing those words, it meant he could no longer see Ginny, Hermione, Ron, or any of his kids ever again.

"However..." Dumbledore said and Harry perked up at hearing those words.

"I can instead allow you to start a new life in a brand new world, what do you say to that my boy?"

Harry pondered it for a moment, becoming the Death was definitely out of the picture, and moving on to the afterlife, while it seemed appealing at first, did not align at all with Harry's desires and internal motivations, after all, he couldn't just laze around while people needed helping. While Harry would miss his loved ones and his friends, it seemed like the best option would be to start a new life in a new world.

"Yes" Harry finally answered

"Excellent!" cried Dumbledore clapping his hands together.

Soon, the sound of a train arriving was audible. Harry gasped for the second time, it was an exact replica of the Hogwarts Express.

Harry climbed on, and the train was off. Harry found an empty compartment and gazed out the window, the scenery was strange, Harry saw men attacking each other with lightning, he saw a boy commanding the power of the sea, and he saw giant spaceships firing bolts of light at each other in the depths of space. Finally, as the train began slowing down, Harry saw an image that made his heart freeze in his chest.


He was standing in front of a crowd and was raising a man into the air and burning him alive. The scene flickered and Voldemort was making a woman kill her son.

How could he possibly be alive? How in the name of Merlin and the Four Founders?! They had hunted down every last one of his Horcruxes, so it was ridiculous that he could somehow still be living.

Nonetheless, Harry knew what he had to do.

He opened the window and dived out.

Harry fell, he kept falling in a blank white void, until suddenly a huge plume of flame roared past him.

It took the form of a massive man with a sword, and then a giant of ice formed from the surroundings to challenge him.

As they battled each other, Harry kept falling and falling and falling...

Lying in a broken heap at the bottom of the remnants of the Wall lay Jon Snow's body.

A flash of lightning struck his body, and as it began burning, he opened his eyes. They were a bright green. Harry Potter gasped his first breath on Westeros.